How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer

tell me about yourself sample answer

The first interview of your life can be exciting yet thrilling. Everyone gets nervous when they have to face several questions. In fact, many people get nervous while giving their 10th interview. In this article, we will cover tell me about yourself sample answer, so it will be easier for you.

Well, it depends on yourself and the interviewers, especially when they are asking some crucial questions. There is a common interview question: ‘Tell me about yourself.’ If you are a beginner or trying to crack the next interview, we are here to guide you. 

Now, it’s not easy to give this answer. People become more hesitant while describing themselves and their life. And when it comes to a job interview, you have to be more crucial about answering questions. 

In fact, you need to avoid some points while answering. This is why we are also covering which point you should avoid while answering.  

Why Interviewers Ask ‘Tell Me About Yourself’?

If you are a beginner, you might be wondering why interviewers ask this particular question. Before we start with ‘tell me about yourself sample answer’, we need to clear this. 

As you are participating in several interviews, you will notice this particular question is common there. Well, it happens because the interviewers want to focus on knowing your life and your capabilities. On the other hand, you can see it as an ice breaker. 

Most interviewers ask this particular question for knowing about your background, experience, skills, and more things about your life. Plus, they also want to know how capable you are for the job and the company.

Some people also ask this question to test the job seeker’s soft skills. If you are answering this question perfectly, it will increase the chance of getting the job. To perfect the answer, you need a lot of practice and guidance. Let’s find out how to present your answer in the next section. 

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How to Answer This Question

You need to be more alert while answering this question. In the following, You need to mention some crucial things. 

Mention Past Experience

If you are seeking a better job, make sure you are mentioned your past experience. When the interviews are finding out about this point, they will listen to you more clearly.

 Highlight Your Personality

While reading tell me about yourself sample answer, you will notice that everyone is highlighting their personalities. Well, this question is about yourself, so you need to mention your background. 

Focus on Your Skills

Just like highlighting your personality and past experience, you need to mention your skills as well. You need to focus on your skills especially when you don’t have any past experience. 

Mention Your Current Job

Many interviewers want to know about your current job if you are trying to upgrade your position. Well, it would be better if you are mentioning about your current job while answering this question. So, they can understand what capabilities you have and how can you help their company.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer

There are various examples that can give ‘tell me about yourself sample answer’. However, we are sharing two sample answers in the following. 

‘I have completed my Masters in Economics from XYZ University. My father is involved in the finance profession, so I have developed my liking for this particular subject. I want to pursue a career in finance as well.’

‘I’m working as a project manager for the past five years. I’ve been working with different companies on several projects. Now, I’m looking for new opportunities, this is why I’m looking forward to joining your company’.

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Best Interview Tips

Finally, you know how to answer the question about yourself. If you want to confirm the job, make sure you are reading our interview tips. When you are implementing these tips, you will increase the chance of getting the job.

  • Be Professional

One of the most important things you need to focus on during the job interview is being professional. From the first to last answer, make sure you are keeping them professional. Try not to add too personal things as it can give a negative impression.

  • Know Your Audience

When it’s your first interview, it’s normal to get nervous. Well, many people make mistakes by not focusing on the audience. If you are not building a good conversation, you are not getting success. So, make sure you are understanding what they are trying to say and be patient. 

  • Keep it Positive

No matter if you are a fresher or you are trying to get a better job, you always need to be positive. That means you have to show them your positive attitude as well. Your positive attitude can work like magic as most companies search for these types of job seekers.

  • Give a Good First Impression

You should know how the first impression works. So, when you are telling them your background and past experience, make sure you are presenting it well. When they are getting a good first impression, they will show more interest. 

Things to Avoid While Answering

While answering the ‘tell me about yourself’ question, you need to avoid some points as well. If you are not following this, it can give a negative impression. Eventually, it can be an unsuccessful interview. So, be careful with everything.

  • Try to avoid mentioning personal information such as religious affiliation, political views, and marital status.
  • Don’t rush on the conversion. Well, for the interview, you need to be more patient and collected.
  • They already have your resume, so try not to copy the resume word for word. Make sure you are adding stories with each point.


Preparing yourself for an interview can be crucial, especially when you are a fresher candidate. When you are being confident with your abilities and presentation, it will be easier to face everything. Make sure you are reading we tell me about yourself sample answer, so you can understand it better.

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