How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop: Your Step-By-Step Guide

There are many situations a laptop user phase in his journey with a laptop. Handling laptops with persistent issues is not easy. There are also times when you want to clear all your laptop stuff and want to make it a clean slate or maybe you are planning to sell your laptop to buy a new one. These are the situation that comes with only one question in mind, How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop? If you haven’t found the answer to these questions yet, no worries, we will give you the best solution for your issue to ensure a smooth and successful restoration of your HP laptop.

How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop

The powerful steps to reset your HP laptop include –

Step 1: Make A Backup Before Proceeding

Backing up is very crucial before you begin with the step of How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop? You may lose all the data from your laptop if you skip this part of the step. Backing up supports you in protecting the data available on the laptop. In the reset process, all things, from your work to personal, even your saved passwords also erased. So make sure to make a backup of the things that are important for you on the laptop. You can choose an external storage device to store the data from the laptop.

Step 2: Remove the Laptop’s Connection to External Devices.

Once you are done with the backup process, let’s dive into your solution for How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop. During the reset process, it is important to run the process smoothly without any external disruptions. External devices like printers, hard drives, and USB drives can disrupt the reset process. These devices are useful but during the reset time, it is best to disconnect your laptop from these devices. It will ensure a seamless and error-free reset procedure. Also, support you in reducing the other complications.

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Step 3: Access to Windows Settings

Going further into the process of resetting your HP laptop, now it’s time to begin with accessing the Windows setting of your laptop. Here are the general steps to follow for accessing the settings –

  • Click on the start and begin the process. This button is generally in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  • Now, scroll down the list of options and locate “Settings”. Now click on the window settings menu.
  • In the window settings, choose the category “Update & Security” which deals with the system-related matters.
  • On the left-hand side of your laptop, you will find a “Recovery” tab. Click on it to get the available options for your laptop.

Step 4: Choose Right Reset Options

Here is the most crucial step for your concern How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop? Here are the easy steps to follow in this process –

  • In this step, you will find the “Recovery” section, which is labeled “Reset this PC”. You can click on the “Get Started” option under this option to begin the process.
  • Once you click on it, two options will float to your screen “Keep my files” and “Remove Everything”. Choosing between these options will help you remove applications and settings or retain your files within the laptop.
  •  Select any choice based on your personal desire.

Step 5: Deal with the On-Screen Prompts

In this process, you will be faced with various on-screen prompts that will guide you through the process with precision and clarity. These prompts will take you to the detailed instructions of the reset process and make you understand each segment of this. Once you click on the reset process, it will ask the confirmation and authentication including a Windows password to ensure the safeguard and protection of your data. These prompts will help you in the process and make you clear any of your confusion.

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Step 6: Initiate Reset

The steps to start the procedure are as follows:–

  • After verifying the option, click on confirmation to begin the process.
  • The process will start and your laptop will revert the system to its original state. \
  • Don’t shut down the laptop or click on somewhere till the process is complete so that the process will complete without any external disturbance.

Step 7: Completing Setup

Once the reset is completed, your laptop will automatically start. Here you will receive some prompts to set up the process like you did before when you set up the things when your laptop was new. You will create a new user account and set its passwords and other things before using it further.


Hope you get the clarity of the process and have no doubt on How Do Factory Reset My HP Laptop. Understanding the process with patience is the first achievement in itself. You can’t do something practically without knowing the thing. These are the easy steps that you can follow to reset your HP laptop. This will help you in boosting the performance of your laptop and give it a fresh start. Resetting a laptop is better than using it with complications. So, if your laptop is troubling you and you want to reset it, follow these steps and say bye to the problems.

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