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How To Lose Stomach Fat

How To Lose Stomach Fat

Having a flat stomach is the desire of every woman and also of every man. And the flat stomach problem isn’t just about overweight people. Even those who are thin, in fact, can accumulate fat on the waist or suffer from abdominal swelling. In the simplest cases, a swollen belly can be due to a disordered diet, especially rich in carbohydrates. Such as white pasta and bread, foods with a high glycemic index. Here we will give you a complete guide about how to lose stomach fat & also abdominal fat.

These foods promote intestinal fermentation, therefore the formation of gas and bloating, and creating fat deposits on the abdominal belt. In this case, reduce cereals and derivatives intake, using wholemeal and unrefined (white) products. If you also practice physical activity, you can get a toned and flat stomach.

A swollen belly can be a wake-up call.

However, the swollen belly can also be an alarm bell regarding the presence of intestinal problems. Such as irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis (i.e., alteration of the bacterial flora), or food intolerances. In these cases, it is good to modify the daily diet adapting it to the identified problem. And combine the natural remedies suitable. The “balloon” belly can also be caused by stress that makes digestion difficult, making us ingest and accumulate air in the stomach and intestines. Thanks to an adequate diet, we can still deflate the abdomen if we want to pull the bacon down and have a toned and how to lose stomach fat? We must also perform regular physical activity, for example, brisk walking for at least 30 minutes every day. Furthermore, nature comes to our aid with simple remedies, such as anti-swelling herbal teas and specific natural supplements.

Flat stomach: foods to avoid and nutritional advice

How To Lose Stomach Fat
How To Lose Stomach Fat

How to deflate the belly? First of all, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. After evaluating any food intolerances with a rotating diet. You can proceed with the analysis of what foods are not recommended in all cases.

Bread and pasta? Yes, but in moderation

It is important to regulate the consumption of carbohydrates or nutrients present in rice, wheat, corn, etc. Therefore, this characterizes the flours obtained from the grains and their derivatives, such as bread and pasta pizzas, etc. Carbohydrates are also present in legumes and fruit in abundant quantities and smaller doses in vegetables. A portion of pasta, rice, or bread (to be chosen whole to reduce their glycemic index), for example, can range from 50 to 70g, while 2-3 fruits (200-300g in all) per day may suffice. Legumes can be eaten 3-6 times a week, in quantities of 50g to be soaked, or 120-160g if cooked. However, those suffering from abdominal bloating will have to eliminate. The skin covering the legumes to avoid the formation of gas that causes bloating.

How to lose stomach fat

Always eat 5 meals a day

How To Lose Stomach Fat
How To Lose Stomach Fat

Another basic rule of the flat stomach diet is to eat five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus two snacks, one mid-morning, and one mid-afternoon. Snacks are of fundamental importance to keep the metabolism active, avoiding hunger pangs between main meals. This leads to eating the first thing that comes to hand, often sweets and snacks with “fattening” action, or binge at the moment lunch or dinner.

Flat stomach diet

Breakfast should be the main meal because the energy/calories they provide are spent quickly with morning activities. And help maintains active metabolism for the rest of the day. It can be prepared with green tea, 3 whole rice or quinoa cakes, 3 teaspoons of unsweetened bitter orange marmalade, and 1 fruit, for example, 1 kiwi. If we are not used to making it substantial, we can start with a coffee, a biscuit, and some almonds.

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Flat stomach foods: more carbohydrates at lunch. But with some protein.

Lunch is the ideal meal to consume carbohydrate-rich foods, albeit in moderation. For example, a plate of brown rice (60g, raw weight) with 250g of vegetables (raw weight) and 120g of fish (or 100g of tofu if you are vegetarian or vegan), full, prevent glycemic peaks and counteracts the formation of abdominal fat and bloating. Fish, which provides protein, helps modulate the arrival of sugars supplied by rice into the blood, which is exactly the trick for a flat stomach.

Mid-morning snack and snack to eliminate abdominal fat

These two small meals, a mid-morning snack, and a snack can be real allies for men and women who want a flat and toned abdomen. You can prepare them with fresh fruit and some walnuts, plain yogurt (if tolerated), and a pinch of cinnamon. Fruit and vegetable juices are also excellent, always served with a small portion of a fatty and/or protein food. Such as avocado (20-30g) or oily fruit (10g).

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More protein at dinner. Without giving up carbohydrates!

Dinner has to be the lightest meal. For example, you can serve 140g of turkey or chicken escalopes, or 120g of grilled tempeh, with a side of vegetables (250g, raw weight) and 2 quinoa cakes. The important thing is to moderate the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates. So getting rid of the belly will be easy.

Stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you want to deflate your belly, you must keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. 3-4 cups of green tea and some infusion of antioxidant carcadé or anti-swelling green anise seeds (one sachet per cup) are also useful.

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Do this in the kitchen.

Prepare simple meals with fresh, unprocessed foods, avoiding precooked, and industrially produced foods. Also, prefer light cooking methods and use healthy condiments, such as extra virgin olive oil, preferably raw.

Flat stomach: the foods to avoid

  • Minimize the consumption of fried foods (once or twice a month and in moderation. As long as they are fried well, with extra virgin olive oil), sausages, and cured meats (60g of bresaola or ham are allowed once a week).
  • Limit the consumption of salt, to be replaced with spices and aromatic herbs.
  • White sugar, chewing gum, and sweets are also banned. Synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame and cyclamates are particularly harmful. Natural ones like xylitol and mannitol are to be avoided if you suffer from abdominal bloating.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks, fruit juices, beer, and alcohol in general, especially cocktails. A glass of red wine per day is allowed while eating.

Abdominal stomach fat

What is abdominal fat: How To Lose Stomach Fat

Abdominal fat is a fat accumulation concentrated in the muscles: this is also called visceral fat. It is difficult to dispose of and can pose a danger to our health. In fact, it is a particular type of fat because it releases adipocytokines, molecules that influence appetite, insulin release, and lipid metabolism.

Therefore, its excessive presence can cause various health problems such as infertility, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, excess abdominal fat modifies the hormonal releases used to transform stored fat. It is clear why it becomes increasingly difficult to dispose of in a vicious circle.

Abdominal fat: causes and risks

Hormonal disorders cause visceral fat. These occur not only due to hereditary factors but also due to an incorrect diet or due to some drugs.

The danger is that your body will get sick of so-called metabolic syndrome, which identifies a set of risk factors that predispose many serious diseases, such as diabetes of type II, infertility, cardiovascular disease, l ‘ osteoporosis, and even tumors.

The link with the brain

Visceral fat creates a general inflammation of your body that predisposes to diseases such as stroke. It also increases the risk of having a headache or getting worse and becoming chronic.

Visceral fat, how it is measured

In addition to the CT scan, there is the so-called visceral fat index to identify abdominal fat. Which is measured using a particular scale, called an impedance meter. Then the patient steps on the scale holding two handpieces, and the scale detects weight and visceral fat index.

But what are the values ​​of visceral fat on which to rely to interpret the results?

  • Up to 4, the index indicates a low visceral fat level.
  • Values ​​between 4 and 13 indicate medium fat.
  • A value of 13 to 18 is synonymous with elevated abdominal fat.
  • If the value exceeds the number 18, it becomes very high.
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Diet and sport to eliminate subcutaneous fat

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to eliminate bacon: it is important to calibrate the calorie intake to your needs, to avoid overweight, and to limit the consumption of fat, especially saturated. The reference model must be the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, cereals, moderate amounts of meat and fish, and a measured intake of fats and sweets. But diet alone is not enough, if not combined with regular physical activity. To burn fat and lose weight well, you can’t do without aerobic activity (even a long walk is!).

Why is it important to eliminate abdominal fat?

How to lose stomach fat? of course, a flat stomach is beautiful to look at. It shows the people around us that we care about our appearance and have discipline and willpower. A sculpted belly is synonymous with health and vitality.

This may seem like a rather superficial reason to get to work. But the main reason we should do it is far from superficial. The fat of the abdomen has a strong influence on our health, and if the percentage is too high. There is a risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

There are two types of abdominal fat.

On the one hand, there is the so-called subcutaneous fat: accumulations located. Between the muscles and the skin and make the belly particularly soft. On the other hand, there is visceral fat, deposits located between muscles and internal organs.

The latter is particularly dangerous to health as it interferes with the metabolism faster. In fact, visceral fat contains many chemical messengers and inflammatory molecules that hurt various hormones. The good news is that by doing targeted exercises, visceral fat is easier to burn than subcutaneous fat. Editors tip: In our Shape Guide, you will find a 12-week plan to get back in shape, with lots of important tips on nutrition and training and many original recipes.

Reduce abdominal fat without sacrificing taste: what to eat

Think you have to say goodbye to all your favorite foods to shed fat? Not so, but one thing is sure: if you continue as you are doing, you will not see great results. Learn to eat more consciously. Such as? Let’s see it together. This means that you need to consume fewer calories each day than you consume through sports and daily activities. How do you know how many calories you need? Using our free calculator!

At this point, you have to weigh the meals you normally eat and enter. The values ​​in a calorie counter app of your choice. So you know exactly how many calories you eat each day, and you can adjust your diet accordingly. Here are 2 tips that allow you to cut calories easily and maintain the calorie deficit.

No to calorie drinks

Even the drinks contain calories: the canned drinks and fruit juices are full of sugar. You think you are only drinking a glass of cola. But at the same time, you have swallowed 7 lumps of pure sugar. The same goes for juices.

Better to choose water, tea, or coffee and thus avoid taking in many unnecessary calories. The high-quality tea has an intense flavor without sugar.

Reduce abdominal fat while having fun: how to train

Another effective method to reduce abdominal fat is to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you play a sport in your free time if you jog regularly or start to train strength: sporting activity speeds up the body’s metabolism and makes you burn more calories. However, each type of training has its own specific benefits.


Not everyone can motivate themselves to go to the gym or run regularly. The sports clubs have the advantage of allowing you to exercise. And then good to your body while having fun and meeting new people.

Strength training

Strength sports are not only important for muscle growth. Even those who want to lose weight and have a flat and sculpted abdomen cannot give up training strength using weights or their own body weight. The reason is that the resulting muscle development causes your body to burn fatter. And in the long run, you lose weight even faster. Only the muscles give your body a beautiful shape and allow you to have a flat and defined stomach.

Resistance training

Endurance sports like running, swimming, or cycling can help you increase your calorie consumption. Also, they are particularly suitable for clearing the mind and therefore have a very relaxing effect.

Reduce abdominal fat without stress: tips for relaxing

We cannot avoid stress, and this is not only bad because stress, to some extent, is also healthy for our body. Some stressful situations actually have the effect of activating our organism. However, constant excessive stress can have the opposite effect and make us feel tired and exhausted. In this condition, thinking about playing sports and paying attention to nutrition to eliminate the rolls will be very difficult. Now hope so you are clear about how to lose stomach fat.

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