Can Dogs Eat String Cheese: Benefits and Risks Involved!

can dogs eat string cheese

You might be tempted to offer your little paws a small quantity of cheese. But is it safe for them? To answer in short – Yes! You can offer dogs cheese! But there are certain things to need to be aware of when offering them cheese. It is important to know what cheese can be given, how to offer it, and the risks involved.

We agree, cheese is a delight for humans! Can dogs eat string cheese? While most cheeses are safe some need in moderation. There are cheese varieties that could be toxic and might send your dog to an emergency vet.

Can dogs eat string cheese?

String cheese is highly versatile and an excellent snack for humans. You can fry them or also mix them with your favorite paste. But is it canine-friendly? Yes, you can feed them string cheese. They are low in sodium and lactose, which makes them a great snack to munch on. But you need to check whether your dog is lactose intolerant before offering them.

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Vets don’t suggest string cheese for puppies as they can be stringy and tricky for them to swallow. But your dog might enjoy it then and a few bites won’t hurt.

How much string cheese to offer?

As long as your dog doesn’t suffer from lactose intolerance you can offer them a few bite-sized chunks once a day. If your dog is obese, then ask your vet, can dogs eat string cheese, before offering them?  

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Is cheese good or bad?

A small quantity will not be harmful to dogs but remember not to offer them regularly in large quantities. While it gives the needed protein, vitamins, and healthy fats, offering them a lot can result in diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Some brands add preservatives and chemicals to extend their shelf life, but that isn’t good for the pup’s health.

What are the other cheeses safe for dogs?

There are other kinds of cheeses that are healthier for dogs and some of them are listed below;

can dogs eat string cheese
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  •  Swiss cheese
  • Mozzarella
  •  Cheddar
  •   Parmesan
  • Cottage cheese

These cheeses are lower in fat than any other types available. You can also feed Yak cheese to your dogs made from Yak’s milk.

The benefits of cheese for dogs

Now you know the answer to “Can dogs eat string cheese” but is it safe? Yes, it has benefits that can also benefit dogs. Cheese is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, and protein. They can be highly beneficial for your dog’s health.

  • Nutrients – They are rich in vital nutrients. In addition to protein and fat content, various kinds of cheese have Vitamins like A, B – 12, calcium zinc, and phosphorus. They are also rich in omega-3 – 3 fatty acids.
  •  Concealer – Dogs also like the taste of cheese because of its texture and it’s an excellent medium to conceal the medicine to offer the dog if it refuses to take it.
  • Better Immune function – the fatty acids help with healthy skin and better functioning of the immune system.
  • Strong bone – As cheese is rich in calcium, it can help with muscle and bone growth.
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Can dogs be lactose intolerant?

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Yes, dogs can be lactose intolerant. It’s a sugar found in milk while some types of milk have more and the highest amount of lactose is present in cow’s milk. Your body needs to make lactase, an enzyme to break down lactose. Puppies can break down lactose as they are born with the right amount of lactase. But as it grows, it decreases which can result in lactose intolerance.

Risks involved in offering cheese to dogs

  • String cheese as mentioned can cause choking in dogs, especially for pups. You can break them into smaller pieces before giving them. This makes it easier for them to swallow.
  •  Look out for natural cheese without any preservatives and chemicals
  •  Treat them occasionally
  •  Buy the ones that don’t have artificial flavorings like chives and garlic, as it can be toxic for a few canines.

Final tips

  • Moderation is key. Remember to offer them in small quantities initially and don’t overfeed them.
  • Avoid blue cheese or any other moldy cheese
  • Try the cheese experiment by putting different kinds of cheeses on the platter. Find out which he likes the most and treat them occasionally.


Can dogs eat string cheese? As long as they are lactose intolerant, obese, or having any other kinds of health issues. It is safe to offer them string cheese. There is no guilt involved! If their taste buds love salty and soft mushy kinds of cheese then this is going to be his favorite. Hope this article gives you the required information on whether to offer cheese for dogs! Make sure to talk to a vet if you are still skeptical in offering them to the canine.  

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