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How to Style Pixie Cut Messy Hair: Complete Guide 2022

how to style pixie cut messy hair

The pixie haircut is an evergreen style. However, things are changing with time. You can see many new styles for this haircut. Hence, you can find many how to style pixie cut messy hair guides here and there. 

The truth is pixie haircut needs serious commitment. If you want to style your hair with this cut, you have to follow the right process. The good thing is there are various types of ways available for styling this haircut.

In this post, we will share the top classic and trendy styles for a messy pixie haircut. You can style your hair accordingly. 

How to Style Pixie Cut Messy Hair

From slicked down to asymmetrical, there are so many ways to style a pixie cut hair. If you are ready to try something new, let’s find out how to style pixie cut messy hair in the following list:

1. Voluminous

Voluminous is ideal for an evening or parties. You need a flat brush and a concentrator nozzle to straighten hair. It will help blow dry your hair in different directions. As a result, you can create the right texture and volume. 

2. Curly

You might know that curly is one of the most evergreen styles. The best thing is it’s very effortless. If you have natural curls, it will be easy to style your hair. On the other hand, you can also handle and set curls by using a good shampoo and conditioner.

3. Accessorized

When we talk about how to style pixie cut messy hair, accessorized takes a significant place. Now, you can use the right accessories as per your requirements. For example, you can secure your hair in a high bun. You can also use a dainty accessory or bobby pins. 

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4. Polished

If you think you can’t make your pixie cut feminine, you are wrong. You can make it look extremely feminine by creating the right texture. In this case, you can use bangs or sideburns. Plus, give a final touch by using a hairspray. 

5. Braided

If you want an edgy yet classic look, you can try out the braided style. Make sure you choose a suitable shampoo that can add some extra texture. On the other hand, it will also hold your hair. You have to pin the ends as well.

6. Slicked Down

Slicked down is another classic style. However, it can give a fantastic outcome. If you want to follow this style, you have to start with freshly washed hair. You can add a shine-inducing oil and then coat it with hair gel.

7. Spiky

Spiky is one of the most popular messy pixie cut styles. The best thing is it’s very easy to apply. If you have an oval face shape, this is the ideal style. You can use a root-lifting product to start this style. Make sure you finish it with a touchable gel. 

8. Deep Side Part

If you want an alternative to the polished hairstyle, the deep side part is the ideal one. First, wash your hair and start blow-drying by using a paddle brush. You have to start combing one side to get the perfect hairstyle. 

9. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical is a trendy look and you can definitely try this out. However, this style is quite similar to the spiky style. Hence, you can also follow the same steps of spiky hair to get an asymmetrical look. 

10. Shaved Sides

We can’t make this how to style pixie cut messy hair guide without the shaved side style. Hence, it’s very popular in today’s world. Most people prefer one shaved side with length on the top. You can also use a styling serum to get the perfect look. 

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11. Retro

Do you love classic styles? You have to go with the retro haircut. In this case, you have to use a mousse and setting pins. On the other hand, you can also try out finger waves. Then, you can wave shape the product-coated hair. 

12. Bobby Pinned

If you want a cute style with your messy pixie cut, you have to go with the bobby-pinned one. This is a classic yet effortless style. In this case, you have to blow dry your freshly washed hair. Then, add a shine serum before adding bobby pins. 

13. Longer-In-Front

Do you love pixie cuts with bangs? It’s the ideal hairstyle for you. The best thing is you can switch it up with the longer-in-front haircut. Plus, bangs can work on your eyes and give a sexy look. You can also blow-dry with a paddle brush for the bangs placement. 

14. Coiffed

If you love 90s style, you can choose the coiffed hairstyle. On the other hand, you don’t have to give a lot of effort to style your hair. Use a root spray to volume your hair roots. Then, use your fingers to get the perfect coiffed look. 

15. Faux-Hawk

Want a rock-n-roll pixie hairstyle, you have to go with a faux-hawk. Start this style with a root-boosting product and dry your hair. You can use both your fingers and a brush to style your hair. To get a flexible spike, you can also use molding cream.

16. Sculptural

If you want to try something wild and adventurous, sculptural is the right one for you. To get the perfect look, you have to use sculpting taffy. Moreover, you can also contact a hairstylist to implement a sculptural style. 

17. Jeweled Part

Last but not least, you can style your pixie hair by adding jewelry. The good part is it will look magnificent. Plus, you don’t need to work a lot. To give a final touch, you can spritz your hair with a hairspray. 


No matter if you want to add fusion or want something simple, these points can help you out. There are so many styles available in today’s world. If you are a beginner, make sure you contact a good hairstylist to get the perfect outcome. 

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