How to Timestamp Youtube: Top Ways to Add Timestamp

We don’t have to say anything about Youtube which is the top video streaming platform on the internet. As we are seeing some advanced technologies in the digital world, video marketing is taking a remarkable place. In fact, we have seen many people searching for articles on how to timestamp Youtube on the internet.

The best part is, you can find a lot of guides. However, it can be pretty difficult to understand when you are a newbie. That’s why we will cover some top methods in simple ways. Moreover, we will also share the importance of timestamps. Keep reading the article to know more details.

how to timestamp Youtube

The Importance of Timestamp

As we noted before, you have to know about the importance of timestamps before learning about how to timestamp Youtube. In simple words, by applying a timestamp, you can take the audience to the point where you want them to watch. 

For example, you might have an hour-long video. Now, you want your viewers to watch some crucial parts. In this case, you can timestamp these specific parts. It will increase the user experience.

Another good thing about this is you can increase the views of your channel. Youtube counts the views of timestamp videos. That means if someone clicks on a timestamp link and watches that particular part, it will be counted as two views.

If you also have a blog and want to transcribe your video, timestamps can help a lot for search engine optimization. And it will be easier when you are describing a particular part of a video.

How to Timestamp Youtube

Now, you know why a timestamp can make a lot of differences. If you are ready to implement this advanced video marketing method, we are here to help you out. In the following list, we will share four different ways how to timestamp Youtube. Let’s find out:

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how to timestamp Youtube

1. Add a Timestamp to YouTube Video URL

One of the easiest ways to add a timestamp is by using a video URL. In fact, we suggest this method to most beginners. Let’s find out how to add a timestamp to Youtube video URL:

Step 1: First, go to the official website of Youtube. Next, open the video on your browser. Now, you have to locate the URL on the address bar.

Step 2: The t= represents the time of the video on the URL. In fact, you can also find a question mark at the end of the URL. Now, you have to add the time for the particular part. 

There are some facts you have to consider while adding a timestamp to a Youtube video. In this case, you have to use whole numbers without initials while adding the time. In fact, you can add timestamps while watching a video by using the current time.

2. Add a Timestamp by Using the Share Feature

If the URL method isn’t working, there is another fantastic way. Yes, you can add a timestamp by using the share feature. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to complete the process. Keep reading and find how to timestamp Youtube in the following list:

Step 1: First, open Youtube and start watching the video. Watch until you find the part you wish to highlight. You have to pause after reaching the part.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Share’ icon, it will open a dialog box. Under the link section, there’s a small box ‘Start at’. From here, you can generate the timestamp.

Step 3: Now, you can copy and share the updated URL. When someone opens this URL, it will take them to that particular part you wanted to highlight. 

Well, this method is applicable to everyone. And you can implement this method for all videos. 


3. By Modifying URL

The best thing we loved about timestamps is there are so many amazing ways. It’s a great way for all those users who want to add comments on a particular section. Here, we will share how to modify an URL and add comments on the specific part:

Step 1: First, log in to your Youtube account and select the video you want to edit.

Step 2: Now, find the URL of the video on the address bar. In this case, you can even edit comments for an embedded video.

Step 3: Now, you have to start playing the video. Make sure you pause the video at the exact point you want to add a time stamp.

Step 4: Next, you have to right-click on the video. You will find an option called ‘Copy URL at current time’. Copy it and you can use the URL anywhere.  Add a description in the comment box before copying the URL.

4. Timestamp YouTube Comments

There’s a similar version of the URL adding. If you want to add a timestamp by using the mobile app, this method can be applicable to you. Keep reading the following steps to get a better understanding:

Step 1: Open the Youtube app on your phone (iPhone or Android)

Step 2: Now, find the video you want to timestamp. This method is applicable to both creators and visitors. So, you can choose someone else’s video as well.

Step 3: Start playing the video until you find the right point to add a timestamp. Pause when you find the exact point.

Step 4: You have to check the bottom right corner of the screen for the time. Add the displaying time to create a time stamp.

Well, you can see, this method is quite similar to the first one. However, you can only implement this method from smartphones.


Adding a timestamp is very easy but you can get an effective result. As you can see there are so many ways to add a timestamp to Youtube. We have shared four methods. So, you can implement one as per your requirement. For more details, you can also watch some tutorial videos on the internet.

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