Is Online Education Mirroring Traditional Spaces?

Traditional Spaces

Introduction- Traditional Spaces

We all are aware of the success of online education, especially in these two years since the pandemic hit in. The immense success that this mode of education managed to achieve in just two years of its full implementation across the globe is commendable. We, through this article, will discuss different aspects into which this mode of education mirrors the Traditional Spaces classroom. 

What is this Traditional spaces and Classroom?

From the traditional classroom, we here mean the in-person mode of education, which we all were practicing pre-pandemic. These classrooms, however, do not support sustainable delivery of education as the spread of Covid-19 infection globally has caused its overnight shutdown. Many educational institutes and universities vacate their campuses and send the students to their homes as soon as possible. 

Online education or teaching then came into force, which has prevented the total collapse of the education system. Through its implementation, in the beginning, it was itself a challenge as this mode of learning was very new to both students and teachers. Still, eventually, both parties became very comfortable with it and now have started preferring it over traditional forms. 

The role of the educator’s ineffective implementation was a significant thing, and the following things were done to make the modern form of the education system mirror all the essential aspects from the traditional classrooms. 

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Implementation of tools like LMS and ERP 

Learning Management System or LMS helped the education system of the present times to function like our ancient system. These tools enable the schools and universities to handle all the essential aspects of schooling, whether teaching or administration. It allows the administration to perform and manage all the tasks on one platform and thus enforce accountability. 

Breaks Between Class Strategy

Like the old system, in online education, breaks are also provided for students to change themselves with all power and ready themselves for the next class. We all understand how important these breaks are, where we can utilize the time to complete some of the pending work or make our lunch. 

Sufficient Resources 

Just like Universities and other Educational institutes possess library facilities where many books are kept for the students to read. Similarly, in the online form of education, with the advent of different classroom apps and Educational apps, there are resources from which important content can be derived to enrich the class notes. Task assignation is also performed, and the students have given a deadline to take it seriously. Thus, they should understand the value of time and, eventually, how important time management is for the future. 


Online education promotes and encourages active learning among students, which keeps them all time charged up for knowledge and keeps them busy with academics and extracurricular to help them achieve overall growth. 



However, the currently implemented form of learning is more of Hybrid nature, which includes both traditional and online methods for education. It is considered the most accepted and best method for education delivery, which can help students get both the benefits of online lessons or lectures or resources and practical experience by doing tasks themselves. Most online teaching through mobile applications provide immediate feedback as opposed to traditional classrooms, where teachers take the work home to mark it.

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It can accelerate a child’s learning, letting them progress a lot quicker than they might do in their school or college.


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