How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair: Effective Methods to Detangle Your Hair

There are situations in which you get stuck with some kind of mishap in life. Toothpaste sticking in the hair is one of the mishaps in which you get trapped either accidentally or as the result of your child’s curiosity. The hard coating of the toothpaste causes your hair harm. You will feel stuck in the stiffness and tangled nature of the toothpaste residue. But don’t worry, there are various ways by which you can rescue your shiny beautiful hair from the dried toothpaste. This article will give you the best tips on How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair, and you will get the same hair again without damaging your hair.

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

If you are facing a situation where your hair is stuck with dried toothpaste, then acting quickly to the situation is the best thing to get out of this situation. Because it is easier to remove the fresh toothpaste. If you delay taking immediate action on the situation then you can face some complications. Here are the useful steps to follow when hair is stuck with the dried toothpaste –

1. Give A Gentle Comb to Your Hair

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

Once you notice the area that is affected by the dried toothpaste. Use a fine bristle hair comb to give a nice brush to your hair. Use it on the hair area where you find the dried toothpaste. Try to softly remove the dried residues with the help of a comb. Don’t pull your hair in the process, just give it a soft brush.

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2. Soak the Hairs in Warm Water

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

Try to remove the dried toothpaste by scrapping but if it does not remove from your hair then soaking hair in warm water is another way to get rid of it. Warm hair helps soften the dried toothpaste so that it comes out from the hair easily. You can either take a damp cloth or keep your hair under the running faucet.

3. Apply Shampoo

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

Once your hair is wet, take a small proportion of shampoo and apply it to the affected area. Use your fingertips to apply it gently over the area. It will help in breaking down the dried toothpaste and clear it from your hair. Softly give a massage of shampoo to the focus hairs and wash it with the help of warm water to get effective results.

4. Condition Your Hair

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

After you complete the previous steps of How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair, it’s time to go further with the next step, here you need to apply the conditioner to your hair, especially on the affected area. Conditioner is an effective way to get the moisture and tackle dryness or any damage. It will hydrate your hair and protect it from any damage. Massage it for some time and then wash your hair with the help of warm water.

5. Detangle Your Hair

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

This is also the crucial step of How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair, once you are done with the shampoo, it may be possible that some residue of the dried toothpaste is still there with your hair. Take a wide-toothed comb and start combing it in the from the top to bottom direction. Do not pull your hair forcefully. This process will help remove stubborn residues from your hair and set your hair free from any dried toothpaste.

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6. Dry and Keep Styling

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

Now your hair is free from dried toothpaste, you can dry your hair with the help of a dryer or set them free for some time so that it can dry naturally. Once it gets dried, apply your favorite hairstyle. Always remember to use the hair dryer at low heat so that it does not create any damage to your hair. Also, keep experimenting with hair styling to make your hair happy.

Avoid These Kinds of Mishap in the Future

How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair

It is very painful when you see your hair struggling with the dried toothpaste. Although there are ways to remove it if it is in very small amounts it is challenging. So, to avoid this type of mishap in the future, be mindful when you are using toothpaste. Keep your head tilted in the downward direction so that toothpaste does not even touch it. Use proper hairband when you are brushing your teeth so that it does not create any damage to your hair.


We are hoping that now you know all about How to Get Dried Toothpaste Out of Hair. These are super easy and effective steps that can clear the dried toothpaste mess within a few minutes. With the right strategies and direction, it is completely manageable. It is essential to remain cautious of your oral hygiene but taking care of your hair health is equally important. Use preventive techniques so you do not repeat the same mishap in the future. Also, patience is important in the removal process. Harden residues of the dried toothpaste take time to come out. It may be possible that you need to repeat the washing process but it will remove. So have some patience throughout the process of removing it.

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