Should Blood Donation Be Your Choice or Part of Your Lifestyle

blood donation

Blood Donors are the keystones for adequate, quick and safe blood supply. The history makes the great, those persons who become great with their kind deeds and blood donation is one among them!


Blood donation is surely a noble act one can ever do. However, the noble cause aside, there is a wide array of misconceptions that don’t let people donate blood. The fulfillment of blood requirements safely and voluntarily is a challenging task because of these wrong perceptions.

The journey towards betterment starts with a single step that leads you to fight against evils and stand for the wellness of the society. Keeping the misconceptions aside, the privileges of blood donation are infinite. Here you will get all your queries resolved regarding blood donation and know about the privileges to enjoy too.

Why is Blood Donation Important?


  • Act as a Life-Saver


Urgent blood requirements can arise anytime. Either these are road accidents or chronicle diseases, the demand for blood remain quite high. So, the requirement can arise anytime anywhere and you get a chance to save the precious life of someone.

Saving one’s life is not just a kind act but also it makes you feel proud of yourself. Of course, it’s the biggest satisfaction the donor can experience right away.


  • New and Disease-Free Blood


The blood that you donate carries impurities that might harm you further. However, when you donate it, then that space is covered by new and fresh blood that is completely free from diseases or any sort of impurities. So, besides saving others, you are doing well for yourself too.


  • Refresh the Body System


With the donation of blood, the cell count gets down. As a consequence new cells get generated which means, the person will not feel any weakness, instead, this process makes the person fit and fine. This refreshes our body in the required way and halts the body or health issues that you were going through earlier. It means you get access to a longer life span with a healthier body.

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  • Diagnosis of the Body


Before the blood donation, complete body check-up is formulated by hospitals or agencies. In this, you come to know about your body more deeply by having knowledge of hemoglobin, iron content, cholesterol and many more.


  • Instant Availability


Usually, it’s observed that the blood requirement arises anytime anywhere without any notice. Either that’s an accident or chronic disease or even if the blood required for platelets or plasma, if the blood bank has enough quantity of blood then the patient can be served instantly. So to make it available on time, patients can be treated smoothly without any difficulty and all. So, it’s another importance of regular blood donation that ensures instant & timely supply of blood.


  • Improve Emotional Well-Being


The emotional aspect becomes stable with blood donation. As per the studies, blood donation leads to reduced stress among the donors and they feel light mentally and emotionally. The emotional aspects get stronger and the person becomes able to put a halt on negative feelings to a great extent. So, it’s surely a good way to improve emotional well-being.


  • Reduces Isolation


With blood donation, you will a sense of belonging with another person whose life you are going to save. This way, you never stay isolated, instead, stay connected with the world.

Does It Lead to Any Weakness?

Many people believe that if they donate blood then they might become weak. However, it is not true as with a normal diet plan, the body can maintain the required blood volume at a normal level within just 7 days. And, if you eat fruits & healthy food then the body recovers the required blood volume level in a mere 3 days.

Blood donation is a supreme service for humanity because with blood donation you can save one’s life & give joy to the soul. Besides saving lives, you step ahead towards your good health too. The doctors say that if a healthy person donates their blood after regular intervals of three months throughout their life they will never fall sick in life & after blood donation, new blood will get generated with new antibodies that help to improve the immune system of our body & protects from various diseases.

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So, you remain in a prosperous position as on one hand you are saving lives and on the other, you are making yourself healthier.

How Many Lives Can You Save with One-Time Blood Donation?

What do you think about it? Usually, people think that one unit of their blood can save the life of one person only. To your surprise, with just one unit, you can save three lives at one time. Yes, this blood saves three different persons and you become able to save three persons simultaneously. Isn’t it great?

Regular Donor? Feel Proud of Yourself!

To add a tint of goodness and making your life special than others, you just need to add the purpose of saving other’s lives. If you already are donating blood on regular intervals then really, you are none less than a superhero, who thinks about others and bends over backward to save other’s lives. This feeling makes a considerable difference to your life contrasting other people living a normal life. So, feel proud of yourself and keep performing these kinds of acts throughout your life.

Blood Donation Agencies

In India, there are several blood donation agencies that are working tirelessly in availing safe & quality services to let people donate blood. These agencies are true saviors of humanity that are not letting the goodness of society fade away at any cost. These agencies are, Indian Red Cross Society, The Blood Association, Rotary Blood Bank, Blood Cross Society, Dera Sacha Sauda, No More Thalassemia, and many more associations are working tirelessly to save lives and keep the humanity alive in the hearts of public.

Pledge to Donate Blood for Four Times a Year!

Wondering why we have written it four times? Many of you might be thinking that one time a year is enough to donate blood. Yes, that’s not a bad idea. But you can safely donate blood four times per year. Yes! Within just seven days of blood donation, new blood builds up which is fresh and disease-free, of course. However, as per medical conditions, the person should wait for three months to again donate blood.

After every three months of blood donation, you can again become a lifesaver without any sort of weakness or any problem. Never ever leave a chance of saving other’s lives with your blood. It’s a blessing of God that you can utilize in bringing betterment to you as well.

Don’t let it become a choice! Make it a mandatory part of your life and enjoy all benefits to the fullest!

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