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Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her HBO’s Sex and the City role as Carrie Bradshaw, Nancy Barrett in The Family Stone, and Charlotte York in The First Wives Club movies, is an actress, designer, and businesswoman. Born on March 25, 1965, to a Jewish family in Nelsonville, Ohio, she began her acting career as a child. She became prominent in the late 1980s, starring on Broadway, in television sitcoms, and in films.

Parker made her debut on stage at the age of 10. After graduating from Brown University, she made her Broadway debut in 1987’s Caroline or Change with Angela Lansbury and John Cusack before making her first film appearance as Cherilyn Sarkisian-Clarke in 1989’s The Turning Point.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth

Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress turned producer turned designer, has an estimated net worth of $300 million. This is because she made so much money from her acting career and as a designer.

First of all, she is one of the most famous actresses in America. She is also the creator of “The Emoji Movie,” which became a massive success in 2017 with $182 million. Despite being an actress, she has many lines of fashion clothing with high-end names like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, which also helped her to earn more money.

Life Lessons

Sarah Jessica Parker has learned many life lessons through her success and failures as a businesswoman. She is considered the most influential female in Hollywood and America’s top actress for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the famous series, Sex and the City from 1998-2004. Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite quotes about money are: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a really nice handbag” and “Money is like manure. It’s not at all important until you spread it around.”

Sarah always talks about taking risks, as she believes that taking risks is essential to learn about yourself and how much effort you can put into something. The best example is how she took a risk by starring in the Sex and The City series. The channel, HBO, was a cable channel and was never what it is today. After the pilot, HBO suggested continuing the show. However, Jessica, already an established actress, feared financial and reputation loss. Nonetheless, she took the risk, filmed for the next two episodes, and as we know, the rest is history.

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Sarah’s other life lesson is being down to earth and humble with others even if they have all the money in the world. She says that money is necessary, and one should respect it, as it is essential for survival. However, it is not the only thing that matters in life. People and the relationships one forges throughout their lifespan are worth much more. She is a humble person and one of the seven children raised in a very polite manner. Even after becoming an influential person, actress, and businesswoman, she never let her success or money change her personality. She is still a humble and respected actress.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth

Sex and The City – The Earnings

As stated earlier, Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth rose significantly because of the show Sex and The City. While the other actresses were in their early careers, Sarah had already established herself as a prominent actress. Nevertheless, she agreed to star in the series that talks about sex for a nascent stage channel by taking a leap of faith.

It is unknown the exact amount that she received for starting the series. Still, reports state that she earned an estimated money of $50 million for three seasons. When she became a producer for the fourth season of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker earned about $3.2 million for each episode. If the reports were accurate, Sarah amassed $147 million for the final three seasons of the Sex and The City show. And, if the amount is valid, then the reported salary for her for this series makes her the highest paid-per-episode actress in television history.

Brand Endorsements and Earnings from Merchandise

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a notable celebrity for over four decades. She was the first actress to have a fragrance line and has since been endorsed by many brands. She appeared and endorsed several brands throughout her career, including GAP, Jordache, Garnier, and more. Although there is no proof of her earnings through endorsements, reportedly, she made $50 million throughout her career.

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The other reason for Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth rise is her business establishments. She launched her personal Bitten fashion line in 2007 at Steve & Barry’s, which began her businesswoman journey. She made a considerable amount through the flagship and soon became popular among the crowd.

A few years into the business line, she launched her shoe line, SJP. The shoe line was a hit and became a popular choice for teens and next-gen women. She also forayed into the fashion accessory business with innovative and fashionable designs that created a lot of hype. All these helped her earn more!

In 2018, she launched a fashion line for kids through her association with Gap. Apart from this, Jessica has her own line of fragrances that sell instantly and a sought-after in the high-profile community. The collection includes Stash, Lovely, Endless, Twilight, Lovely You, SJP NYC, and SJP NYC Crush.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth

The business empire of Sarah Jessica Parker extends beyond the fashion closet. She has her own brand of wines and is an editorial director for Hogarth. She carefully picks her works in the fiction line and publishes them with care.

The Real Estate Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker owns a village townhouse in West Village, together with her husband, Matthew Broderick. The property comprises two townhouses, which the couple planned to renovate and turn into a single structure. They paid $34.5 million for the property in early 2016. The couple sold their Manhattan residence for a whopping $15 million in 2020, which they purchased in 2000 for a mere $3 million. That is an excellent profit!

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband purchased another property in Greenwich Village for $19 million in 2011, intending to sell it after a few years. However, they had to sell it for $18.25 million in 2015 for unknown reasons. 


Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth is about $300 million. She has come a long way since her early career that started at Broadway. She succeeded in being an actress, a designer, and a businesswoman. Further, she endorses brands and invests in properties with her husband. Her popularity never faded and is continuing to grow over time!

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