Simple Christmas Nails for a chic, festive look

simple Christmas nails

There are catalogs of holiday nail art designs. Whether it’s Santas and snowmen or candy canes and snowflakes, these creative designs will make your simple Christmas nails. If you don’t desire to use elegant looks, there are plenty of ideas that will add sparkles to your nails without appearing too loud. Now, without further ado, here’s this year’s hottest Christmas nail designs. Choose your favorite to make your holidays merry and bright, or express your naughty side for Santa and everyone on the nice list.

  1. Christmas Star Nail art

Twinkling lights are always the perfect touch for any festive event. So add them to your nails and watch as compliments fly in! This manicure has a subtle, sparkly finish that is eye-catching yet doesn’t scream trick or treat.

  1. Snowflake Nail Art

Apply glue-on nail art on your nails before painting them white to get an easy winter snowflake look. To make your nails look even better, paint on top of silver glitter polish. For simple Christmas nails, you can even use snowflake decals. Snowflake nail decals are great for last-minute holiday parties. You don’t have to wait for your nails to dry, and once you remove them, there’s no damage to your original manicure.

  1. Elf Nail Art

Who wouldn’t want to receive an invitation letter from Buddy the elf? He’s just so cute. And with these nail decals, you can get a little “elfy” without going too over the top. When you decide to DIY your Elf on nails, it’s guaranteed you’ll hear an earful of your friends quoting their favorite lines when the holiday season rolls around.

  1. Marble Nail Art

A clean Christmas look nails without the over-the-top bells and whistles? We’ll take it. Matte black and marbled nails are a minimalist approach to simple Christmas nail art. This minimalist, matte black design features a white base to help give a marbled look to its icy finish. For these simple Christmas nails, paint a thin layer of black over your choice of white or nude base. Let dry before your next step for a matte look that’s breathable and slightly more flattering than stark polish.

  1. Christmas Present Nail Art

A red and white striped manicure can give your entire Christmas outfit a very festive look. This stocking-stuffer nails design combines striped nail art and an over-the-top rhinestone bow made from dark and light blues, red, gold, and silver glitter. This simple Christmas nail look is simple while still being super cute, making it a great choice if you need an easy last-minute look.

  1. Red and Green Marbled Nail Art

Marbled nails are popping up more and more on Pinterest and Instagram. They are a great nail art design to try. Red and green marbled nail art is a cute winter variation of the marble trend. Swirled on top of a base coat, this marbled mani can be done in less than half an hour.

  1. Asymmetrical Twinkling Tips

A glittery gold manicure is a great way to glam up your holiday look. Wrap your nails in stacks of glitz with a festive gold gradient. Paint Box Nail Lacquer in Like Gilded will make your nude polish sparkle and shine. It’s a fabulous accent that adds an element of boldness to an otherwise simple manicure.

  1. Wrapping Paper Pretty
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No one will doubt the feminine polish of this look. A rich, burgundy shade and a classic combination of Chanel’s Le VernisLongwear Nail Colour in Ballerina (This shade is a deep, blood-tinted red that works for any season) for the base color, dotted with a similarly-hued shade from Essie (in Bubbles Only) for a slight bit of contrast that doesn’t distract from the pretty bouquet design painted across your tips.

  1. Gems on a black coat

This season, sparkling little metallic dashes sprinkled along with a generous helping of gemstones for an easy yet eye-catching festive manicure. These little dashes of metallic shine and gems give you just enough bling for a festive look. The black base makes the colors pop so that your nails are bright and beautiful. This is a simple Christmas nail that still packs style.

  1. Punk, glittery and pointed nails

If you’re looking for bold nail art for the holiday season, gold flares will give you this look. Gold is the new glitter this holiday, and it’s being used on nails instead of in your cocktail. The new trend? Nails adorned with a thin gold line that mirrors the ridges of one’s nail beds. And, if this isn’t enough of an artsy-fartsy trend for you, another hot new look is to use matte, jewel-toned gems that mimic a jewelry chain at one’s cuticle to add texture and show off exciting hands.

  1. Shimmering Stars

Stick-on star nail art is a great way to make your nails pop. It’s quick and easy to do but demanding of attention. But, when done right, it can give your manicure a lively glow and make you feel like a star — just like those stars you see on TV. These star nails are sure to impress and will definitely stand out in any crowd. You can do it all-out with all-red designs or just use a transparent blue or white base—the more intense the glitter, the better and more dramatic the effect. In either case, it feels extra festive and makes for a great outer layer for any winter outfit.

  1. Green Tortoiseshell


Sophisticated and classic, this autumnal nail look is an elegant spin on traditional tortoiseshell shades. Tortoiseshell nails have been having a big moment this season. A little color change brings out their holiday-perfect vibe. There’s never been a wrong time to step their game up. The vibrant shades of green and gold combined with lush, smooth texture create something downright fun and festive for your nails.

  1. Sparkly Mint French Manicure

Model your nails according to the season and up the sparkle factor using a silver glitter polish over a clear base coat. These french manicures are all about minimalism. They’re subtle. Sure, Spicemint is bright and pretty, but you could quickly leave it out if you’re feeling boring. But these nails are about balance. You don’t need to have tons of polish on your nails to look good, but you do need to make sure they’re well-kept — whether that means using clear nail polish to keep them from looking chipped or wearing a thin layer of top coat over your entire hand.

  1. Snowball pearls
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Snowball Pearls nail polish is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more sophisticated look in a family of jingle-bell colors. It features tiny, glued-on faux pearls in two rows down the center of each nail. A fashionable way to show off real or fake pearls, this simple Christmas nail look gives you an appearance of a high-class society lady. It adds an air of whimsy to your nails while also creating an engaging look. While you can use this look with any color nail polish, we recommend choosing glitter nail polish for its bright faceted appearance and unique way of adding glitter to natural nail color. It gives the nail an extra bit of sparkle that will definitely catch your attention and remember you forever.

  1. Snowy Pine

Green shades are always popular with nail polish fans for their unusual, bright hues. Just go with it! The translucent multi-chrome flakes make this green super sparkly and stunningVested Interest, a super-glossy green with red and blue micro-glitter, applies smoothly and evenly with no effort. It dries to a satin-like finish that only enhances the look of your nails. It’s perfect for layering under other nail polish or as a subtle accent nail to your thumb or index finger. Just one coat does the trick, and the formula is easily applied with fingers or a brush — no need to wait for an entire day for the perfect mani!

  1. Ombre Snow

Ombré manicures are the perfect way to wear your love for snow with style. You can create a single sizeable ombré snowflake on top of your nails or create different-sized snowflakes on each nail using contrasting colors and textures. Snowflakes can also be made using dots and tiny air bubbles filling in the spaces between the smaller snowflakes. Getting the desired look requires a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, the result is stunning!

  1. Holographic Glitter

A holographic glitter manicure is key to a perfect party look. You can use this manicure with just about any outfit, from casual to formal, black, or colorful, to create a look that will make people stare. First, use a clear base coat, then cover your nails in thin layers of holographic glitter, finishing with a topcoat. Vibrant colors aside, this is still a fairly easy three-step manicure to carry off at home on your own. The holographic glitter and overall sparkly finish make it fancy enough for date night as well.

When it comes to parties and holidays, you have plenty of options for nail art. Featuring modern twists on the traditional seasonal favorites and unique images that are sure to stand out, these festive, simple Christmas nails are perfect for the holiday season. With so many nail polish colors on the market, it has never been easier to get creative with your manicure.

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