Types of Water purification Filters in the modern water purifiers


Types of Water purification Filters in the modern water purifiers

In the lowering water purity world, people getting most of the diseases from food and water. As a report shows that most of the public houses are using water purifiers at their homes and offices or buying packaged water. There are various kinds of water filters available in the Indian market to cope up with highly polluted water. Here are discussed some of the most common types of water purifiers, besides their advantages and necessity:


  • Boiling


The most comfortable and effective method of water purification is simple boiling. Keeping water at a 100 degree Celsius for 1 to 3 minutes that eliminate every single bacteria which is present in the water. Boiling can destroy every short of undesired particles; otherwise, they are microbes, soils, chemicals, or excess salt. After boiling water makes almost ready to drink, you can filter with any clean cloth and use it for different purposes. 


  • Chlorination


This is a quick and emergency water purification method that can be done with domestic bleach. Adding 4 to 5 drops of liquid chlorine per liter of water will quickly kill many harmful microbes. This method is primarily used in municipal water purification, where tons of water is purified by using this method. In this treatment, water is collected in large tanks, and chlorine is added in the needed amount. After this treatment, water can use for domestic purposes except for drinking.

  • Filtration

This is one of the most straightforward and ancient methods of water purification, as raw water is passed through a clean cloth. It can filter all the suspended particles more substantial than water molecules. All the floating materials and soil particles are stickled in the fabric, and clean water is collected on the other side. In this, you can eradicate all the large particles present in the water, but water is not purified properly. But, you can use it for many other purposes except drinking.

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Pitchers: Pitchers generally comprise carbon filters that recover the taste and odor of your water by eliminating suspended impurities. These water filter types are inexpensive and fit easily inside of most of the water purifiers. This is basically a filter that is mostly found in the series filters to achieve fast purification. In this way, the water purification gets more straightforward with very less amount of wastage.  

Under-Sink type water purifier: As the name suggests, under-sink filters are connected beneath your sink, which is directly attached to your main water line. They can be costly, but they need little maintenance and do not make any sound and vibration at the time of purification. The most likable thing about this water filter is that it ignores very less water, which again goes to the other tank, which is used in irrigation, and other cleaning processes.

Counter-top and faucet water filter models

On-Counter: On-counter filters model are placed on the counter, and are rightly connected to your outlet. A switch permits consumers to change between clean and unfiltered water. Countertop water chillers are a generic water filter, hassle-free way to get sterile water with little work. Such a way you can save lots of water, electricity and most importantly your time. Type of water filters have self-cleaning ability and auto sensor, and a full tank alarm as well.

Faucet-Mounted: Faucet-mounted water filters are also attached directly to the faucet, allowing the filtered water cooking and drinking water with easiness. These filters are equally simple to install, but they may not right for all valves. This a type of screen which visible beside the water tank as achieving better purification at an extraordinary water purification rate. It takes low electricity in the conversion process as it needs good water flow. 

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