Health and Cleanliness: 6 Harmful Effects of an Untidy Home to Our Family

Untidy Home

Health and cleanliness is a crucial part of maintaining a happy and healthy family. And it’s become more clear nowadays how essential it is in our lives to keep our home in tip-top shape instead of it being an untidy home.

Of course, we’re all well aware of the positive effects of a clean house, but what about the harmful effects of having an untidy home?

To give you some perspective, here are six harmful effects of an untidy home:

1. Allergies in an Untidy Home

When you don’t clean your home, all sorts of things happen. One of that is that allergens settle in your home more, especially if you have a variety of clutter lying around.

When you move things around, you’re going to agitate those allergens and make them float into the air, which can create a reaction out of you.

For people with allergies, an untidy home can lead to a variety of symptoms. From a stuffy nose, constant sneezing, teary eyes, and a scratchy throat, these can happen if you don’t keep your home neat and tidy.

One of the best ways to reduce the allergens in your home is through decluttering. When fewer items are lying all over your home, you lessen the chances of you encountering areas for all sorts of allergens to settle.

2. Stress Because of an Untidy Home

We’ve all experienced dealing with family fights that revolved around household chores. It can be a pain and another cause of stress if we’re not careful.

It does not matter whether the issue has something to do with how clean your home is. Dirt and clutter can cause stress to your and your family.

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Whenever our clients at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC are stressed while at home, we always advise them to declutter. You can do the same for your home.

Decluttering at home is bettering the state of the environment you surround yourself in a while, at the same time, decluttering your mind as well.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a neat and tidy home after a long day, and sinking into pristine and fluffy, warm bed sheets that you cleaned.

Don’t deprive yourself of that luxury and make sure that you keep your home tidy. You should also make sure that everybody else in the house is pulling their weight! Otherwise, it’s going to add to your stress.

3. Injury

An untidy home usually doesn’t only show a variety of dirt around your house that a simple wipe down will remove. Having an unkempt home also means that you have many unwanted knick-knacks lying around.

All that clutter doesn’t only make your home look unappealing, but it also makes your home more accident-prone.

Even if you believe that you thrive in organized chaos, it doesn’t mean you can’t also work well when everything is well-organized. You don’t want to step onto something unexpected on the floor, slip on it, and injure yourself, now do you?

If you have kids or older people living with you, clutter is even more dangerous. Thus, you should always keep things away to avoid any accidents from happening.

4. Respiratory issues

Since we mentioned allergies, there are other health issues that an untidy home can aggravate if you keep things the way.

Dust is an especially offending thing that activates these health issues. The biggest thing that can crop up with an untidy home would be respiratory issues.

You might have difficulty breathing in some regions of the home. You might even find yourself getting into sneezing and coughing fits because of the airborne triggers inside your home.

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Aside from these respiratory issues popping up, another related dilemma is the bad odor that will linger more in your home.

When your home is dirty, and some areas of your home have stagnant air, smells can remain in these areas. Thus, making it harder to breathe in some regions of your home.

5. Weight gain because of an Untidy Home

When it’s harder to move around your home because of all the clutter that’s in your way, it can be demotivating to move around.

Your environment has a massive effect on how you act. And if your setting is unkempt and poorly taken care of, you start having and maintaining poor self-care habits. Sometimes, this can even lead to weight gain for some people.

Since you’re not taking care of your home that much, it makes it less critical for you to care for yourself. You don’t want to reach a point in your life where you don’t care about everything going on around you to the end that you start caring less about yourself too.

6. Mental wellness

As mentioned before, your physical environment has a significant effect on your mental well-being.

When you have a cluttered home, it can make you feel claustrophobic. So much so that you feel quite anxious and stressed when you’re at home, which shouldn’t be the case at all.

Thus, for your physical and mental well-being, you should start caring more for the state of your home. That way, you can add a positive influence that will help improve your mental wellness.

Besides, cleaning can be a therapeutic act and a way for you to zone out and be with yourself.

Clutter makes your home more unpleasant to live in for you and your family. Not only will it make your home look displeasing, but it also makes it more challenging to have a higher quality of life. Thus, it is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the home is neat and tidy.

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