What do women like to read when they are lonely?

What do women like to read when they are lonely?

Some people like being alone while some people cannot stand to be alone. However, it is a good idea to spend some time with yourself. If you learn to enjoy your company, then you will never feel lonely. There are a lot of things that you can do when you feel lonely. You do not need to have a man or friends with you all the time. 

Women try various things to avoid loneliness. However, the worst thing is to be with someone and still find yourself lonely. Back in 1936, an author called Majorie Hills wrote a book which was titled, “Live alone and like it”. It is a guide for women who have landed up solo for whatever reason. The author herself was married but ended up being divorced. She has mentioned how she found solitary experiences between two husbands, when she was alone. 

Hence, it is a good idea to read such inspiring and motivational books when lonely. They can give you a complete different perspective on life. It will help you to break the stereotypes and embrace life as it is. Although, women read a lot of different content when lonely. 

  • Erotica

A lot of women prefer to read erotic stories and novels. It gets them in a good mood. Many women also masturbate after reading such stories. Such stories are available on various sites on the internet. Even a lot of people write novels on such topics. Women like reading such things when lonely. They also read real hookup confessions. This gives them the confidence to act like that in real life. However, not all women have the courage to act like the character and thus, sometimes they fantasize being in that situation. This helps them be in good mood all day.  

  • Romantic

Women love watching romantic movies and adore reading love stories. Whenever, they are lonely, they try to pep themselves up by reading a romantic novel. Such books give them hope. They usually imagine themselves in such scenarios with their crushes or random men. Romantic novels also helps them overcome their loneliness as they do not realize where all the time went.

  • Motivational stories

Women like reading stories of hope, courage and love. Hence, when they feel lonely, they try to read inspirational books. These can be self-help books from motivational gurus. Apart from that, they also like reading motivational stories. 

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In case, if you are looking to cheer yourself up, then you should read books like:

  • Louder than words by Laura Jarratt

The story is about a girl named Rafi who is suffering from selected mutism. She hasn’t spoken for over eight years. However, after he brother introduces to a friend, she desired to learn to speak again. Although, she cannot find the right words to speak. Hence, this is a story of loneliness and what it is to break out of it.

  • The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

It is a wonderful book and everyone should read it at least once. It is a story about a person who feels like an outsider who will never fit in. It is a story of mixed emotions of confusion, awkwardness and being alone. However, it celebrate friendship too.

There are a lot of titles like these that can help you to overcome loneliness. Well, most importantly they also celebrate being alone and how you can use it as an advantage for yourself.


Women like reading magazines as well. This is because they have articles related to the latest fitness trends, fashion, skincare routine, movies and much more. These are some of the things that can hold attention of almost any women. However, books that give hope are the most popular one among women who are lonely. 

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