Rock a Glamorous Party Look with These Clubmaster Sunglasses


It was in the 1950s when the Browline sunglasses were born and later came to be known as the popular Clubmaster sunglasses. The clubmaster style is one of the most iconic design, often spotted on Hollywood celebrities, famous actors and singers, and leading fashion icons. 

The clubmaster sunglasses are designed with a bold browline on the upper frame, and it is contrasted by a sleek bottom structure made of thin metal. The lenses are held well in place by the metal frame and are of a squared round shape. The clubmaster sunglasses are evergreen and a timeless classic frame that looks flattering on the majority of the face shapes. 

In case you have a party coming up, and you are struggling with your last-minute outfits, we bring you the list of exclusive clubmaster sunglasses that will amp up your basic look into a stylish one. 

The Retro Black

The Retro Black

Sit back and take a joyful ride to the 1950s when everything was black and white, yet people managed to look stylish and classy. The retro-black clubmaster sunglasses from Titan is the perfect way to pay your respect to this vintage style frame. These elegant sunglasses boast an impactful design and an extremely sophisticated look. The plastic semi-rimmed sunglasses with a sturdy metal body will make you look great. For fashion-conscious men and women, these uber-stylish sunglasses will be the best companion. 

The Proudy Vibe

The Proudy Vibe

These high-functionality clubmaster sunglasses from Titan will lend a vintage and a bold touch to the wearer. The golden coloured edges and the dual bridge will help you make a contemporary and a stylish statement wherever you go. Besides, keeping your fashion game on point, the lenses also provide 100% UV protection all year round to keep your eyes safe from the harmful exposure of UV rays. 

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The Modish Twist

The Modish Twist

Being retro is all about reflecting a vintage style of fashion and making an exuberant statement. And what is better than black clubmaster sunglasses from Ray-Ban. The stunning combination of black and green and the modern-design frame will make you stand out in the crowd. Pair these gorgeous pair of sunnies for a night party and let your sunglasses do the talking. 

The Gorgeous Round

The Gorgeous Round

Give your clubmaster sunglasses a modern twist with a gorgeous round. Flaunt these brown and yellow clubmaster sunglasses from Titan. These round and trendy clubmaster sunglasses can add the perfect amount of drama and sass to any basic outfit. Add a pinch of quirkiness to your boring party outfits and slay everyone with your new avatar. The lenses are UV protected to safeguard your eyes while the unique colour combination and high fashion frames will make you the talk of the party. 

The Versatile Blue

The Versatile Blue Sunglasses

Just like black, even blue can never go out of fashion. The smooth and versatile design of the frame is crafted in plastic, and the lenses are UV protected to keep your eyes safe. The subtle blue colour of the frame along with black tinted lenses makes for the perfect retro throwback. These clubmaster sunglasses for men from Fastrack is a must-have, that can add life to your basic party outfits. 

The Basic Brown

The Basic Brown Sunglasses

Channelize your hidden fashionable side with a pair of basic brown clubmaster sunglasses from Fastrack. The lightweight TR90 frames, coupled with UV protected lenses, makes these sunglass a comfortable option for the whole day. A mix of cat-eye and clubmaster frames, these sunglasses will add a vintage touch and give you a unique and a distinct look. Opt for these simple yet stylish vintage clubmaster sunglass and pave the way to receive tons of compliments during the party. 

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Re-discover Your Inner Retro Side

No one can deny the fact that today’s youth are the ardent admirers of the vintage-style fashion. An excellent pair of retro-style clubmaster sunglasses can enhance your simple outfit. This fashion season re-discover your inner retro side with trusted retailers such as Titan Eyeplus. They offer you an extensive range of stylish and exclusively designed clubmaster sunglasses from top international brands, including Fastrack, Vogue, Ray-Ban, and many more. 

Shop for some trendy sunglass and get ready to spill the sass with your glamorous party look!

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