What to do in Cambridge for a day?

what to do in Cambridge for a day

Cambridge is a small located in eastern England on the River Cam. It is home to the prestigious Cambridge University since 1209. People from London and nearby come and visit this amazing place because they can do a lot here in a single day. If you too are wondering, what to do in Cambridge for a day, we have a few suggestions. You can spend a day at Cambridge covering all the main spots.

Cambridge is just an hour away from London by train, making it the most visited destination for a single day trip. Citizens of Cambridge and nearby who come here often know very well what to do in Cambridge for a day and what all spots to cover as tourists A single day is enough for spending in Cambridge and visiting the major sights. Moving around becomes more fun if you are traveling during the summers. If you are fond of walking, walk around the city center, or you can rent a bicycle or a bike for a day. Wondering what to do in Cambridge for a day, we have a few suggestions so that at the end of the day, you can #hashtag a day well spent!

The Cambridge University!

Cambridge University is the major attraction for the visitors Coming to Cambridge. It is a place that has given some major scientific inventions, like Artificial Intelligence, IVF, computer games, thermos, etc.

The university’s colleges include ‘King’s college’ known for its Gothic chantry; the Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII and St. John’s college, known for its gigantic gate built in the 16th century. You would also find Gothic courtyards, grazing animals, and pubs filled with students nearby the university.

what to do in Cambridge for a day

Let’s begin our journey and find what to do in Cambridge for a day.

Early Morning Breakfast

Cambridge is slow in waking up, so it will be a great opportunity to have breakfast here if you reach early. It is suggested to grab your breakfast at ‘Hot numbers’. It is a small café situated between the railway station and the town center. The café has a long list of brunch menus that you can have at breakfast, but it is famous mainly for its coffee. If you are excited about what to do in Cambridge for a day, you should be energetic from the morning.

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The Corpus Clock

After having a yummy breakfast, head towards the Corpus Clock. It is one of the most amazing things to see in Cambridge, discovered by John C Taylor. He also invented an electric kettle with thermostat control. Corpus Clock has a golden design, resembling the big bang and a monster that eats time. You can head towards Market Square. In between, the way to Market Square, you will find the King’s college Gothic chantry, but you can skip it for visiting in the latter part of the day.

what to do in Cambridge for a day

Let’s come back to the Market square, where you will find almost everything you can think of. The market square is a marketplace operating at the same place since the medieval period. It is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. You can grab anything at the market square like something to eat, music CDs, clothing, jewelry, garden accessories, home décor accessories, or just souvenir to make your Cambridge trip memorable. If someone asks what to do in Cambridge for a day, you can answer them proudly.

The Great St. Mary’s Church Tower

It’s morning, and you have enough energy; you can easily climb the St. Mary Church Tower. This 800-year church tower with 123 steps is sure to woo you with a breath-taking view of the town. You can see the King’s College, the market, and the entire town from over the tower. The entry fee for climbing the tower is £4, but entry in the church is free. If you don’t wish to climb the tower, you can enter the church and look at it for a while. This beautiful ancient church will be a great addition to your list of spots visited in a day in Cambridge. The Great St Mary Church Tower is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am till 4 pm.

St John College

One of the most photogenic places in Cambridge is St John College. The vaulted chapel and a library with large windows facing towards the Cam River provide one of the best views of the town. The college is constructed beautifully over the river Cam, with a vaulted Chapel inspired by Saint Chappelle in Paris. You can spend a good time here walking peacefully over the grounds and heading over to the Bridge of Sighs. The bridge of Sighs is one of the most photographed places in Cambridge. You can click as many pictures as you want and take down the memories along.

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Cambridge afternoon trip

You can also participate in important Cambridge day trip activities i.e. punting into the River Cam. Playing in the River Cam will be fun during the afternoon.

what to do in Cambridge for a day

Visit Trinity College

After you are done with the morning trip, it’s time to visit one of the richest colleges in the country. Trinity College is one of the richest and largest colleges in Cambridge. Enter into the Grand Court and watch the world of history and rituals. Try to run around the court within the time it takes for the clock to strike 12. It’s quite a popular and fun tradition of Trinity College. Every year both adults and kids attempt it on matriculation dinner.

The chapel of Trinity college was constructed during the 16th century and stands beautifully till today. It also has the Wren library, having manuscripts of the 12th and 13th centuries, and Newton’s notebook. The library is open from Monday to Friday between 12 pm to 2 pm, and on Saturday mornings between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. For entering the Wren library, you need to go from the backs via Queen’s Road or the Garnett Hostel Lane. Trinity college is open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Lunch Time

It’s lunchtime and, you are still left with the question ‘what to do in Cambridge for a day? Have a meal at the Senate, a restaurant at a prime location of the town. They have a Mediterranean-inspired menu accompanied by a list of healthy wines. Alternatively, you can also grab a quick bite at ‘Bread & Meat’. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in meat and different varieties of bread.

Punting or visiting the museum

Punting along the backs of River Cam or visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum can be done during the afternoon after lunch. However, if you are in Cambridge during summer, punting along the river is a better option.

Evensong @ Kings College Chapel

The best and free way to visit Kings’ College Chapel is to attend the 470-years old tradition as Evensong here. The chapel has the biggest fan domed ceiling in the world.

Dinner @ The Punter

You would find numerous restaurants in Cambridge for having dinner, but ‘The Punter’ is recommended because of its low beams, peculiar interiors, and a small courtyard. They have an innovative menu with a variety of dishes that are gourmet-ed up. After dinner, you can relax and enjoy a cocktail and night view on the roof terrace of places like Varsity, Nova, and Old Bicycle Shop.

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