10 techniques to reactivate and speed up the metabolism

10 techniques to reactivate and speed up the metabolism

Everything you need to know to increase your energy, speed up and stimulate your metabolism, expel toxins and lose excess weight


Most people, and especially after a certain age, have a slow metabolism which is manifested by symptoms such as;

  • tendency to gain weight
  • lose weight with difficulty
  • fatigue
  • tiredness in the morning
  • low blood pressure
  • lazy bowel and slow digestion
  • excessive sweating

If you want to lose weight there is no use eating little, it is important to eat the right foods instead. Whenever food is ingested it sends a signal to the body, activating some functions and deactivating others, so it is essential to pay attention to what you eat. Do not be fooled by the common opinion that to lose weight you have to eat little and nothing. When you ignore the first signs of hunger that the body sends you, the latter instead of burning energy will tend to conserve it.

Our metabolism is based largely on the ability of the thyroid gland to function properly and on the adrenal glands that are linked to insulin production. If we are not getting enough oxygen or the essential nutrients for biochemical reactions, pancreas function, brain function, all other hormone production processes and to nourish the glands that produce them, the whole body will slow down and not will work properly.

As per writers at Nursing Assignment Help UK Reactivating your metabolism has many effects on the body:


  • Greater energy and vitality
  • Greater concentration ability
  • Excess weight loss or weight gain in those who are underweight
  • Expulsion of toxins stored in the tissues or which are assimilated
  • Increase immune defenses
  • Better assimilation of nutrients from foods


10 techniques to reactivate and speed up the metabolism

1) Physical exercise.

Exercise is thought to be useful for losing weight because it burns calories but in truth it is the opposite: exercise activates the metabolism and therefore the body gets used to working better 24 hours a day and therefore the fat deposits are disposed of., lean mass is increased and tissue oxygenation improves. Oxygenation is the key to an alkaline body and the elimination of acidity in the body responsible for any disease.  Exercising is also the key to longevity: our body is programmed to move and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t work well. How to do it. At least 3 days a week are enough with an hour of physical activity which can also be a long brisk walk.

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2) Apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the healing food that I recommend to everyone. It is very useful to reactivate the metabolism and expel toxins from the body also thanks to malic acid. I discussed in depth with testimonials of the benefits of apple cider vinegar in the 2 kg per week articles with apple cider vinegar and heal with apple cider vinegar. How to use it. The first week take 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water 10 minutes before meals, this gives the body time to speed up the metabolism. The second week passes to 2 tsp. The third week passes to 3 tsp.


3) Cumin.

Cumin is an oriental spice that has recently been discovered to have enormous metabolism properties. In one study 88 overweight women were divided into two groups: one took cumin every day for 3 months and the other did not. The result was that those who consumed cumin at the end of the period had less triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, more HDL cholesterol, had lost more weight and reduced body mass index, waist circumference and fat mass was significantly reduced. How to use it. Take 3 grams of cumin powder (one teaspoon) per day in hot vegetable juice or milk, taken 2 times a day before meals (than half a teaspoon each time) for 8-12 weeks.


4) Omega 3.

  The intake of foods rich in Omega 3 it is useful to restore the correct metabolism because they are able to regulate a hormone called leptin, which has a crucial role in metabolism, hunger control and consumption of fat reserves. Omega 3s stimulate tissue oxygenation, improve energy production, improve the health of skin, hair and nails; they reduce the signs of aging, improve the response to stress, fight the effects of diabetes; improve sleep; they reduce the symptoms of allergies. The researchers at Nursing Assignment Writing Service UK have found that 6 g of fish oil, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, can speed up the metabolism, promoting an average weight loss of about 1 kg in 12 weeks (without following a diet and in the absence of physical activity). How to use it. Foods rich in omega 3 are salmon, sardines, anchovies, cod, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and cashews


5) Green tea.  Green tea contains EGCG a substance which greatly speeds up the body’s metabolism. It is also rich in antioxidants that promote the alkalization of the body, the elimination of acid waste and have a powerful anti-aging action on the tissues and organs of our body. How to use it. Choose organic green tea to avoid being exposed to excessive levels of sodium fluoride. The infusion time is 1 or 2 minutes at 80 degrees, once a day on an empty stomach.


6) Yerba mate.

It is a very famous plant in South America able to increase energy, burn fat, purify the blood, stimulate digestion, and cleanse the intestines. It also has antioxidant and anticancer properties. You can learn more about the properties in Increase Energy, Burn Fat and Purify with Yerba Mate. How to use it. One cup of yerba mate per day immediately after meals. Contains caffeine so do not exceed.

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7) Chia seeds.

Like all seeds, Chia seeds are a concentrate of energy and nutrients. Chia seeds come from a floral plant named Salvia hispanica which grows in Central and South America in countries like Mexico and Guatemala. These seeds were once the basis of the diet of populations such as Maya and Aztecs, necessary to increase energy in view of long battles. They have a perfect combination of Omega 3 and fibers which make them excellent for reactivating the metabolism. How to use them. Soak a spoonful of Chia seeds in half a glass of water and lemon for at least ten minutes, in this way a sort of gel is created that cleans the intestines, increases the sense of satiety and facilitates the absorption of its nutrients.


8) Magnesium.

The Magnesium is a mineral which I highly recommend it to everyone because two to the impoverishment of the soil and the increase of stress our reserves are constantly running out causing more and more malfunctions in the body that over time become chronic and become real diseases, that’s why almost everyone is deficient in Magnesium – How to understand it and what to do. Magnesium, being involved in numerous biochemical reactions in the body, helps your metabolism to work at its best, promotes the transformation of food into energy and counteracts fatty deposits, also lowering the fats present in the blood and stimulating proper digestion and evacuation. How to use it. Take a teaspoon of magnesium in the morning (and if you have sleep problems even before going to bed) in half a cup of hot water.


9) Diet.

Eat a hearty breakfast trying, if possible, to never skip snacks. By letting too much time pass between meals our body tends to decrease its metabolism to deal with the temporary lack of nutrients. Have a rich lunch and a very light dinner and at least 4 hours before going to bed. Those who have an irregular metabolism have overloaded adrenal glands and therefore skipping meals can generate more stress, more insulin imbalance and therefore weight gain. Avoid consuming foods with a high glycemic index or starchy foods, pasta and sugar, preferring instead organic whole grains. Also avoid dairy products that weigh down and slow down your metabolism.


10) Coconut oil:

coconut oil is a super-healthy fat that more and more scientific studies extolling the beneficial properties. It lowers the glycemic index and is thermogenic therefore it stimulates the metabolism considerably and rests the adrenals and pancreas. It is excellent for replacing the thyroid gland as it adjusts its hormonal production. I studied its properties in 13 proven Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil. How to use it. A tablespoon of coconut oil three times a day directly in the mouth or in hot drinks, smoothies, centrifuges or even as a cold dressing in vegetables or whole grains.

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