A Comprehensive Guide On How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes

Chocolates are possibly one of the most loved of all the delectable treats, but the same can’t be said about the stains on clothes. The sticky mess is quite difficult to remove once it sets on the fabric. If you have stumbled upon this page finding ways on how to get chocolate out of clothes, then we promise you will not return dissatisfied. Keep on reading about how you can remove stubborn chocolate stains from your clothes.

Steps On How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes

Let us be honest, we all love feasting on chocolates due to which, have also suffered from the melted chocolate drip on our clothes. We agree it is quite annoying to have our clothes dirty while enjoying our favorite eatables. Some can even create permanent stains on fabrics, such as chocolates.

But the sooner you act, the easier it will be for you to remove the stains. Let us see how you can go about removing chocolate stains from your clothes.

  • Scrape Out The Excess Chocolate From The Fabric

The first step to successfully remove the stains is to scrape out the excess chocolate from the clothing item. You can use an expired card, spatula, butter knife, etc. to remove the excess chocolate. This gives you a flat surface to work on and less mess to deal with.

If you are thinking about how to get chocolate out of clothes that have been set on the fabric, it is better not to scrape it off. This is because the chocolates get hard quickly and it can damage your clothing item in the process of scraping.

  • Rinse The Fabric With Cold Water

The next step after removing excess chocolates from clothing items is to run them under a faucet of cold water. Even if the chocolate has been set on the fabric, it will help the particles to loosen a bit and will make your work easier.

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Cold water helps a great deal in lifting stains. Make sure not to use warm or hot water as it makes the food particles absorb into the clothing fibers. This makes the stain difficult and almost impossible to remove.

  • Treat The Stain With Regular Detergent, Stain Treatment, Or A Liquid Dish Soap

After you have run the fabric under the faucet of cold water, treat it with a stain solution. You can either use a market-ready remover or prepare by yourself by using regular laundry detergent. Mix the detergent with a little water to prepare a concentrated solution and apply it all over the stain.

Let it rest for a good 10-15 minutes and rub the stained area gently with a cloth brush or your fingers and thumb, putting enough pressure. Rubbing the stain will help loosen it and break down the oil present in the chocolate. You can also use dish soap to remove the stains as they are a cleansing agent to get rid of oil and food stains.

  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide If Stain Remains

If the stubborn chocolate stains refuse to leave even after trying out the detergent solution on them, add a little hydrogen peroxide in a bucket of water and rinse the fabric in it. Do not keep it inside the hydrogen peroxide mixture for a longer duration as it breaks strong chemical bonds in stains, making them colorless and affecting the shine and color of your clothing item.

You can also use vinegar in place of hydrogen peroxide but is considered to be less effective while affecting the fabric quality adversely. Be careful while treating colorful and dyed clothes in hydrogen peroxide, and use it as a last resort.

  • Wash The Garment as usual

This is the last step in the process of how to get chocolate out of clothes. After going through the steps of spot treatment for removing chocolate stains wash the fabric as usual. Rinse it in plain water and go for air drying rather than tumble drying.

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If you are going for a machine wash, make sure to check the washing instructions on the clothing’s labels. Wash them inside out and in cold water while using a mild detergent. If a little bit of stain is still there, do not put the garment in the dryer, as extreme heat will set the stain even further making it difficult to remove. If you notice even a little bit of staining, repeat the treatment process for the second time and prefer air drying over a dryer.

How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes- Things To Keep In Mind

Getting stains on clothes is very probable and normal but getting them out is sure a headache. But if you get into quick action, then removing chocolate stains from clothes is not difficult at all. Besides the above-mentioned steps, there are some important dos and don’ts and certain tips that need to be followed to successfully remove the stains.

  1. It is easier to work on chocolate stains when it is still fresh. Do not let it stay on fabric overnight. The harder the chocolate gets, the more difficult it is to remove the stains. Depending on the fabric, the stain might even refuse to leave completely even after several cycles of washing.
  2. You can use enzymatic stain removers for removing chocolate stains but be careful while using it on woolen or silk clothing items. They can break the delicate fibers. Always be cautious of washing delicate and natural fibers.
  3. Use gentle rubbing while working on the stains and do not put a vigorous force as it can also damage the fibers of clothing items.
  4. Spot treatments are meant to be treated only on spots as they are more concentrated than regular detergents. Never soak the whole garment in a spot treatment solution. It can fade the color of the garment making it look pale and colorless.


Chocolate stains are an absolute nightmare and it can be quite tricky. We hope our guide on how to get chocolate out of clothes serves your purpose and comes to your great help while making the process of removing stains easier. Do not allow the chocolate strains to ruin your outfit look and make it awful. Clean the strain before it gets older and choose any of the methods to help you in the process. Follow the steps to give your clothes a strain-free look.  Love chocolates, not the strains created by them.

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