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Key Aspects of Jonathan Bailey Partner and his Love Life

jonathan bailey partner

Last year, the love life of Bridgerton’s leading actor Jonathan Bailey has come under scrutiny both off-screen and on-screen with the release of Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix. Bailey was the leading male of the previous season who played the role of Anthony Bridgerton. Here, we will discuss Jonathan Bailey’s partner and a few aspects of his love life. However, before we go ahead to know about his love or his partner, you should know about the person.

About Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey is an English actor. He has gained fame for his musical, dramatic, and comedic roles on both screen and stage. Bailey is the winner of the Laurence Olivier Award. He was also a nominee for Evening Standard Theatre Award.

Partner of Jonathan Bailey

According to the latest reports, Jonathan Bailey is gay in real life and his boyfriend is James Ellis. However, the actor stayed extremely private while talking about his personal life. Moreover, he never addressed the rumour.

Media Spotted Jonathan Bailey with James Ellis a Few Years Ago

jonathan bailey partner

Media people spotted and photographed Jonathan Bailey with James Ellis while having their dinners together in London’s Notting Hill. Both Bailey and Ellis accompanied each other to the Olivier Awards 2019. Here, they kissed each other after Jonathan won an award for his valuable contribution to the West End’s Company Revival. However, Jonathan Bailey has not shared any written or media content related to Jonathan Bailey partner on social media sites or in his interviews. Hence, whether James and Jonathan are gay couples is ambiguous.

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Jonathan Bailey also Worked as a Couple with Taron Egerton

Other than starring in Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey also appeared with Taron Egerton in the Cock stage production. Here, the pair worked as a couple, who go through various relationship problems after the character of Bailey falls for another woman.

Jonathan Bailey does not Want to Keep his Sexuality Secret

jonathan bailey partner

Jonathan Bailey had often maintained privacy while talking about his personal life. However, he does not want to keep his sexuality secret. Instead, Bailey decided to disregard his friend’s advice that he got during the early years of his career. Jonathan Bailey commented, “I have now reached a point in my job and career that I would prefer to hold the hand of my boyfriend in public. Even I may post my picture on Tinder or any other social media platform without any hesitation.” Luckily, the open-minded perspective of Bridgerton’s actor on Jonathan Bailey’s partner or his sexuality never hinders his acting career. Jonathan Bailey also said that he always enjoyed living a straight character and never thought sexuality should matter while filling roles. However, he admits that not every gay actor narrates his own story.


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