Bathtub Essentials to Clean and Use Bathtubs Efficiently


Everyone wants to relax by lying in the bathtub after spending a hard day or hard week. However, before you should go to dive into a bath and shower to relax, you have to follow a few valuable tips effectively and efficiently.

Bathtub Essentials to Clean and Use Bathtubs

Make Sure the Bathtub Stays Clean

The first step associated with bathtub essentials is to clean it efficiently. Before drawing yourself to a relaxing bath, you have to make sure that the tub is not a grimy one. If possible, you must wipe down the tub by using a damp towel every time before you use it. This will eradicate hair, dust, or anything similar settled on its surface. Besides, you must clean the bathtub every time after your bath to avoid any sign related to leftover soap scum behind it.


Create an Ambience for a Relaxing Bath

Your surroundings have vital roles to let you experience a relaxing bath. For this, we suggest you create the ultimate ambiance for a relaxing bath. Doing this not only soothes you but also lets you overcome your worries. Accordingly, we recommend you undergo aromatherapy by lighting a scented candle at home or playing your favorite music. While spending your time in a relaxing bubble bath, you will make it comfortable as possible. Other than that if reading is your hobby, you should never hesitate to carry your favorite reading materials.

Addition of Bath Bubbles

When someone thinks to add bath bubbles to the bathtub, it initially seems a childish activity. However, experts recommending bathtub essentials have considered adding bath bubbles as the best bath tip on using bathtubs. A bubble bath causes the foam to insulate water to keep it hot for a relatively long time. Indeed, it is a big advantage for bathtub users. Moreover, you must consider bubbles one of the bathtub essentials if you want to add fun to your regular bath. Hence, we suggest you add a few bubbles to experience a relaxing bath without any delay. Other than this, if you study a few bathtub essentials, you will know that bath bubbles give many benefits, which include the following-

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Cleansing and Detoxification

Cleansing in a bathtub with bath bubbles removes impurities and dead skin. Moreover, the heat opens your skin pores and allows cleansing effectively. Only, you have to select a bubble bath, which does not contain any harsh chemical or toxic component. In this way, with a bubble bath, you may nullify the adverse detoxification effect.

Boosts Mood by Relaxing the Body

Baths are effective ways to relax our bodies and overcome daily stress factors. Besides, usage of bath bubbles calms our nervous system, reduces stress levels, and avoids anxiety feelings. Each of these aspects contributes to a significant boost in the mood. Along with that, warm baths stimulate serotonin production, which is a brain chemical related to happiness.


Soothes Muscle Soreness

When you submerge for a bubble bath in bathtub water, you expect to reduce muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation. Indeed, the addition of bath bubbles is an excellent way to heal the body.

Effective Means to Hydrate and Nourish the Skin

The human body contains water in huge amounts, because of which one has to stay hydrated. Other than consuming 8 cups of water in a day, you have to bathe in warm water to hydrate your skin and body. Taking bath in warm water in a bathtub improves many skin conditions. Only, you have to avoid using harsh chemicals or soaps. If this is not enough, bath bubbles may cure skin ailments. These are rough skin patches, dry skin, eczema, skin irritation, skin allergy, and many more.

Add Essential Oils to Bath Salts

You may add a few of your selected essential bath oils to bath salts. For this, you have to combine 10 drops to 15 drops of the oil and add only two teaspoons of jojoba oil with water and only half-cup bath salts. However, if you do not have any bath salt readily available, you have to apply bathtub essential oils to one of the carrier oils. These may be coconut, jojoba, or almond. Mix only two ounces of your selected carrier oil with 20 drops of essential oils in a jar or bottle. Shake well before you disperse the mixture in hot bathtub water. The formula lets you carry the essential oils to allow them reaching to the skin easily. Besides, if you want to get optimum aromatherapy benefits, you have to breathe deeply after applying essential oils.

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Take a Shower Before and After Bath

You have to take a shower not only before but also after your bath. Showering before bath leads to skin exfoliation. Besides, a quick shower before immersing in the bathtub makes sure that you stay clean. On the other hand, taking shower after you soak in a bathtub hot water rinses off your applied components, which linger on the body. These include salts, soap, oils, and conditioners.


Moisturize Your Skin

After you take bath, you must moisturize your skin. Moist skin works like a sponge and it further absorbs the external moisturizer. In this way, you maintain the right skin quality and skin texture. Indeed, you want the same level of self-pampering after your bath as well. Hence, you have to wrap yourself in a bathrobe to boost the relaxation process.

Clean the Bathtub After You Complete Bath

Once you complete with bathing and relaxing session, you have to drain water from the bathtub. Simultaneously, you have to wait for a while to let salts, oil, and soap runoff. After the bathtub becomes relatively dry, you have to use a rag or a dry cloth and pat the tub to let it dry completely. In this way, you will prevent the growth of mildew, soap scum, and grime.

The time you spend in your bathtub and the bathroom is the only moment when you spend time alone without any type of interruption. You must make sure to incorporate bath essentials while using your bathtubs. Therefore, with the right products and the right tips you always have a holistic experience.

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