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Under Eye Botox Before and After: Is The Treatment Worth It?

under eye botox before and after

Are you looking for information about Under Eye Botox before and after details? Well, we got you covered with any kind of questions and doubts that is clouding over your mind. So, the first question is, what is under-eye Botox! Under Eye, Botox has been quite popular recently. The age of beauty and fashion made every single person look more and more pretty. No one wants any more wrinkles or folds on their faces. The wrinkles caused due to the muscles contracting can be gotten rid of by this Botox injection.

Under Eye, Botox is Botulinum toxic, which is used to make the muscles ease that contracts within. The injection, when given, is to make the muscles of that particular area weak. It is commonly used on the face where you would generally see wrinkles and folds. It can be under your eyes, folds forming at the side of the eyes while smiling folds can be seen around your mouth as well as between your eyebrows. These areas are generally what people will use Botox for. Once injected, the Botox will try to stop the nerve endings of the muscle so that it will stop contracting. Let’s find out more about under eye Botox before and after.

under eye botox before and after

Under Eye Botox Cost

There is nothing precise but an estimate of how much Under Eye Botox can cost. Generally, each Under Eye Botox procedure costs up to $200 to $600. Even though the cost carries according to the area or the part of the face, you are injecting Botox. One unit of Botox costs up to $12 to $16. So, how many units are required? The amount sums up that.

Sometimes they charge according to the procedure, or they might be charged on the area where Botox needs to be injected. Generally, session-wise charges are only taken by the practitioners. If lucky, some will charge for the units of Botox being used along with an extra procedure fee.

Being pretty does not come free of cost. So, if you are willing to get under eye Botox, you can estimate the price and consult the practitioner. No one can scam you with the charges now!

under eye botox before and after

Botox Under Eyes Gone Wrong

It’s not always that whatever you do can go right only. There have been situations where Under Eye Botox went wrong. Well, it is lucky that these Botox Under Eyes are not permanent and speedy recovery is always possible.

So, what went wrong? So, a blogger from Chicago who was used to getting Under Eye Botox for the past two years again went to get done with the procedure. But unfortunately, this time, the practitioner injected the Botox in the wrong place. What we call the place is the nerve. Instead of the nerve he was supposed to inject; the practitioner did it on the wrong nerve. As a result, one of her eyes was wide open as if the eyeball would drop out. At the same time, the other eye was half-closed.

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It was quite a weird and eye-popping situation!

How many units of Botox for Under Eyes?

When it comes to under eyes, it varies from person to person. Not everyone has the same level of wrinkles surrounding their eyes or around their eyes. Definitely, the practitioner will look, examine and then determine the number of units required to get rid of the lines.

At most times or generally, 12 to 24 units of Botox for under eyes have been required. Of course, for some people, the nerves do not require that much injection of Botox, and the muscles start relaxing. The patients are charged for the units of Botox in most of the clinics. There is always an option for the patient or the person regarding how many lines or wrinkles they want to remove. The practitioner will then use that many units of Botox as per the requirement.

Under Eye Botox Injection Sites

Under-eye Botox can be bought through different sites as well. What do you need to remember while purchasing, though? This Botox cannot be bought without a prescription. Since it’s a drug, it does contain different chemicals. For some people, the constituents of the drug may not suit and cause some health-related problems. So, it is better to consult and purchase.

It is better than you go and get under-eye Botox rather than doing it yourself. But in case you want to get the procedure done yourself at home only, you can always purchase it online. Some of the sites from where you can purchase under-eye Botox are:

Apart from these sites, you can always find more under-eye Botox online. Also, if you wish, you can get a prescription and go buy it from a pharmacy.

Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles When Smiling

At times, you must have noticed that wrinkles tend to appear while smiling. The wrinkles that appear on the face may form as creases over your face or might form up as lines. While smiling, the muscles become squeezed and surround the eyes. So, what can be done to get rid of the Under Eye Wrinkles?

Botox can be injected into the part where your muscles start to contract. Botox will then help you relax the muscles which contract due to smiling. These muscles then tend to relax, giving away the wrinkles or the folds that were being caused due to your smiling.

The practitioner will suggest to you how many units of Botox are required for getting rid of Under Eye wrinkles when smiling. The number of units will be different from what is needed when getting done Botox for under eyes.

Under Eye Botox Before and After – Wrinkles

When you are done with the Botox for your Under Eye Wrinkles, you will notice quite some difference. The wrinkles that were coming up under your eyes will start to smooth in the first few days before it starts to look all-natural. You have to have the patience to see the results. Trusting the practitioner comes first.

Before Botox, you are under eyes will have lines and also in the side eyes as well. This is because the muscles while smiling start contracting and make your skin loose. Some might think that different skin creams might help, but it is not always helpful. At that time, you have to take the help of Botox.

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After getting the Botox done, it is seen that while smiling, the marks and lines that would tend to show up on your face went away. Now your smile would have no effect on your eyes. Smile freely now!

Botox Around Eyes

People tend to get Botox around their eyes to get a proper face cut. They might not like the shape of their own eyes and brows. Botox gives it a proper shape by lifting it. The Botox works to smoothen the area around your eyes. The practitioner injects it into the nerves near or closest to the eyes.

It’s a process that needs to be repeated quite often. Sometimes, practitioners suggest that Botox around the eyes should be injected soon than the other Botox treatments. A minimum within 4 months is suggested, whereas the maximum is within 6 months. This is to get a smoothened finishing around your eyes. And also, it will give you a natural look as well.

You can always consult your doctor about the Botox around your eyes. They will suggest to you how to get done with the procedure and guide you through the process as well. You will have a fine look change over your face. Make your eyes look wide and pretty as well.

Under Eye Wrinkles Botox or Fillers

Before you get to know which Botox or Fillers are for under the eyes, you have to know what a filler is used for. Since you already know how Botox works. Let’s take a small walk-through about fillers as well.

Like Botox, the filler is also injected only over the skin. But instead of paralyzing the muscle or stopping them from contracting, its main work is to fill over the lines and wrinkles. That is, the part of the skin which becomes lost, fillers will act as an extra placement inside the skin. They will fill up the part of your skin and make it look like the wrinkles or lines over your face did not exists only.

Now the question comes, Botox or Fillers for your Under eyes! Both are a good option, but Botox will keep the look as similar as you want to look. But Fillers tend to fill in the fluid inside, thus making your eyes look swollen than what it was. You might end up having a chubby look. At the same time, Botox tends to decrease the wrinkles and stop the muscle from contact.

Hopefully, you can understand the difference between Botox and Fillers. It depends on your choice and the look you want to have. In case you are having doubts, you can always consult respective practitioners and get to know more about both Botox and Fillers in detail. They will guide you through more details as well as the procedure.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! It is your choice if you want to get Botox treatment done or not. We hope that we were able to provide you with the information you were looking for. You need to trust the practitioner who’s getting your Botox done. Make sure you ask the practitioner about their past work and understand the procedure as well. Let us know if you like the blog or not, and share with those who want to know about Under Eye Botox Before and after effect and more!

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