Which are the Best places to live in Texas?

Best Places to Live in Texas

So, what is your favorite destination in Texas? That is tough to answer because of the localities spread across the state. However, finding the best places to live in Texas does need assistance and guidance, for you do not want to settle down in a neighborhood that is not secure, not connected, and has poor amenities.

Texas is the largest state in the U.S, and the options are plenty. However, it is difficult for any individual or a family to choose the right living location in Texas, which has ten neighborhoods among the 150 populated cities in the United States.

If you are in plans to head to Texas, we are here to help you pick a neighborhood that is affordable, happening, and suits your needs and requirements. We have come forward and curated a list of the best places to live in Texas after considering the population growth, household income, housing prices, parks, affordability, and commuting.

10 Best Places to Live in Texas

1.      Fort Worth

Fort Worth enjoys being the most beautiful neighborhood in North Texas. It has all the amenities and urban perks like Dallas. However, what makes the locality a peaceful residential spot is the presence of the youth and intellect community driven by a skilled workforce and premier universities. Apart from this, Fort Worth is home to the world’s largest and first indoor rodeo.

2.      Plano

Plano is second on the list of the best places to live in Texas. It is a prosperous suburb in Texas with a premier park system. Due to this, accessing the public parks takes only a few minutes from any location or a house. Likewise, 75% of the residential units are within a ten-minute walking distance of public parks. Plano has the highest quality of life compared to others, with a high median income. There is a low crime rate and shorter commuting times. People who like to experience a big city’s theatres, museums, and restaurants can indulge in a short drive to Dallas.

3.      Austin

Austin has earned the tag of being a unique city and the best place to live in Texas. Because of its role in the Texas State Government, Austin finds itself at the epicenter of social changes, reforms, and political movements. It delivers a frontal view of the things that will shape the city in the future. The urban greenery makes a living even livelier. According to the Public Land’s Annual Park Ranking, Austin holds the second position in all of Texas. Austin also has the number one position for being the best food spot in Texas as per the Wallethub’s rankings.

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4.      Frisco

Frisco stands fourth in the list of the best places to live in Texas, with the tag of being the fastest-growing city. The region has the highest earnings for household income in the whole state, and the numbers speak for themselves. Additionally, Frisco has the lowest crime rate in the state, making it one of the safest cities. If you consider a location with high income, safety standards, and accessibility to public places, then Frisco is the place to be.

5.      Round Rock

Round Rock is towards the North of Austin and has the fifth-highest growth rate in economic terms. The average median for a household stands at $80,637 annually. The Round Rock suburb is the perfect place to settle down for individuals employed in the technological field. They can avoid the heavy traffic and congestion of Austin and yet enjoy all the cultural perks of the region.

6.      Irving

Irving’s proximity to Fort Worth and Dallas makes it one of the best places to live in Texas. What makes the location an ideal choice is the affordable prices. There is good food, urban perks, and public parks, and over 65% of the residential units are a stone’s throw away from a public park. The closeness to Dallas makes Irving a good choice for families and individuals who like to avoid the expenses of Dallas and live in a suburb with low crime rates. The city is further home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil, Fluor Corporation, and Kimberly-Clark.

7.      San Antonio

San Antonio has a perfect blend of both the Texas and Mexican cultures, displaying the essence of the city’s future. Likewise, it is home to the Alamo, a crucial historical monument in Texas. You will love the food here because you will find authentic Mexican food and some of the finest local cuisines. It is ranked third among food lovers and has the best BBQs, breakfast tacos, and Mexican dishes. In addition, it is the most affordable urban center and allows the residents to enjoy all the perks of a large city.

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8.      Dallas

Dallas is the center and anchor to the prosperity of the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs, which makes it the best places to live in Texas. It has some of the finest and beautifully-crafted public parks, with over 70% of the residents situated close to the parks. Dallas ranks 4th in the food category and is also home to some of the finest restaurants. Therefore, finding authentic and delicious dishes is not a challenging task. The city is also home to museums, cultural accomplishments, and galleries.

9.      Midland

If you are fond of the olden Texas saloon, where you can hang your cowboy hat, Midland is a unique city. Even though it is not part of a major metropolitan area, Midland has everything one needs to live peacefully. The region’s prosperity is tied to the Permian Basin, home to natural gas and oil. With several industries involved in the drilling practices, Midland is an ideal location for people who love roadrunners, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and cacti.

10. Georgetown

Georgetown is an underappreciated city and one of the best places to live in Texas despite being the second fastest-growing city in the entire state. The city’s quality of life stands in the state’s top five list, with the household income standing at an average of $71,410. Additionally, the city is in the third position for being the safest city according to the crime rates. Like Round Rock, residents have access to all the urban perks and enjoy an active life without residing in the thick of the action.


Keep in mind that the places mentioned here are a start for your search to choose the best places to live in Texas. You may find several more suitable for your taste, needs, and requirements.

The thriving economy, outdoor lifestyle, state’s tax laws, laid back, and friendly attitude makes Texas a great choice to relocate. The places discussed here provide unique characteristics and benefits. Consider the cost of living, safety, crime rates, commuting, educational institutes, and cultural aspects before zeroing on the best city to relocate to in Texas.

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