Best culture magazines in 2020

Best culture magazines in 2020

What makes a magazine great? The writing, the ideas, the photography and the design. Sure! But more importantly, a magazine’s worth depends on how it catches readers’ glances, and then their hearts. Here, Thacash presents the best cultural Magazines in 2020. There are a lot of magazines are published in this world, so choosing the best was daunting.

Here is the list of the best cultural magazines in 2020

Real Simple

This gem seduces and delivers the goods with teasers such as “A cleaner house in less time: 23 breakthrough tools and tips.” The magazine is a breeze to read, filled with charts, photos, where-to-buy, and how-to-order, how-to-make data right there, front and center.

The Economist

The no-nonsense font and rigid layout style make it looks like a class handout on the first day of an MBA program, but don’t be dismayed. This magazine features the most succinct, globe-encompassing wrap-ups of politics and economics on the market. Even often overlooked about cultural features such as book reviews glisten with insight.

Cook’s Illustrated


Thacash suspect we’re not as good-looking as we think we are. We know we’re not clever enough. Esquire is the antidote to our human frailty. Snazzy, gorgeous, well-dressed, smart and that’s just the magazine itself. The writing within is consistently great and sometimes beautiful, offering heaping portions of journalism, fiction, essays and helpful advice columns. Even if we doubt we’ll ever wrestle with the great trouser-cuffs-and-suspenders debate, we love it that Esquire does.

The New Yorker

With Seymour Hersh’s series of revelations about the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, the New Yorker demonstrates yet again how a weekly magazine can still beat the pants off the 24-hour press. And with the presidential election season upon us, look to this book for insight and access into the process and players. Its coverage of pop culture also continues to shine.

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American Demographics

There are more interesting facts about Americans in one issue of this than in 20 weekly newsmagazines put together. An unparalleled cruncher and analyst of census data, this is the place to learn which ethnic groups buy which products, what counties are the bigger lovers of boats and every detail about how and where we die, among other omnipresent realities.

Men’s Health

Self-deprecating funny and jam with great information. Even those unbearable true-life weight-loss stories are turned into clever contests. Yes, it’s full of sex and sultry women with pouty lips, but regular features such as Jimmy the Bartender and topical stories make it worthwhile for both sexes.

Consumer Reports

The scolds of the American marketplace, they continue to set themselves apart from an advertising-driven (and, too often, advertising-influenced) media and give the straight dope on everything from dishwashers to insurance. In a world of daily ethical fudging, they’re true-blue in giving us cold-blooded assessments of our obsessive consumer culture.

Whole Dog Journal

WDJ endorses a distinct, positive and all-natural approach to dog care. There’s no advertising, so the monthly doesn’t mince words in its product reviews. You can count on no-fluff articles offering relevant tips, and the training and animal behavior pieces are succinct and practical. Passions run high in dogdom; WDJ calmly presents its point of view


In an era of smash-mouth, left vs. right political discourse, the libertarian Reason is a fresh and nuanced antidote, with a frequent a-plague-on-both-their-houses approach. And it kicked butt with a head-turning cover story, meant to underscore the power of database marketing, in which the cover was personalized for each of the 40,000 subscribers with an aerial photograph of the mailing address.

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