The Academia Aesthetic – a Guide 

Academia Aesthetic

Women everywhere are doing the most. They get up, work out, eat a healthy yet hearty breakfast, remember to drink water, and write their affirmations before 10 am. 

It is a lifestyle to be this organized, prepared, and dedicated, and it is also an aesthetic that many sought after.

That being said, it is not for the faint-hearted, and very much for the studious lady who wants everyone to know that she is both smart, and serious, but also cute as heck. Think Elle Woods when she buys her MacBook in her bunny costume.

So, with this in mind, this piece is going to take a look at the academic aesthetic, for those who want inspiration, are going into a new year of education, or simply want to dress the part for the full experience.

Let’s get into it.

Dress for the Occasion

There is something very interesting about how we dress and the way it affects our mood and perceptions. While many people have zero issues being in their PJs all day living that snug life, for others it can make them feel sluggish and sleepy. 

As the work-from-home era boomed over the past couple of years, many found that dressing up in their work clothes got them into the right frame of mind for starting the day, and helped them move their mindset into the right place. This is true for many different professions and situations. Plus, while it might be terrifying to know that what you wear affects your brain, everyone can use this to their advantage.

When it comes to the academic aesthetic, it is stereotypical of how we see bookworms and those who take their studies seriously. There is usually a distinct lack of revealing clothes, and a very conservative take is usually at the center of the look. It will also resemble what students wear, such as a uniform.


  • Knitted cardigans
  • Pleated knee-length skirts
  • Glasses
  • Long coats
  • Cotton trousers or chinos
  • Ties
  • Waistcoats
  • Roll up neck jumpers
  • Belts 
  • Polished shoes 
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It is also worth bearing in mind that this aesthetic can be homed into something to something a little more niche. For example, the dark academia aesthetic is pretty popular, and runs on the same premise but focuses on neutral colors, a lot of black, and also much more macabre details. Skull notebook, anyone? Romantic academic aesthetic is also high on the list and will present you with a lot of lace, frills, dried flowers, and Shakespeare. 


For someone who wants to embrace the academic aesthetic, it makes sense that it is because they are studious, enjoy learning, and are perhaps in education, or going into education. People often want to dress how they want to be seen, which a lot of the time is reflected in how they feel on the inside, their passions, and interests. Pair this with the psychology behind clothes boosting our performance, and it is hardly a surprise that perhaps the dress aspect of an academic aesthetic is all but a side note for the real purpose – learning.

Understanding how to learn is an important part of academia, along with knowing what is expected of you, what needs to be done to obtain the goal you want, and the focus that is imperative to achieve these outcomes. 

Use all the resources available to you to make sure you are using your gifts to the best of your ability. This could be anything from working out what your learning style is, to checking what requirements are necessary to enter university and how you can achieve them from trusted sites, such as 

Makeup Styles

Depending on which niche academic aesthetic you are going for will determine what kind of beauty and makeup statements you want to make.

Going back to basics, it has been presented as, yet again another stereotype, that those who love learning could not possibly also care about their appearance. While there could be some truth in that people would rather focus on things that are deemed important to them – living life, over things that are not – how they look (which is one of the very things that Steve Jobs was well known for), we are now in 2022, the year you can have it all and then some. 

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Nurses with nail gems, bookworms with blowouts, students with skincare – it is here.

That being said, unsurprisingly, different niches of the academic aesthetic have inspired many different branches of makeup and can also contribute to how you feel about yourself also.

Perhaps the most obvious makeup for the academic aesthetic is minimal. While there is a very real risk of playing into the notion that women who wear makeup are not serious, or lack intelligence if you do opt for a clean look, you also cannot help that the people who think others lack intelligence based on wearing makeup are more likely to lack intelligence themselves. So, with that in mind, it is best to do whatever kind of makeup you like.

Minimal makeup is low maintenance, which can be very useful for those who are teaching or are in educational or medical roles. It is also a popular choice due to those who would prefer an extra half an hour of sleep after a long study session or have other different ways to feel good and relax, such as reading a chapter of their book. 


It is important to ignore the outdated notion that makeup equals vanity and start looking at it as a form of art that may or may not be chosen by an individual. Makeup is ultimately there to help someone express themselves and feel good – there is no right or wrong.


Those who like a darker academic vibe with makeup might opt for a smokey eye and a dark lip. Pastel academic will see similar styles but in light and pastel shades. Plus, those who love the romantic academic aesthetic might focus more on vintage makeup, such as a red lip and fluttery lashes to complete the look.

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