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How Fast Does Hair Grow Men New Tips for 2021

How Fast Does Hair Grow Men

Many men who want to change the length of their hair are interested in how quickly the hair on the head grows, their average speed, and how to increase it to see the result in a month. But, of course, there are answers to all these questions. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how fast does hair grow men.

An unsuccessful haircut, a desire for an image change, or other urgent circumstance can be the starting point for a man to grow his hair. Knowing the general rules for the growth of male hair and your characteristics and genetic predisposition, you can achieve a good result in this matter and even speed up the process. The main thing is to adequately assess the condition of the hair, be patient, and tune in to systematic work on your appearance.

How fast does hair grow men: Rates of growth

The recommendations of this article will be relevant for those men who want to grow their hair longer than it is at the moment. And it doesn’t matter if their length is 3 mm or 30. If we grow it, we grow it. So pay attention to your natural background and take a closer look at your next of kin. If neither you nor your family have had and do not have such problems as hair loss, their prolonged growth, or loss at a reasonably young age, then consider that everything is in order with the genes – you can safely join the adventure with regrowth.

Pick up a penny to visualize 1.5 cm of hair growing back. Its diameter is 15.5 mm. And don’t be confused by the tiny coin size because 1.5 cm/month for hair growth is an excellent speed. Just imagine: at such a speed in six months, your head of hair will become equal to the width of the average man’s palm – 9 cm!

What affects the low growth rate?

There are factors that a man should exclude from his life, at least temporarily, so as not to inhibit natural hair growth. It will be instrumental in giving up smoking and alcohol (or at least significantly reduce their amount), sugary and carbonated drinks, as well as abundant carbohydrate foods and animal fat. There is no need to walk in severe frosts without a headdress, but in a thirty-degree heat, create a greenhouse effect on your head by wearing caps and bandanas made of synthetic fabrics.

Replace animal fats with vegetables, sugary drinks with water. Instead, strengthen your diet with vegetables, fruits, good meats, quality cheese, and whole-grain loaves of bread. And include different nuts on the menu: walnuts, peanuts, cashews, and many more.

How fast does hair grow, men: How to speed up?

The good news is that there are proven ways to influence the growth of hair on your head. Unfortunately, there are not many of them, but they work.

How fast does hair grow men: Pharmacy preparations

A competent pharmacist will show the assortment and tell you about the advantages of various dietary supplements and vitamin complexes that will effectively solve the problem of accelerating hair growth. Among them, there are both synthetic and natural in composition. Which one to give preference depends on your personal choice.

External influence

It is no secret that the physical effect on the hair follicle “revives” it, activates the growth of strands. To do this, you can use mechanical massage and increase blood circulation around the hair follicle using unique means.

Mechanical massage can be done with every brushing (at least three times a day). To do this, massage the brush and the hair growth from the forehead to the neck and against the hair growth from the neck to the forehead. Back and forth several times. So the scalp is massaged, the blood rushes, the nutrition of the bulb is enhanced, hair growth is activated.

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In addition to massage with a comb, be sure to use another method to activate blood circulation in the scalp – applying hot spices, namely, make masks with mustard and red pepper. The recipe for the masks is quite simple: mix the mustard with the yolk and rub it into the scalp with massage movements until it tingles slightly. Mix the pharmacy hot pepper tincture with burdock oil and rub it in until it tingles.

Special additives

Separately, we will focus on two trendy products that significantly improve the appearance and especially the quality of hair during their intensive growth (and not intensive too). These are coconut oil and flax seeds. Coconut oil, when applied as a mask, works well for the quality of men’s hair.

Rub into scalp weekly and spread over the entire length of the strands, leave overnight. In the morning, wash your hair in the usual way. After exposure to coconut oil, the curls become silky, and this quality comes to the fore when the task is to grow chic curls. When the hair is actively growing, it needs more vitamins and minerals. Flax seeds should be added to food in small quantities. They help strengthen the hair from the inside out. And will also work as a moisturizer for long strands.

How often should you trim?

As soon as you want to go to the hairdresser, do not deny yourself this. The master of his craft will remove the length only from those hairs that stand out in their length from the total mass. But at the same time, it will update the cut, remove dry and brittle ends and give the hair a fresh look. And growing your hair won’t be so dull anymore.

The main rule is not to forget to devote your master to your plans for growing hair. With the support of the hairdresser, many questions will be removed, and it will be morally easier to go through this stage. It is even better if the specialist has a “light hand” (acquaintances can tell you about this, or you know about it, having repeatedly previously turned to him for transformation).

Then the hair will increase, not as long as it may seem during the growing process. In addition, make it a habit to cut (trim a couple of centimeters) curls at least once a month or two. In this case, you will immediately see how the hair is added in length. This is because there are no more split ends, creases that interfere with healthy hair growth.

Helpful hints

There are a few more secrets that will help you become the owner of a gorgeous head of hair in a short time.

  • First, don’t wash your hair overnight. Drying at night on a pillow, hair crushed by the head or hand is wrinkled and wrinkled. By combing them in the morning, you carry the length along dry creases.
  • Second – do not comb your utterly wet hair. Let it dry significantly if it has already grown back. Tangled and wet, they easily roll into knots, tighten with a string on the ridge, and then come off at the root when you pull them with a comb. And – goodbye hair and vain labors!

Here you need to adhere to the following principle: wash your head in the morning, wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, dry your hair in a towel, then let it dry in a natural environment, without a hairdryer, and comb and style only practically dry hair.

Try to adjust the air of the hairdryer to a temperature close to room temperature so that there is no difference either towards hot air or towards cold air. And choose the slightest power.

And remember that as your hair grows, you need to buy the following accessories that will make it easier to care for your growing hair and will not spoil the result:

Buy shampoos of mild action, without sulfates, shallow cleaning, replace it with a mixture of yolk and mustard once or twice a week.

Forget about balms and conditioners after shampooing: they mercilessly dry hair and scalp, make curls brittle and thin and shorten them. Instead, shop hair masks will be your best friend here – they also smooth and remove static electricity but do not dry out the hair.

Factors affecting hair growth in men

Growing your hair to collect it in a ponytail, or at least afford something other than a hedgehog and army haircuts, is not an easy process, and many factors can affect its speed. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following features of your body and lifestyle.

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With age, the cells of the body divide more slowly, and hair follicles can die off – it is more and more difficult to grow thick male hair. As a result, the hair gradually “fades” and falls out. Chronic diseases acquired over the years also contribute.

Genetic predisposition

Our DNA contains the number of hair follicles – with all the desire, there will not be more of them. In addition, it is genetics that determines the rate of hair regeneration, hair growth, and density. Some people have a short haircut in their DNA. Fortunately, there is also a beautiful and courageous hairstyle for you.

Hormonal background

Hormones are the kings of our bodies. They have extraordinary power over the vegetation on the head. As a result, the rate of hair growth in men and problems with alopecia can occur due to an excess or lack of certain substances, especially when it comes to the ratio of male hormones – androgens – and other “players” of the hormonal system, and more often estrogen and testosterone. To identify the problem, you need to visit an endocrinologist. Also, do not forget to check your thyroid gland for diseases.

Nutrition, vitamins, and minerals

Proper nutrition, vitamins, and micronutrient balance affect the shine and firmness of men’s hair. By the way, diet and exercise affect sebum production: when it is too much or too little, problems with hair are inevitable. However, a healthy lifestyle and lack of bad habits can significantly help you grow your hair. Add fats, oils with omega-3, -6, and -9 to the diet. In addition, consume more protein, vitamins A, B, E, and K.


Nature and working conditions also affect the growth of a man’s hair. Hazardous production and environmental pollution reduce hair health and can injure hair follicles.


This is an essential component of hair growth, which rather affects the quality: caring for men’s hair helps prevent split ends and protects strands from external negative influences. In addition, the proper care products can speed up hair growth by awakening dormant hair follicles and improving blood circulation.

How fast does hair grow men: tips for a man, boyfriend, boy

Bad haircut, trauma to hair follicles, or stress? Only an experienced trichologist can find the exact reason for the thinning or reduction in the rate of hair growth. The growth rate, as we already know, largely depends on genetics and lifestyle. So no life hack will give fantastic results. Instead, follow these top tips to improve hair condition and awaken dormant hair follicles.

Proper home care

Healthy male hair will grow faster. And to make men’s hair healthy, it is necessary to take care of it almost every day, step by step, following the instructions of trichologists. But, first, remember the main rules for caring for men’s hair.

  • Use silicone and paraben-free shampoo. Wash how fast does hair grows men no more than three to four times a week. While washing, you can do a light massage. After washing off the shampoo, rinse your head with slightly cold water. Which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the skin layers.
  • Use a hair scrub or gentle exfoliation once a week. Apply lightly to the scalp for deep cleansing. This will help the hair break through and grow faster and promote blood flow to the follicles.
  • Nutrition and hydration. Hair ends need special care to prevent dryness, splitting, and breakage. Apply oil to hair starting in the middle or lower third of the length. Include nourishing and revitalizing masks in your treatment. They should be done 1-3 times a week.
  • Growth activators. Some special agents stimulate hair growth: for example, stemoxidin – its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Such products can be an excellent addition to a man’s hair care. With homemade recipes (for example, based on nicotinic acid), you should be careful.

How fast does hair grow men: Salon procedures

An effective way to influence hair growth is through professional products and procedures. They can sometimes be contraindicated for young guys and boys, but there are no restrictions for mature men.

  • Superficial application of serums or injections with a unique mixture enriches the scalp with vitamins, improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.
  • Ozone therapy. Ozone saturates tissues with oxygen, and many people note that hair grows very well after this procedure. Also, with alopecia (baldness), ozone therapy helps to stimulate cell division.
  • Scalp massage. After a course of professional massage, hair grows back healthier and silky. This effect on the skin improves blood circulation and metabolic processes.
  • This injection method promotes tissue regeneration. Well suited for those who want to revitalize their scalp and get thicker and more well-groomed hair.

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