Ontario is the heart of Canada

The best province to visit: traveling to Ontario

When do you decide to stay in a place that persuades you to settle down? Is it the environment or the safe and sound communities or is it the beautiful landscapes?

Let me tell you, it’s all the reasons above because we as humans want everything to be perfect. Canada is popular for its freedom, culture, mixed ethnic groups and more. There is not one single thing that doesn’t catch the eye of a person. Besides the ground rules, springtime is completely intoxicating for travelers and natives. 

Ontario is the heart of Canada

With ten provinces proudly boasting the Canadian borders, Ontario stands out with its unique geographical land, accessible transportation, and tourism industry. For instance, Limousine services in Ontario is quite accommodating for travelers and locals, but what is the reason besides local transportation that makes people fall in love with Ontario? 

Reasons too many to none are great, but to help you understand, we have mapped out why Ontario is the best province to travel;


  • Home to remarkable provincial and national parks 


Just because Ontario is a busy bee of a province doesn’t mean you are immune to a fresh dose of air. You will be surprised there are hundreds of spectacular parks and natural surroundings that make Ontario an eco-friendly province.

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As the weather is warming up, you can enjoy camping, hiking, biking, etc. to the national and provincial parks like Awenda Provincial Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park or even Sandbanks Provincial Park and so the list goes on!


  • Proud leader of amazing cities


What makes Ontario a proud province? Each city residing within its boundaries is fully comprised of friendliness, greenery, best cafes, universities, and outdoor activities. If you ask us, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Oakville, London Guelph a Burlington are the best to visit.

Meanwhile do not forget cities like Sarnia, Niagara Falls, Windsor, Markham or Sudbury are also visited freely as neighbor towns and close distances.


  • Famous for vineyards


Ontario is perfect for a blood mouth (not literally, it’s just red wine) and to think Spain had it all, well you are wrong. This province is popular for its wineries and the concentrated areas of Niagara and Prince Edward Country regions do the math of amazing grapes. 

However, if I were to pick the top wineries and in Ontario, it would include; Thirty Bench, Grange, Five Rows and Karlo Estates. You can retile quality wine and taste the samples when you visit the place.


  • Brim with talents


Among other famous reasons, you need to know that Ontario has listed quite famous personalities.

On a qualitative tone, Ontario has got it all including being hometown for many internationally famous artists like Rachel McAdams (loved the movie Notebook), Ryan Gosling (from London), Avril Lavigne (from Nappanee) and oh yes, Justin Beiber! 

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So to say the least, you can visit the homeplaces to these celebrities and make your memories by taking a snapshot is the best and yes you do feel proud, don’t you?


  • High ranked universities


Ontario comes with its fair share of educational institutions as well. If you are a student looking at the college portfolio keep an eye out for universities in Ontario. The cluster of universities and scholarship are abundant and has an excellent program for every other course. 

Several universities are offering four-year undergraduate programs to accustom immigrant students as well. Beside s a non-traditional course line is available making the Canadian universities rank higher such as the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University and more.  


  • Hub for museums 


Another popular mirage is the art museums in hundreds of locations. Canadians are artistic and creative and on top of everything else, people love curating for travelers when they follow up their stories in awe.

Stones ‘N Bones, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, National Gallery of Canada, etc. are just a few names to add. Moreover, the artistic and cultural vibes with world-class orchestras, and theater companies making these museums their prime locations set the enrage of excitement.

Looking for more reasons? Well, you can find all the right reasons when you get to have a personal experience.

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