Gudi Padawa and it’s Facts

Gudi padwa

All About Gudi Padawa and it’s Facts


Gudi Padwa that’s also called Ugadi or Yugadi in south India is a festival celebrated to welcome spring up and New Year. Keep Reading to know more about the importance of Gudi Padwa.

The very first day of this Chaitra month is renowned as Gudi Padwa from the Hindus. It’s Called the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada from the Marathas. Instead it marks the celebration of inviting the season of spring or fruitfulness. Throughout the nation this day is seen by various names. Rituals and several other activities commence straight from the sunrise and are completed during the day. Significance of Gudi Padwa is located in worshipping Lord Brahma, who’s thought of as the inventor of the universe. It’s thought that He created the world from utter chaos with this very auspicious moment.

The Importance of Gudi Padwa

He’s first invoked and asked to bless his devotees with security and prosperity for himself along with his whole family. It’s a desire for wellbeing. Gudi Padwa is consequently also a party of a new age or start of health, justice and prosperity.

The Hoisting of Gudi

If we have a look at our history, we’ll notice the Marathas seen that as a day of success by their ultimate and well loved ruler Shivaji Maharaj. The success flag is hoisted to honor the courage and success of the terrific ruler and the Gudi is adorned with all the very first blossom of new mango leaves. A silk fabric of yellowish color is draped throughout the Gudi and adorned with crimson flowers. The yellow and red colours are thought to be auspicious and logos of fertility and wellbeing. The entry is decorated and rectified with Rangolis made from colored powders or blossoms. The region can be decorated round the Gudi. Special sweet and candy dishes will also be prepared on this event and a different History of Gudi Padwa.

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The Victory of the Sakas

Gudi Padwa marks yet another historic event, the success of the Sakas within the Huns. As stated by the Shalivahan calendar, king Shalivahan had conquered the Huns on this day.

However, the most important Importance of this Gudi Padwa is that the creation of this world by Lord Brahma. This was mentioned in the Brahma Purana also, in which the Satyayug originated from this day following the invention of the world.

The Ritual

Gudi Padwa is famous in various forms in a variety of areas of the nation. From the southern regions of India, it’s renowned as Ugadi or even Yugadi. It’s thought that the second of twilight or before the growth of sunlight is extremely auspicious. So, one attempts to absorb the energy and strength of sunlight in its purest form within this particular hour to guarantee the stimulation of their awareness of the ego. This is the religious importance of Gudi Padwa.

Ultimately, it could be reasoned that Gudi Padwa is an monitoring of increasing oneself into a high spiritual plane and welcoming the new age with excitement. It’s the wishing and desire for improvement and wellbeing of that marks the basis of the event.


Facts You Should Know about Gudi Padwa

  1. Gudi Padwa is the first day of Hindu  calender New Year
  2. Gudi Padwa is known by numerous names across the country
  3. Gudi Padwa stand for the conversion of two agricultural period
  4. Initiation of the Spring season
  5. Celebrates annihilation of Ravana by Lord Ram
  6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj began the tradition
  7. Purifying body and soul
  8. An auspicious day for shopping
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