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Pancake Toppings To Try Out Some New Delicacies Everyday!

Pancake Toppings

Wondering what to put over your pancake? Well, we got you covered with ideas for a variety of pancake toppings. May the pancake toppings be sweet, sour, or whatever your taste buds desire; we got it. Now you don’t need to go around thinking and looking. Our blog has ideas covering almost what you need. Maybe the pancake toppings are available at home. Otherwise, all of it is available at your nearest convenience store.

Pancakes are an easy go-to meal in the morning, and almost every one of you loves them. That’s why you are here at our blog to know more. Making pancakes might be easy, but what to serve or eat with may not be. Pancake toppings can be healthy or something that you love but should also go with the taste of pancake. Let’s jump into it already.

In the morning, you need different food every day. Not stick to one kind of taste. What are the different kinds of pancake toppings?

Popular pancake toppings

  • Maple syrup

Coating the pancake from top to bottom with maple syrup enhances the taste. You can either buy or make it yourself at home. The key ingredients for it are water, sugar, vanilla, brown sugar, and maple extract. It takes a total of 10 minutes to prepare it.

  •  Whipped Cream

Another favorite pancake topping of most people is whipped cream. The taste is always better, and pancakes make it a perfect combination. It can be bought readymade or made at home. It can be made from whisking cream till it becomes thick and fluffy.

  • Fresh fruit

When you have no time to eat fruits separately, use them as pancake toppings; any fruit you like and feel might go along; eat it right away. For example, apples, bananas, papayas, strawberries, etc.

  • Chocolate chips with Nutella

A chocolate pancake awaits you. The best way to have it is first to melt the Nutella. Pour it nicely over the pancakes and sprinkle chocolate chips. Sounds tasty right away!

Sweet pancake toppings

  • Chocolate syrup

The easiest pancake topping for which there is no need to work hard. People with their love for sweets can never say no to it. Fulfills your cravings for a sweet and chocolaty meal with pancakes.

  • Honey

It works as an alternative to maple syrup. A little sweeter than maple syrup but one of the perfect sweet pancake toppings. It is always available at home and is also healthy to consume.

  • Caramel syrup

Anyone with a sweet tooth will prefer pancakes with caramel. It can be either bought or made at home. To prepare caramel syrup, melt white sugar at a temperature of 340 degrees Fahrenheit. It will have a brown color when done.

  • Ice cream

Definitely, if you love ice cream, try it as a topping over pancakes. Any flavor you prefer, try it out. Mostly, people consume vanilla or chocolate. But experimenting with your food can give you a new getaway.

  • Cheese

Grated cheese or melted cheese can be applied over pancakes as toppings. It is always there at home and easy to use. Put the shredded cheese as much as you prefer. Excess cheese can never harm as well!

  • Jam

Fruit jam, Strawberry jam, Raspberry jam, Blueberry jam, etc., can be put over as pancake toppings and are sweet in flavor. If you have any other flavor you like, try it out with pancakes in the morning.

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Banana pancake toppings

  • Bananas and chocolate chips

Sounds new, maybe, but it is healthy and tasty. Cut the banana into small slices or round pieces and put it over your pancake. Sprinkle some chocolate chips for some sweet taste for your tongue.

  • Caramelized bananas

Chop bananas into round or small pieces. Dip them into butter and sugar and stir them till it turns brown. Then dip it into caramel syrup and then put that topping over the pancake.


Chop the bananas as said before and put them over the pancake. Pour the caramel syrup over it as much as you desire.

  • Banana walnut

Cut bananas into round pieces and put them in a pan over melted butter. In a low heat flame, put walnuts either into small pieces or as it is. Add cinnamon and sugar according to the quantity. Coat it over the bananas with a paddle, and your pancake topping is ready.

  • Strawberries and bananas

Cut bananas into small rounds and strawberries into two pieces from between. In a pan, melt butter on a low flame and put the chopped fruits into it. While stirring in low flame, add some sugar and coat it over the fruits with a paddle. After 5 minutes, let it cool down. The pancake topping is reading for you to have.

 Pancake toppings savory

  • Ham and cheese

While making pancakes add grated or shredded cheese so it melts with the pancake. Once the cheese starts to melt, add ham. If you want extra cheese, also add it over the ham. After serving, add more shredded cheese over the pancake. With some sugary taste, you also get a savory taste.

  • Lemon and sugar

A small combination of lemon and sugar as pancake toppings are quite different for taste buds. Sour and sweet flavor at the same time. Over the pancakes, squeeze the lemon and add some sugar as much as you prefer. The sugar melts over the lemon and acts as syrup.

  • Scrambled eggs

Wanting pancakes to have a savory taste, adding scrambled eggs as a topping is best. In a frying pan, add some oil and on low flame, put the eggs and let it spread. With cooking, the paddle starts stirring it, and eggs will begin to break. Also, add salt and your scrambled eggs topping is ready.

  • Bacon with maple syrup

At 350 degrees, preheat the oven. Prepare the tray by laying foil paper and rack over it. Grease the rack with oil, and lay the bacon strips over it. Over the bacon, coat maple syrup with a food brush. After 30 to 35 minutes, your bacon with maple syrup topping is ready for your pancakes.

What to put on pancakes besides syrup?

  • Peanut butter

If you like peanut butter, you can use it as pancake toppings. Spread the peanut butter instead of butter and maple that people usually do. With sweet pancakes, you also get a salty and nutty taste.

  • Warm apple

In a pan, add apple cider and sugar and let it boil. Then add peeled apples to it. It will melt and become a thick mixture. For some taste, add cinnamon and stir the batter. Your pancake topping is ready.

  • Greek yogurt

It is healthy for a topping since it has less sugar content. Some might put some berries over it as extra pancake toppings. You can make a pancake with Greek yogurt or put it over a pancake as a topping.

  • Vanilla Caramel sauce

It can be made at home using the available ingredients almost always present at home. You may or may not use vanilla beans. To start with, heat the pan with butter and let it melt on a low flame. Add sugar, vanilla extract, cream, and, if available, vanilla beans. While you stir the mixture, add some salt to taste. When done, the color will be close to brown and will have a thick texture. Your pancake topping is ready to serve.

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Unique pancake toppings

  • Lemon curd and raspberry syrup

Over the pancake, with a paddle, spread the lemon curd and add raspberry syrup. It will give both a sweet and sour taste at the same time and is also healthy.

  • Turkey and gravy

Mostly, people cook the turkey along with the pancakes. Dice or shred the turkey and cook it in a pan with salt until it releases its juices. At the same time, make the pancake batter and mix the cooked turkey in it. Now, as you bake your pancake, do it. You can avail turkey gravy from a store and then serve it with pancakes as toppings.

  • Pickles and olives

One of the unique toppings is pickles and olives. It is healthy in the morning and gives you a sour taste with your sweet pancakes.

Pancake toppings chocolate

  • Chocolate syrup

When you are never tired of chocolates, try chocolate syrup over it. You can either buy or make it home. The ingredients to make it at home are butter, sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. Heat it all together in a pan till it becomes a thick mixture.

  • Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips

Over the pancake, add chocolate ice cream as a go-to topping. To have a crunchy and chewy bite, sprinkle some chocolate chips.

  • Melted Dark Chocolate with dark chocolate shavings

Melt dark chocolate in a pot and pour it over the pancake. It is your preference if you want it warm or cold. Then over the pancake, shred the dark chocolate and sprinkle it over.

Best pancake toppings sweet

  • Caramel syrup – You can either buy caramel syrup from the store or make it at home. The ingredients needed are butter, brown sugar, and water as per requirement. Heat the ingredients in a low flame till it becomes thick and light brown.
  • Strawberry syrup – Always available at your nearest convenience store. Sweet and fruity flavor with your pancakes. You can also prepare it at home with ingredients available at home. In a pan, boil strawberries, lemon, sugar, and cornstarch with water until all the ingredients are mixed together. Once prepared, the mixture will thicken.
  • Blueberry sauce – In a pan, let the blueberries boil till it softens. Add sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla to the pan and mix it well. Let it cook till a saucy texture is obtained. If you don’t want to prepare it, you can purchase it from the grocery store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the cheapest pancake toppings available easily?

To start, there are always different preferences for anyone. To start with cheap and easy available choices, they are:

  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Lemon and sugar

2. Any three go-to toppings on a normal day?

Normally people are always in a rush. So, you will always want something easy to grab by. The go-to toppings can be:

  • Maple syrup (almost always at home)
  • Honey
  • Fruits (anyone which you prefer)

3. What are the healthiest pancake toppings?

You need to look after your health even with tasty meals or food. So why not mix healthy and tasty together. Few healthy pancake toppings are:

  • Fruits like banana, apple, papaya, et cetera
  • Walnuts and almonds
  • Berries and honey
  • Fruit and vegetable salad

4. Which should be preferred, maple syrup or honey? Why?

Honey is used as an alternative to maple syrup. Though maple syrup tastes heavenly with pancakes, it is the most commonly chosen pancake topping. The sugar content is high in maple syrup. Consuming all the time with pancakes is not healthy. A better option is honey to consume.

Honey contains a variety of nutrients and also is good for the heart and maintaining blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is wise to consume honey with your sweet pancakes.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our blog! Hopefully, the information you got today will be useful to you. Different kinds of toppings for your go-to pancakes sound exciting. Some healthy, some chocolaty, sweet and sour, all kinds of tastes for you are available. It is your time to try the pancake toppings out. Unique ideas are all we have which we bring to you. So don’t regret not trying any of the ideas.

Every time you make pancakes, try a new and different pancake topping. Let your taste buds try out new flavors! With all these, let us know which pancake toppings you loved the most. Also, let us know about the new experiments you do with your pancake toppings.


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