Why Did Pokimane No Makeup Look Went Viral?


Pokimane is a popular streamer right now. However, a stream went viral two years ago popular as ‘Pokimane No Makeup’. In this stream, she got a lot of controversies. If you want to know about it, we are sharing all the details.

In today’s world, going viral has become one of the biggest things. However, it has both positive and negative sides. Even though people get success after going viral on the internet, some people also have to face negative comments. It happens when you are a famous personality already.

So, what had happened with Pokimane? In this article, we are covering why Pokimane No Makeup got so much criticism. Let’s get started.

Pokimane No Makeup
Pokimane No Makeup

Who is Pokimane?

Before we talk about her viral stream, you have to know who Pokimane actually is. As we mentioned above, she is one of the most popular streamers right now. Moreover, she has a huge fan base on social media.

Her YouTube channel has around 6 million subscribers while her Twitch account has over 8 million followers. Pokimane gained popularity while broadcasting herself in Twitch streams where she played Fortnite and League of Legends.

Imane Anys, popularly known as Pokimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian influencer. She was born on 14th May 1996. She was born in Morocco. However, her family moved to Canada when she was only four years old. Pokimane studied chemical engineering at McMaster University. Later, she dropped out to pursue a streaming career.

As we noted, she became famous after broadcasting Fortnite and League of Legends. Moreover, she is a valuable member of the online group OfflineTV.

Pokimane No Makeup
Pokimane No Makeup

Pokimane’s Career

Anys started her streaming journey with Twitch in 2017. That year, she gained 450,000 followers on that platform. With this, she entered the chart of 100 most-followed people on Twitch.

Before the Pokimane No Makeup stream, she earned the title of the Best Twitch Streamer of 2017 by Shorty Awards. Later, Pokimane got a cameo appearance in League of Legends. Moreover, she became popular after streaming Fortnite.

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Hence, she also took part in a pro-am event arranged by the developers of Fortnite. However, she reduced the amount of Fortnite streams in 2019. In 2020, she became the 7th most followed user on Twitch.

Besides Twitch, Pokimane is also popular on YouTube. The best thing is she has multiple YouTube channels such as Pokimane Too, Pokimane, Poki ASMR, and Pokimane VODS. These channels are dedicated to different activities including gameplay streaming, vlogs, podcasts, and more.

Anys also launched a new YouTube channel named ‘imane’ in 2021 to cover personal topics. Besides being a successful streamer, Pokimane also appeared in a film called Free Guy. She also appeared in a music video called Inferno. Moreover, she also joined Jacksepticeye’s fashion brand as the creative director.

Pokimane Without Makeup

Now you know who Pokimane is and how she became successful in her streaming career. So, what happens with this ‘Pokimane No Makeup’ thing? Let’s get the answer.


She uploaded a video with no makeup two years back. That video was a simple makeup tutorial. However, people didn’t take it well. After uploading that video, she received a lot of negative comments, even from her fans.

Hence, some of the internet users also called Anys ‘simp’. However, she didn’t react much to these negative comments. Instead, she took those comments positively. According to her, this ‘Pokimane No Make’ issue was beneficial for her career. Many people found out about her streams with this viral video.

Even though most people criticized her no-makeup video, there were some good comments as well. They have loved how she shared her natural beauty on the internet. Plus, the sensible community supported her decision.

However, the controversy died down quickly after getting viral. Her fans also took a huge part in ending all of these negative comments. Plus, some of her ‘fake’ fans also got a good lesson with this event.

Pokimane No Makeup Stream

After the ‘Pokimane No Makeup’ went viral, many influencers such as ItsAGundam, Keemstar, and Leafy mocked her for streaming such videos. Keemstar also called her ‘pathetic’ and ‘fake’. He also said that she had been lying about her boyfriend to get more donations.

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Other content creators also mocked her and her fans after that viral video. As we noted above, some of her fans also took that negatively. They started making various comments, memes, and jokes regarding her no-makeup streams.

Well, it was nothing new. They had also made fun of her look before. However, Pokimane didn’t focus on such negative things. She bounced back to fight for her self-respect. Her reply on Twitter was one of the best pieces of evidence of it.


As you can see, Pokimane is one of the most popular gameplay streamers on the internet. However, her ‘Pokimane No Makeup’ video created a lot of mess. She had to face criticism from different people. Still, how she bounced back is really impressive. It’s a good lesson for us as well.


The key purpose of this article was to share information with our readers. We don’t support internet bullying or assault. Neither do we promote such things on our website. So, make sure you are always standing against such negative things.


Q: Was Pokimane criticized for her no-makeup look?

Yes, she got a lot of negative comments from internet users after uploading a makeup tutorial video. Some popular influencers also criticized her for the no-makeup look.

Q: When did Pokimane release her viral video?

Pokimane released her viral no makeup video in October 2018.

Q: Is Pokimane popular on Twitch?

Yes, she is one of the most popular users of Twitch. Plus, she has become the 7th most followed person in 2020 on this platform.

Q: How many channels does Pokimane have on YouTube?

Pokimane has several YouTube channels for different topics including Pokimane, Poki ASMR, imane, and Pokimane VODS.

Q: Why is Pokimane popular?

Pokimane is popular for streaming Fortnite. Plus, she also uploads vlogs and podcasts on different topics.

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