How to Feel Confident with Stylish Greasy Hair Hairstyles!

Stylish Greasy Hair Hairstyles

We often look at our hair as soon as we get up from bed, which is the first task for most people. The thing that we see is the oiliness of the hair. The reasons for oiliness are several. But the primary reason for that greasy look is that you did not wash your hair the night before, or it is just another day when it seems extra oily. Messy and greasy hair kills confidence and causes frustration in many. 

But do not fear because, with greasy hair hairstyles, you can gain back the lost confidence and beauty. You can pick up from messy braids to sleek top knots and more, with plenty of options to work with your hair and put a chic outlook. 

Today, we bring forward the best hairstyles you can implement for your greasy hair to look and feel better.

Understanding Greasy Hair

Human hair produces sebum, an essential oil to maintain the scalp and hair healthy. However, the sebum generation differs from one person to another. Due to this, a few individuals have a dehydrated scalp, while a few have excess oiliness. The excess oiliness causes a greasy appearance, and the culprits are genetics, stress, and hormones.

So, what to do now? Washing the hair multiple times or regularly does not solve the problem. Instead, it worsens the situation! A better way to tackle excess oiliness is by using special shampoos and conditions designed for greasy hair and using greasy hair hairstyles.

7 Greasy Hair Hairstyles to Try Today!

You’re mistaken if you think hairstyles are only for normal hair. Although it is challenging to style greasy hair, several greasy hair hairstyles exist that work excellently in delivering the tidy appearance you need. Here are seven different hairstyles to try:

1.    Messy Bun

greasy hair hairstyles

The first on the list is a messy bun, a classic for greasy hair. You can create the look by gathering all the hair into a loose ponytail and twisting it around itself to form a bun. Next, you can use bobby pins or hair ties to secure the bun. Finally, leave a few strands for that relaxed appearance. You can do this hairstyle for that quick casual outing when you feel lazy.

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2.    Sleek Ponytail

greasy hair hairstyles

Pick the sleek ponytail hairstyle to achieve a polished outlook with your greasy hair. You can start by using hair gel or spray to smooth the hair. Now, create a ponytail by collecting the hair. Finally, tie the hair at the neck base using a hair tie. Considered the best hairstyle for a polished appearance, using it with a deep side part or middle part is preferable. 

3.    Braids

greasy hair hairstyles

If an exciting outlook is what you want, then consider choosing braids. You can choose between fishtail, French, or the regular braid. The choice is yours! You can make the hair look more voluminous and fuller by tugging the hair strands gently after completing the braid. Pull out a few strands that act as face-framing for that casual look. This hairstyle is versatile and works on any day or occasion.

4.    Top Knot

greasy hair hairstyles

If time is a constraint, then a top knot is what you need for your greasy hair. It is among the best greasy hair hairstyles to get a stylish appearance in simple steps. Begin by collecting your hair and turning it into a bun. Next, secure the bun using bobby pins or a hair tie. And, to get a softer outlook, consider pulling a few strands onto the face that act as a frame and complete your full view.

5.    Half-Up, Half-Down

greasy hair hairstyles

If finding time for a hair wash is difficult, consider the half-up and half-down hairstyle. It is a simple hairstyle and requires you to begin it by dividing the hair into two parts. Use one section of the part and tie it using a hair tie. Now, for the other half, create waves or curls more a more textured look. You will look the most beautiful when you try it on your date night!

6.    Low Bun

greasy hair hairstyles

The polished appearance of the messy bun is what is a low bun. Start by collecting your hair, make it into a pony, and tie it at the back of the neck base. Now, create a coil of the ponytail to form a bun. Next, use a hair tie or bobby pins to secure the hair in the position. Using hairspray is advisable to remove any frizz and flyaways. You can pick this hairstyle for your wedding or a fancy dinner party.

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7.    Side Braid

greasy hair hairstyles

The side braid is elegant and adds interest to the very first look. You can do it by collecting the hair and combing it into one side. Now, you can create a loose braid using all the hair. After completing braiding, secure it with a hair tie or bobby pins. You can use hairspray if you find any loose strands. Consider this hairstyle when you are going out with your friends.

Different Accessories for Greasy Hair Hairstyles

Adding accessories is another excellent way to increase the overall appearance of a hairstyle for greasy hair. You can choose any of the following accessories for a hairstyle that you want to implement for your greasy hair: 

  • Headbands: Creating interest is essential for greasy hair, and headbands are the perfect choice. You will find them in diverse dimensions, forms, and colors. Additionally, they help keep the style or bun in place. You can create style statements by selecting a thick, embellished headband or a thin, simple version for a subtle look. 
  • Hair clips: Adding shine and sparkle to your greasy hair is possible with hair clips. You can pick these clips in multiple lengths, shades, and shapes to help you get the desired style. Hair clips are an excellent option for dazzling your greasy locks. You can also use them to make a statement on your sleek ponytail.
  • Scarves: Scarves are perfect for protection and complementing a greasy hairstyle. They are versatile and come in numerous colors, dimensions, and textures. Pick the perfect one to add as a finishing touch to your attire and appearance.


As you have learned about the different greasy hair hairstyles, it’s time to try creating a fashionable look when you need it the most! We hope the guide helped you choose the ideal hairstyle for a greasy day. Choose the correct hairstyle for your dress, occasion, and accessories to complement your overall appearance. 

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