Reasons a Camping Trip Is Better Than the Beach

Camping Trip

What springs to mind when you think of the word ‘vacation’? For many people, it’s a luxurious beach resort with sugary white sand, crystal clear waves, and an endless supply of cocktails. However, a beach holiday is far from your only option for getting away from it all. One perennially popular choice is to go camping. Here are five reasons why a classic camping trip is better than hitting the beach.


1. You get more freedom

When you stay in a beach resort, you’re often restricted by the hotel’s schedule. You must adhere to someone else’s plan, from the restaurant opening hours to the times of the shuttle bus into town. With a camping trip, however, you can do what you want when you want. You can cook meals whenever it suits you, go out at whatever time is most convenient, and never have to worry about returning to your room when the staff are cleaning it.


2. It’s more affordable

One reason that camping shows no sign of decreasing in popularity is that it’s such an affordable vacation choice – especially compared to a beach resort. Campsites are cheap, you don’t have to shell out on expensive flights, and cooking for yourself saves you even more money. This doesn’t mean that you have to rough it, though! You can hire a privately owned campervan or motorhome that’s fully equipped with kitchen facilities, comfortable beds, toilets, and even a hot shower through trusted sites such as

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3. It’s more varied

When you opt for a beach vacation, often all you get is a beach and a resort. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with those, but you’ll find far more varied options when camping. For example, you could pitch up in the mountains, beside a pristine lake, or in the middle of gorgeous woodland. You could even camp at the beach and get the best of both worlds! It’s also possible to combine many different types of camping trip into one by pitching up in several locations during your vacation.


4. You can find more peace and quiet

Beach holidays are exceedingly popular, which unfortunately also means that they are often exceedingly busy. This is especially true if you travel during the peak season to get the best of the weather. However, on a camping trip, it’s easy to find a peaceful spot that’s off the beaten tourist track. That way, you can experience genuine quiet and solitude, which is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not to mention, it’s far more relaxing!


5. There are tons of activities to choose from

When you go camping, there are all sorts of fun activities you can choose to do during your trip. Depending on where you stay, these could include hiking, going on bike rides, using the indoor and outdoor games areas on the campsite, visiting nearby attractions, mountain climbing, and much more. Plus, if you stay near a lake or the ocean, you can also enjoy all the same water sports that you’d be able to on a beach vacation.

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