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Have Eaten Delicious Food Of Brinjal And Know The Eggplant Benefits?

Know the test of brinjal? Fiber and nutrients are obtained by brinjal? Does brinjal get less amount of chlorine? Do you like brinjal puree and vegetables?

Are all of us well acquainted with brinjal which is a thick and purple and heavy allergy? The shape of brinjal can be long and oblong, some brinjals are also tall but the color remains the same purple. Some brinjals are small and round flowers are also of purple size. The color of brinjal can also be white.

1. Eggplant benefits

The deficiency of thiamine is fulfilled by fiber, copper, manganese, B-6, which can be fulfilled by eating brinjal in the daily routine. Brinjal is needed to meet the deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Brinjal is also required for brinjal phenolic. Antioxidants can be found when these substances are found.

Through Antioxidants, Paramadu helps you in putting bad effects on the body. Assembled molecules that exert their bad effect on cells. Antioxidants can also be produced through certain fertilizers that affect cells. It may not harm your body but it can be beneficial.

Anthocyanin is found inside the brinjal, lutein has been found inside the gin. It is beneficial for the body.

2. What are the benefits of antioxidants?

Heart health eggplant benefits

If we look at heart disease, it is found in most people, it is used to reduce heart diseases for the flavonoid anthocyanin proteasome factor. Heart disease can be reduced. The presence of anthocyanins has been found in most women, it is possible to have blood pressure, due to which there is a difference in the arteries.

3. Know about the fertilizer which increases heart disease?

Blood cholesterol effect

In order to affect cholesterol and give a good effect, brinjal has to be eaten in which fiber is found. Especially roasted brinjal weighs 80 kg. 6 grams of fiber is found. Helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol, lipoprotein which is found in brinjal. In this way, during the treatment by doctors, sometimes it is forbidden to eat brinjal, due to which there is a lot of problems, people who like to eat brinjal. Eating brinjal inside them is beneficial.

4. Weight gain

Brinjal helps people to gain weight from food items, a person should be careful in eating and drinking. Due to fiber, your stomach can feel full for a long time. Fever can be avoided for a long time by hunger. You can increase your weight by eating and drinking.

The amount of chlorine is found in brinjal, the amount of chlorine is useful, chlorine can affect the cells of the body by eating its function well. The ability to absorb oil in brinjal is found to be more when roasted in oil at oily times.

5. Cancer

Most of the polyphenols are found inside brinjal, due to which a person can avoid cancer. Anthocyanins deal with chlorogenic substances that help cells to stay healthy. Tumors play their part in keeping cells healthy and cancer-free, which is good for humans. The function of anthocyanins is to prevent the newly born blood from coming into contact with the tumor. It eliminates the amount of inflammation in your body as well as acts on O cells. turns enzymes against all of these.

Your eyesight can come back through brinjal, it helps in increasing the eyesight through brinjal which is luscious for the eyes. You should also go for brinjal food. Diet has been seen to reduce weight, which can be completed after eating Began as advised by the doctor. The upper layer of brinjal is very delicate as well as silky, which is a harmful process of the linkage by anthocyanin. Plastic is used to eliminate waste through food and clothing elements.

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Nasunin is the only way to eliminate it or work. Friends, brinjal should be fed to your elders too. In 60 grams of roasted brinjal, the papaya is settled, through these Posak, then everyone’s health can be good, through which you remain healthy after the removal of bitter from your cells. Most people have more eye disease, the child gets glasses at an early age, for this.

6. Preparation enterprise

Brinjal is not only good for the body and eyes but its own beauty is immense. In appearance, the beggar looks very smooth and smooth of purple color. Brinjal not only has smoothness but also has many types of shapes. The size of the brinjal is long and small round and thick.

By keeping it in the refrigerator, brinjal is kept healthy and fresh for a long time. To keep the brinjal white, a sharp iron knife should be used to cut it.

Some brinjal could also seem bitter, but the way is to use white salt to avoid bitterness in it. It has been seen that success has been achieved.

You should also consume brinjal so that your health remains healthy and your eyes remain fresh so that the light remains intact and you stay connected with the light for a long time.

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