Tips to find a partner for Long term Relationship

tips to find a long term partner

A long-term relationship can be extremely satisfying to people – emotionally and physically. And if you have already found someone who shares life with you, then you are lucky. For those who haven’t found that special someone yet, they can do a few things to find them.

Identify what you want in your partner

The first thing that you must do for yourself is deciding what you want in your partner. What are the principles you desire apart from physical attraction? What will be the big picture? Do they want kids? Or you want someone who already has kids? Do you want them to be interested in politics or like volunteering just the way you do? Do you just want to live together or go all the way and get married? If you are a vegan, does he/she need to be a vegan too?  These are things you need to think about. These questions must be answered before you begin your journey of finding a new partner.

Go on dates with the right person

You must start dating as this is one way which clearly shows what you are looking or as opposed to, say, joining a book club. Choose who you want to date? You may be interested in dating Chinese women because you are of Asian origin or there may be a different reason. You mustn’t keep very high expectations and look for that “perfect” person on the first date. The first date is too soon to determine that, and that “perfect” person may not actually exist. Learn from your mistakesin dating and try to look for people in similar social circles. Find someone with common interests and take enough time to see a person’s real personality. Don’t pursue people with whom you know you don’t have any future. For example, people who are just looking for sex and one-night stands, they shouldn’t be on your dating list.

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Meeting someone special

When you are dating and know that you want marriage, be comfortable about knowing who you want as your partner. You may want Vietnam Brides or someone from a particular community, just so that living with you and adjusting to life with you is easier. Seek good partnerships with the people you meet and not just romance. Romance is good initially, but it may fade over time and it is a partnership that will keep your relationship strong. The opposites attract theory may not always work and can lead to more clashes than a peaceful and loving home. Try to make stronger bonds rather than constantly meeting those who just want to fool around. Understand what you want and only pursue something when you know you have found someone special. Someone who is different and stands out for you. This special someone could be worth pursuing.

Ensuring they are the right match

You have to ensure they are the right match and the best judge is time. Don’t rush anything, take your time. Over time you will get to know if that person is right for you. Meanwhile, try to build bonds with each other. Do things together in spare time like hang out in a park or go fishing, whatever you both like doing. Talk to each other about your passion so that may build more understanding. Share interests and tastes. Maybe you could surprise him/her with a date to their favourite place or restaurant. Or learn to cook their favourite dish. Their reactions and appreciation will tell you things that you may want to be aware of. Also, see if your future dreams and ambitions align. This may not be at the top of the list, but many marriages crumble because one partner may feel that they don’t feel fulfilled in their current careers and wanted to try something different. But they didn’t because the relationship came in between. Once you know she/he is the one, then do start the next process – introduction with family. Talk to your family and friends about your special someone to see what their feelings are like.

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Once you have found that person, you will know it and then you can begin planning your next phase of life – marriage or cohabitation.

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