Tips to have beautiful and healthy hair in Women

healthy hair in women

Hair is always linked with beauty and attractiveness. Do you desire the glossy and long mane sported by celebrities on television? All women desire great hair, but not all of us get that. Having healthy hair is of great importance and beauty must come only second. The lush and thick main is every woman’s secret desire, be it a short bob or long plaits. But hair can be prone to damage because of the lifestyle and the environment we live in, hence it is necessary to have a good hair care routine and proper ways to fix damaged hair.Here are some tips to maintain the health of your hair and ways to make it look beautiful.

  • For beautiful hair, you can get a blow-dry or a classic hairstyle and hold it up with the best hair spray for women. But this is a “look” and it will last maximum for a day and not more. But it is one of the easiest ways for the hair to look beautiful, so if you want something quick, this is a good way.
  • Another method to get good looks is to color your hair in pretty shades. We have seen plenty of examples where plain looking women completely transform with the right hair color.
  • A good diet is the starting point on your journey to get healthy hair. This is because the scalp needs to be healthy and get all the vital nutrients. Foods rich in protein and antioxidants are good or the scalp. They improve blood circulation and metabolism making the scalp healthier. If the scalp is healthy, the hair will be too. Hence you must massage the scalp with oils such as coconut oil so that it is hydrated, and the roots can be strong. Oils can act as a natural conditioner and provide essential vitamins.
  • You mustn’t wash your hair too often. Shampooing regularly can strip the scalp and moisture of hair. Wash only in intervals and use a mild shampoo. A dry scalp can become flaky and itch, which is a major reason for hairfall. Extremely dry hair looks lifeless and unhealthy so keep it moisturised.
  • Another way to maintain moisture in hair is conditioning. Use a good moisture conditioner after shampoo or use a hair mask or hair butter. These methods ensure that hair doesn’t remain dry and brittle. Protein and moisture are two things that are needed for good and excess of either can be harmful. There has to be a proper balance.
  • Conditioners also prevent hair from damage of it is exposed to hot air or flattening irons. Apply conditioner and remove knots from your hair in the shower. Don’t brush hair when wet as it can cause hair loss.
  • Protect your hair when you leave your home especially from heat and dust. You can easily tie a scarf when going out to protect it.
  • Wash hair with cold water and don’t use very hot water. Again, hot water can take away all the natural oils so you must stick to cold water for washing and rinsing hair.
  • Try natural hair masks if needed depending on what your hair needs. Some packs prevent hair fall, some moisturise, and some provide the necessary protein treatment.
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