What do you wish you knew before going to medical school?

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Many of us want to become a doctor since our childhood. We never realized our dream was more of a responsibility. When we started preparing for medical colleges and universities, we came to know there were many students like us who wish to be a doctor. There was stiff competition and securing admission to a medical college was a real struggle. As someone said, “It is not going to be easy, but it is definitely worth it”. Now consider that you have scored the minimum marks required to get admission to a medical school. Will you be worried about the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of attending a medical college? Definitely, yes. This feeling is natural and common among lakhs of medical students every year. 

The first and foremost fear among every medical aspirant is- Which is the best medical college and what are the things that make it different from others?

There are hundreds of medical schools across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. But the Caribbean is the most preferred destination among the students who wish to study medicine abroad. Medical schools in the Caribbean have higher acceptance rates as compared to the US and Canada. Still, these reasons are not enough to convince you. This article will make you understand what you should know about taking admission to a medical school and why you should prefer studying in a Caribbean medical university over others.

Points to consider before taking admission to Caribbean medical schools

Course fees:

The cost of the course is the first thing that attracts a student. Studying a medical program in the Caribbean is pocket-friendly. Medical programs in the Caribbean are less expensive. Medical schools in the Caribbean offers high-quality education at a significantly lower cost. 

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A student must check the accreditation of programs or universities. Accreditation is proof that courses offered in universities are of high quality. While opting for a medical program in the Caribbean, check if the programs are accredited by ACCM, CAAM-HP, and the NVAO.

Clinical Rotations:

While applying for medical programs in the Caribbean, check whether the university is offering a clinical rotation or not? Clinical rotations are usually provided during six to ten semesters in a Caribbean medical university. A student will be preferred more if they have done clinical rotation from the ACGME-approved hospitals of the US or Canada.


A student always looks for scholarships in universities as it motivates them to study hard. Scholarships also reduce tuition fees. Do not forget to check for scholarship programs offered by medical universities.

Education quality:

The quality of education in Caribbean medical schools is up to the mark. Over 90 percent of medical students passed through Caribbean medical schools are a successful doctor today. However, your hard work decides your future.

The points mentioned above are crucial while choosing a medical school. Also, check for residency placements and class size for a better learning experience and a bright career. Apply to the program today!

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