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Best 17 Toppings for Ramen to Enhance the Taste of Your Japanese Ramen Noodles

Toppings for Ramen


For a long time, ramen dishes have remained a popular dish among many people in Asia. However, a few others wonder what type of food it is. For those, ramen is a type of Japanese noodle soup prepared with vegetables, meat, and broth. The noodle soup is popular for its colorful toppings for ramen. Here, we have discussed a few of the demanding ramen toppings to enhance the taste of your ramen noodles.

Toppings for Ramen to Enhance the Taste

1. Chashu

Toppings for Ramen

Chashu is a popular tonkotsu ramen topping available in different regions of Asia. It is fatty pork cut into thin pieces and braised or simmered at a slow rate. Food lovers may find variations in ramen meat as well. These include chashu duck, beef, or chicken. You have to take only two pieces of meat to combine with your soup and get an ultimate enjoyment.

2. Nitamago or Ajitama

Nitamago or Ajitama belongs to the category of flavored egg that has a runny yolk. It is also a staple dish in most authentic ramen noodle recipes. Unlike regular and soft-boiled eggs, Ajitama is available with a savory flavor and a brown-colored exterior. On the other hand, Nitamago is the hard-boiled part of a flavored egg. The combination of soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs is an easily accessible source of protein to make your dish tasty.

3. Dried Seaweed or Nori

Dried seaweed or nori is a rectangular and leaf-like ramen topping, which you often find in ramen noodles pictures. Nori refers to dried red algae, which has popularity among ramen noodles lovers. It is also available in the market as a flattened sheet to impart a unique seafood taste. Alternatively, you may use dried brown algae often used in wakame salad to garnish your ramen.

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4. Chopped Green Onion or Aonegi

Are you seeking toppings for ramen to garnish your dish? Just add aogeni or chopped green onions. As one of the best tonkotsu dishes, it may garnish or elevate almost every type of ramen recipe. Moreover, the vegetables give a pleasant aroma and the required heat to overwhelm any Japanese dish based on ramen.

5. Steamed Fish or Kamaboko

Kamaboko is a chewy and soft type of fish cake prepared by using a white fish paste. It consists of pink and white parts and many people call it Kane or surimi. The topping has a playful print and shape to make an excellent aesthetic for your ramen soup. Narutomaki is a popular variant of the fishcake and it has a pink swirl design. Kamaboko fish cake is the perfect topping for ramen noodles and fish lovers both.

6. Julienned Green Onions or Shiraga Negi

Shiraga Negi or julienned green onions imply specific cuts of regular green onions. Unlike regular circular onion slices, one has to cut scallions of the onion into julienne or thin strips. Shiraga Negi is one of the recommendable toppings for ramen based on its diverse soup flavors. For instance, julienned scallion is a standard miso topping, which you will never miss while having a bowl of Japanese noodles soup.

7. Fermented Bamboo Shoots

Toppings for Ramen

Want to give a briny flavor to your ramen noodles, try fermented bamboo shoots known popularly as Menma. It is a unique-tasting Japanese ingredient available for ramen, as its preparation involves an intricate process. In particular, you have to lacto-ferment the bamboo shoots as you do while making yogurt.

8. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a few of the simplest ingredients to add to your ramen noodles. The ramen garnish works well for all ramen lovers who want to give life to their soup bowl. It not only imparts a subtle but also a welcoming nutty flavor to your existing ramen noodles.

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9. Garlic

Garlic is of the easily accessible toppings for ramen and its preparation is easy as well. You may have it by roasting, grating, or frying a few cloves of fresh garlic. What is more exciting than ramping your Japanese noodle soup with a distinct garlic flavor?

10. Chinese Spinach

If you want to have leafy greens while enjoying a bowl of warm Japanese noodle soup, you must try the Chinese spinach topping. A few Japanese people also call it Bok Choy. Chinese spinach or cabbage is a crunchy topping to give texture to your dish.

11. Diced Onions or Tamanegi

Tamanegi or diced onion Japanese ramen topping is available easily in your kitchen. Only, you have to chop the onions for sprinkling them raw in your bowl. Alternatively, you may roast the onions before using them as toppings. The vegetable may add an ultimate touch of mild heat and sweetness to your dish.

12. Bean Sprouts or Moyashi

Moyashi is a frequently used term in Japan for cooked and raw bean sprouts. It is also a common and easily available ingredient in Asia. Bean sprouts or moong sprouts give a nutty and sweet flavor to your dishes and it is delicious for every type of ramen.

13. Shijimi Clams or Shimane

Shijimi Clams are stable toppings in any Japanese cuisine. Moreover, Shimane or Shijimi clams have local seafood ramen recipes from Japan. These clams become soupy when you cook them and they taste with a rich umami flavor.

14. Wonton Dumpling Recipes

If you are still looking for toppings for ramen, try wonton dumpling recipes with your favorite noodle soup. The dish has a fusion of Japanese and Cantonese, where a minced pork filling stuff the wrapper. In this way, the meaty component of the ingredient works well with your dumpling recipes.

15. Smoked Oysters

Toppings for Ramen

Smoked oysters are convenient seafood toppings, as they ate easily available in the aisles of canned goods in supermarkets. The topping works well for everyone who wants a quick and fresh option to dress the soups.

16. Kakuni

Kakuni is a square simmered Japanese ramen meat, which you may use for amplifying the savor of your noodle soup.

17. Ground Meat or Niku Soboro

Ground meat or Niku Sobor is the easiest topping to prepare at home. If you want to make the most of your ramen topping, you must combine Niku Soboro with a creamy miso ramen bowl.


Therefore, with so many options related to ramen toppings, you may spruce up your Japanese noodles soup with the ingredient of your choice.


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