Chris Martin Net Worth, Cars, Career, And More (2024)

Chris Martin Net Worth

Chris Martin is one of the co-founders and members of the most popular live rock band named “Coldplay”. He is famous as a talented and successful English songwriter, musician, philanthropist, and singer as well. Talking about Chris Martin net worth then it is estimated to be around $130 million according to the reports of Celebrity Net Worth. Chris is the lead singer of the band which has won the Grammy Awards for 7 times. So, to know more closely about Chris Martin net worth, his career and early life, philanthropic activities, tours, cars, and more then read the complete article with patience.

1. Real name Christopher Anthony John Martin
2. Celebrity name Chris Martin
3. Date of birth March 02, 1977
4. Place of birth Exeter, Devon, England
5. Height 6 feet 1 inch
6. Nationality United Kingdom
7. Occupation Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, film score composer, and philanthropist
8. Net worth $130 million

Chris Martin Net Worth

As per many sources, it is reported that Chris Martin net worth is around $130 million which he earns from his multiple professions. Chris is a major contributor to the Coldplay band which has fans all around the globe. This band comes in one of the top positions on the list of best-selling bands in the world. Not only this but Coldplay has also won major awards like Grammy and Brit. 

Chris Martin Net Worth

Furthermore, Chris Martin’s priceless contribution to the music industry also awarded him as one of the most influential people in the UK. Moreover, albums including A Rush of Blood to the Heart, Viva la Vida, or Death and All His Friends are some of the most abbreviated pieces of work of Chris and his band which gave them all the name, fame, and bank balance.

Early life and education

The real name of Chris Martin is Christopher Anthony John Martin. He was born on March 02, 1977, in a place named Exeter which is situated in Devon, England. Chris is the eldest one among his five siblings. His parents’ names are Alison and Anthony who were a music teacher and retired accountant, respectively. Not only this but Chris’ family also had a caravan retail business, but his father sold it in the year 1999. 

Talking about his studies, Chris went to Hylton School and the Exeter Cathedral School to complete his education. There, he enrolled in cricket and also formed a band which was named “The Rocking Honkies”. Furthermore, he completed his graduation from the Sherborne School which is situated in Dorset. Apart from this, he also received a degree in Ancient World Studies from the University College London

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Career life

In the year 1996, Chris, Champion, Berryman, and Buckland started the band named “Coldplay”. The band released their first album in the year 2000 with the title “Parachutes” which grabbed 4th position in the list of UK music charts. Not only this but Chris and his band later released around 7 hit albums between the years 2002 and 2019 which gave a hike to their career and brand name. 

Chris Martin Career life

Talking about Chris Martin’s solo career then he also collaborated with many great artists in the following years like Nelly Furtado, Kanye West, Jay Z, and more. Coldplay’s success is unmatchable as it received many awards and achievements including 7 Grammys, 9 Brit Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 6 MTV Video Music Awards, and so on which always motivated them to work better. Chris also acted in many films and TV programs like “The Simpsons”, “Extras “, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Modern Family”, and so on.

Apart from this, he also made many guest appearances in shows, concerts, and dramas which helped him get more fan following. Furthermore, there are also two films released in the band’s history which can be watched through OTT platforms, DVD, and cable as well. 

Sources of income

Chris Martin is a very talented pop singer and has multiple skills that always help him make huge bank balances. His primary source of income comes from singing, album sales, and concert ticket revenue. 

Apart from this, he also earns great passive income from song royalties, songwriting, music production, collaboration, and social media as well. Not only this but he is also an actor and film score composer which adds more charm to Chris Martin net worth. 

Real Estate

In the year 2014, Chris Martin and Paltrow bought a lavish home in Malibu estate which cost them around $14 million. Not only this but the couple also owns properties in London, Hamptons, and Brentwood. Furthermore, they also have a $5.1 million Tribeca penthouse which they bought in the year 2007. 

Apart from this, Chris Martin’s other properties include 7,700 square foot house, 99 seat Malibu playhouse, 3000 square foot Malibu Park ranch house, and Malibu beach house for $6.75 million, $4.45 million, $3.7 million, and $5.48 million, respectively. Moreover, Chris also sold his Mandeville Canyon home and Malibu Playhouse property for $12 million and $5.5 million in the year 2016 and 2020, respectively. 

Car Collection

Chris Martin net worth also includes his expensive cars as he is very fond of driving fast and royal-looking vehicles. Some of the cars that he owns are Jeep Wrangler, Porsche Cayenne, 1967 Ford Mustang GT, and Land Rover Range Rover. His car collection is one of his greatest assets and sets a style statement for him everywhere. 

Philanthropic Activities

Social work is one of the reasons behind Chris Martin’s popularity as he believes in helping those who are unprivileged and can’t take steps for themselves. He supports many charitable organizations including Mercy Corps, Love Button Movement, Amnesty International, and so on. Not only this but the band Coldplay has also performed in various locations to promote, raise awareness, and get funds for any cause. 

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Chris Martin Charity work

This band also donates ten percent of their earnings to different charity houses so that they can help others. Furthermore, Chris also played a major role in the Fair-Trade movement, the Global Citizen Festival, the Innocence Project’s Artists’ Committee, and other events. Chris also recorded some albums and collaborated with other artists to raise funds for many charity houses.


Chris Martin has very appealing physical features which make him stand out from the crowd and enhance his personality supremely well. So, if you want to know closely about them then read the below shared table:

1. Height 6 feet 1 inch
2. Weight 86 kilograms
3. Zodiac sign Pisces
4. Eye color Blue
5. Hair color Blonde
6. Body type Slim
7. Skin tone White
8. Sexual orientation  Straight
9. Shoe size 10
10.  Religion  Roman Catholicism

Personal life

Chris met one of the most successful actresses Gwyneth Paltrow in the year 2002 when her father Bruce died. He helped her in dealing with that deep grief and this situation made him write a song titled “Fix You”. Later, in the year 2003, Chris married Gwyneth Paltrow and the couple gave birth to a daughter and a son named Apple and Moses, respectively. 

Chris Martin personal life

But, after 10 years of marriage, the couple divorced each other, and the procedure of separation officially ended in the year 2016. After that, Chris Martin started dating Jennifer Lawrence and their relationship lasted for one year only. Later, in the year 2017, he began a new relationship with one of the most popular and successful actresses Dakota Johnson.


1. In which films Chris Martin acted?

“Shaun of the Dead”, “Avicii: True Stories”, “The Chain-smokers: Memories”, and “Bruno” are some of the films in which Chris Martin showed his acting skills and performed tremendously well. 

2. How much is Chris Martin net worth?

As per many sources, it is reported that Chris Martin net worth is estimated to be around $130 million which he earns from different sources of income like singing, songwriting, instrument playing, acting, collaborating, and so on. 

3. Is Chris Martin married?

Chris is not married yet as he got divorced in the year 2016 from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow. However, since 2017, he has been dating Dakota Jonson.  

4. Which car does Chris Martin own?

Jeep Wrangler, Porsche Cayenne, 1967 Ford Mustang GT, and Land Rover Range Rover are some of the cars that Chris Martin owns and often drives in the city. 

5. What is the real name of Chris Martin?

Christopher Anthony John Martin is the real name or full name of Chris Martin which is given by his parents. 


Above we shared a brief guide on Chris Martin net worth, car collection, real estate, early life, career graph, and so on which have given you a closer glimpse of his success and life story. Chris has multiple sources of income which open various gateways for him to earn and add charm to his already hefty bank balance. I hope the page helped you and if you still want to know anything else or have queries related to this topic then do share them with us through the comment box mentioned below on this page. 

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