Sleeping positions to get periods early – Myths debunked!

sleeping position to get periods early

Waiting for that time of the month? That anticipation and pain to get periods early is something that can’t be explained in words!  While there isn’t any way to get your periods on demand, some research has proved that sleeping positions might help you to get your periods early. But in rare cases! Sleep plays a major role in our overall health and it can also impact the menstrual cycle.

The right sleeping position can encourage the arrival of your period. It can promote blood flow to the pelvic and uterus region, which results in stimulating uterine contraction that can make your periods arrive soon. This article will guide you on the best sleeping positions to get periods early.

Sleeping positions to get periods early

While no evidence that sleeping positions might support the idea of getting your periods early as the menstrual cycle is controlled by hormonal changes, it has nothing to do with your sleeping positions. But some research says that sleeping on your stomach or side might help you.

Sleeping on your stomach

Source: India Today

Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on the uterus and pelvis which can stimulate blood flow. This might induce periods as it enhances your hormones. This sleeping position can also reduce your menstrual cramps.

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Sleeping on your side

Source: CNet

Sleeping on your left side takes pressure off the abdomen and back. It allows proper blood circulation to the pelvis. It can stimulate uterine contractions to start your periods fast.

The fetal position

Source: Sleep Foundation

The fetal position can prevent periods from getting delayed. Roll to your side and sleep, this method can make irregular cycles regular. While theories are there, it hasn’t been proved yet! Its better to consult a doctor and talk about your irregular menstrual cycle.

Other tips for getting your period early


Source: Hindustan Times

You can try exercising to get your periods early, try thirty minutes of cardio, cycling, or swimming. Yoga postures can also help regulate periods, try a child’s post or butterfly, it can improve hormonal balance and stimulate blood circulation.

Reduce stress

Source: WinterParkha

Try stress reduction methods as high stress can be the reason for delayed periods. Try meditation or talk to a friend, these are some of the stress reduction methods that you could try to support your hormonal health.

Dietary changes

Source: Saberhealth

There are specific foods that can impact on your menstrual cycle;

  • Consume fresh pineapple, as it has bromelain which is said to affect Estrogen
  • Ginger can cause uterine contractions which can induce menstruation
  • Unripe papaya can induce menstrual flow
  • Turmeric can regular your periods by affecting both the progesterone and estrogen levels
  • Try consuming Vitamin C fruits and vegetable

While these foods might benefit in regulating your periods, it is yet to be established.

Some natural methods to regulate periods

Warm compression 

Using a heated water bottle on your lower abdomen can increase the blood flow which results in accelerating your menstrual cycle. The abdominal muscles are relaxed while using a warm compression on your stomach this can also reduce menstrual cramps.

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Taking Warm bath

Having a warm bath just before going to sleep proved to be an excellent idea. This instantly relieves the tight muscles and can reduce emotional stress.

Reasons for delayed periods

The possible reasons why your periods are delayed are;

  • PCOS
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pregnancy
  • Overweight
  • Thyroid issues
  • Contraceptives

These are just a few; there could be other reasons why your period is delayed. Consult a doctor if the above–mentioned reasons are not the cause.


Q1. Can sleeping positions induce periods early?

No, there isn’t any proven research yet, but sleeping on your stomach or side is said to regularize the cycle.

Q2. Can I use medications to induce early periods?

Yes, you can use medication to treat hormonal imbalances that are provided by the healthcare provider. Medication like hormonal contraceptives and birth control pills can regulate your periods by balancing hormone levels. For better guidance consult a gynecologist.

Q3. Can exercise regulate your menstrual cycle?

Yes, moderate aerobic exercise can regulate your periods and can help with your reproductive hormones. Try to avoid intense workouts as it might affect and disrupt the cycle.

Q4. Are there any natural remedies to regulate irregular menstrual cycles?

If you are looking for a way to regulate irregular periods, there are home remedies and ways to do it. Introduce herbal supplements to support hormonal balance. Also practicing stress–reducing ways like meditation and yoga can also impact your periods.

Q5. What are some lifestyle factors to regulate your periods?

Exercise and dietary changes are some of the lifestyle changes that you can follow to regulate your periods. Exercising regularly can regulate hormones and enhance overall menstrual health.


Follow the above-mentioned tips and sleeping positions to get periods early. But remember that these aren’t proven yet and remain a myth. There isn’t any scientific backing and the timing of the menstrual cycle is mostly controlled by hormonal variations in the body which sleeping postures cannot influence.

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