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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Reboots Randomly


The major software update comes in the Android devices and every time after update Android devices face some issues. One main issue is a random reboot; if your Samsung Galaxy S8 is also facing this issue then you should troubleshoot your device to know clearly.

In this article, we are going to tell you some solutions to solve the random restart problem. With the help of these solutions you can easily solve this problem by yourself, so read the complete article very carefully.

Causes of Samsung Galaxy S8 reboots randomly:

There are many causes that create this type of problems in your Samsung Galaxy S8. Some of them are given below

  • Software bug
  • Corrupted Galaxy S8 system cache
  • Third-party application
  • Some type of coding error

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 reboots randomly problem:

The solution to this problem is very easy and simple; you can solve it by yourself by applying the below-given solutions.

Clear Samsung Galaxy S8 cache partition:

If you are facing the Samsung Galaxy S8 random restarts problem then it might be because of system cache partition. After any software update, there may be a problem with the system cache partition. For this, you have to clear cache partition with the help of given steps 

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Now press and hold the Bixby button and volume up at a same time 
  • After this press and hold the power button
  • When the Android logo will appear on your screen then release all buttons
  • Highlight wipe cache partition option form the Android system recovery menu options with the help of Volume down button
  • Select this option with the power button
  • After this highlight the Yes option and select it
  • Reboot system option will be highlighted after completing the wipe cache partition process
  • In the end, restart your Samsung Galaxy S8 by pressing the power button
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Hardware or overheating issues:

Sometimes it happens that our smartphone is dropped or hit by the very solid object and this thing cause hardware issues. 

If you are facing the restarting issue on your Samsung Galaxy S8 after this incident then the best thing is, go to the best technician and ask him to check your Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

Other than this overheating can cause this problem. Basically, to prevent the serious damage most smartphones are designed to automatically turn off when its inner part overheats. To solve this problem you should go to the best technician.

Update all apps:

The other problem is the outdated apps if you are the one who doesn’t update apps then you should do this. For this follow all the given steps

  • First, open the play store of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • On the upper left corner, three horizontal lines are present
  • Click on these three horizontal lines
  • Now tap on my apps and games option
  • Click on update or update all option

Run in the Safe mode:

Sometimes it is possible that this problem is not occurred by the coding or any internal software bug, but this random restart issue can be caused by any third-party application. 

So in this situation, you should try your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the unlock mode, because this mode will block all the third-party applications. To go to the safe mode follow the given steps.

  • Shutdown your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • After doing this press and hold the power button
  • Release this button when Samsung appears on your device
  • And immediately press and hold the volume down button of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Hold this button until restarting process is finishes
  • After this safe mode will appear on the bottom left corner
  • Release the volume down button
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After going to the safe mode use your phone for 30 minutes and find out which application is causing this problem. After finding the application delete it to solve the random restart problem.

Do factory reset:

If all the above-given solution is not working then it is the final solution for you, basically, factory reset will resolve too many issues. To do this, follow all the given steps

  • First, you have to create a backup of all your important data and delete all google accounts
  • Open Settings of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Find the general management option and tap on it
  • Now click on the Reset option
  • After this, select the factory data reset option
  • Before clicking on the continue option read all the given information
  • In the end, tap delete all to confirm it

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