James Gunn New ‘Suicide Squad’ Filming: “It Was A Hard, Hard Time In My Life

James Gunn New ‘Suicide Squad’ Filming: “It Was A Hard, Hard Time In My Life

Suicide squad is a movie not less than an overwhelming roller coaster which is a ride filled with a constant thrill and moments which make your heart skip a beat. Each character has its own unique background story, personality and style which really spice up the movie. The gory details in some scenes gives people the goose bumps which makes them want to watch it till the end. It’s safe to say that people who seek thrill in their movies will definitely not be disappointed. Commencement of the movie is done wisely by giving brief but interesting details about all the four main characters Harley, Deadshot, Croc and Diablo. The storyline is designed perfectly which combines every character role in a way which makes the movie worth watching. Each character’s attire is equally eye-catching according to their personality traits. The funkiness and carefree style of Harley makes her admirable to watch while battling her enemies through a baseball bat. It’s definitely Harley which adds all the crazy colours to the movie and the audience love her for that!. Deadshot with his perfect shots and a dominant personality makes him the perfect player for the team of the misfits which definitely require someone so adamant to their own rules. Diablo’s serious background creates sympathy for him but his fiery power reminds us that he can surely handle the heat. Now the character Croc’s physical structure definitely haunts and gives the audience the chills it needs. These magnificent characters along with other two characters are sent to battle an enemy just like them which is a hauntingly beautiful witch enchantress. The most terrifying detail to know is that she’s basically a woman who’s possessed by a spirit of witch and to defeat her would be a painstaking task for the squad or dare i say inevitable. The climax contains heinous scenes and creates a sense of excitement which makes this movie impossible not to watch without biting your nails.

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After this successful movie many of the people didn’t knew the struggles the director of Suicide Squad, James Gunn had to undergo through.


On the celebration of completing the movie the director shouts outs to all the cast members and crew by posting a picture on Instagram. Where he reveals how much of a sorrow full and really hard time he passed during the shooting of Suicide Squad.Although he seems like a cool guy with always his WWE Shop on or always wearing Leather Jackets but he reported that working on the film was emotionally challenging, as his father died shortly before the production began, and his dog passed two weeks before the end.

His Instagram post says, “And that’s a wrap on #TheSuicideSquad. My father died two weeks before we started filming and my dog died two weeks before the end. It was a hard, hard time in my life and yet the most fulfilling time I’ve ever had making a movie.”

In the same post after he expresses his grief he also asserted his thankfulness to his fans and crew. He was sweet to his staff, cast and respected each and everyone. He stated,

“The professionalism, talent, compassion and kindness of this cast and crew inspired me everyday. Thanks to everyone involved in this film, in every stage of development, in every department- I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for you all. You are why I make movies.”

When you lose someone who’s really close to your heart it’s easier to indulge yourself in other activities or work. It’s the person’s choice how he/she handles the grievance, some needs isolation for proper mourning, some may find a commitment in the memory of them or to distract themselves from grief. James Gunn has revealed that working on Suicide Squad was during one of the toughest times in his life. But not because working on the film was hard for him. Because he had lost a very important person just prior to filming.

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His life was not treating him very well. In a single day, James Gunn went from acclaimed writer/director of one of Marvel’s most successful and beloved franchises, to being fired. And, of course, Twitter is to be blamed. James Gunn is known for being an stubborn Twitter personality, whose feed contains more politically charged statements than any other critic. After a confrontation with Mike Cernovich, the hashtag #fireGunn started to trend.

James Gunn is the one shooting himself in the foot, constantly. He was the one where he used to express his feelings in the most controversial opinions in the public, Twitter. On Twitter the critical thinking are barely rewarded. His tweets caused harsh retweets till a hashtag got trending #fireGunn.

At the end unfortunately Gunn had to be fired. Disney would risk too much if he stays employed. But without him the future of Marvel looks weak. He was the man who Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket infused laugh out loud humor into the MCU and without him the MCU would be lacking personality.

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