6 Ways On How To Grow Hair Faster

6 Ways On How To Grow Hair Faster

6 Ways On How To Grow Hair Faster


For some of the women, hair grows faster, naturally. And the rest of us keep scratching our head out, keep questioning why?


Growing hair faster is the work of patience and hard work. Naturally, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. “Hair typically only grows a quarter inch—a half an inch max—per month,” says celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. Also, the same claim is done by The American Academy of Dermatology.


If you observe your hairs are not growing in a natural way. That means around half-inch in the month, then you have to put an extra effort to grow your hairs faster. We have shared some proven ways that can grow your hair naturally.


  1. Do Frequent Trimming

Ask anyone, frequent trimming will be the common suggestion to grow hair faster. Above all, this task is non-negotiable. Split ends actually screw your hair health. Therefore you should trim them out.


Getting rid of split ends eventually leads to faster and healthier hair growth.


  1. Avoid Heating Tools

Heat in no way can nourish your hair. They have a negative effect on the hair only. No, you cannot completely stop them, but make sure you use them on very rare bais. 


Also, while using prefer using a heat protectant.


  1. Take Vitamin & Supplements

Except all the methods you try, taking vitamins and required supplements can boost the hair growth procedure. Biotin and fish protein supplements are the best supplements to try out. 

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Above all, the baseline is you have to maintain the required protein and vitamin intake


If you don’t want to go for the supplement simply tune your regular diet focused on hair health. Your diet should be protein-rich.In vitamins, you will need to intake the required amount of omega-3 and 6, zinc, B-5 and biotin, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin D.


  1. Know Your Products (Shampoos and Conditioners)

Shampoos are either of the hard or of a mild type. Any of these using on a daily basis is not healthy at all for your scalp and hair body. Know your hair type, whether it’s dry, thick, thin, etc. Don’t go out and buy the best shampoo. Know your hair pattern and use it accordingly.


Above all, using shampoo on a daily basis is not a good idea.


Don’t skip conditioners. They are like moisturizers for the hair body. They improve the strength and elasticity of the hair over time.


  1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are often good options for hair health. You can use them with carrier oils like Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, or Castor oil. In the essential oils, rosemary and peppermint oils had proven benefits for hair growth. Natural hair oils are good for and natural hair styles are good for looks.


  1. Visit Dermatologist

This growing hair thing might get in our controls after certain ways. But if not getting the required results, then why not visit the expert in the field


A good dermatologist can suggest a better way. Also, they will be quick to know the reason why your hair growth is stuck. Taking vitamins, supplements and hair-healthy diets can best be suggested by the dermatologists.

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To conclude, stay calm and relax. Bring positivity and patience while your hair growth takes place. Follow the strict hair care routine, like in diet and taking supplements.

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