Things to do in Tampa with kids : explore fun and action at Bayside

things to do in tampa with kids

The city of Tampa is primarily located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the United States. The city of Tampa is not just for adults who come for a perfect weekend getaway but it also offers many exciting family-friendly activities with kids too. There are many things to do in Tampa with kids, from going to adventurous parks to having a picnic at the beach, Tampa has it all. Tampa is the perfect destination to spend your holidays this season, let us explore a complete guide to enjoy a fun trip in Tampa. 

Zoo at Lowry Park

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Kids love zoos, and this is the best you can find for your kids. The Zoo at Lowry Park has more than 1,000 animals and is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Known to be voted as the number one family-friendly zoo, you can have close interaction with the animals at this zoo. The zoo also offers interactive shows as well, children can attend these educational sessions featuring animals and learn interesting facts about them. 

Busch Gardens 

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One of the top attractions of Tampa is Busch Gardens, this theme park has both thrilling rides and live animals. The park has some amazing roller coaster rides that you can enjoy with your kids. Along with this, there are wildlife encounters that allow you a peek into the animal kingdom. The park also has good food and also hosts several special events such as food and wine festivals.  

Glazer Children’s Museum 

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Glazer Children’s Museum is a haven for curious minds. This museum offers a place where kids can play and learn conveniently. It has interactive exhibitions, climbing structures, and many imaginative play areas. Glazer Museum is quite an engaging space and one of the top things to do in Tampa with your kids. 

The Florida Aquarium 

The Florida Aquarium
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For families that want to enjoy marine life, the Florida Aquarium is a must-visit. It is a home  to a wide variety of aquatic animals – including sea turtles, dolphins and exotic animals;  your kids can have a memorable experience at the Florida Aquarium. The aquarium also organizes interactive sessions where you can even touch fishes and get closer to them. The Florida Aquarium ensures that things to do in Tampa with kids include discovering the most wonderful marine life up close. 

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Pirate Water Taxi 

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Pirate Water Taxi gives you a tour of Tampa Bay, you can sit and enjoy the amazing views from here. Designed in the theme of Pirate ships, to adorn and give the kids a feel of a Pirate ship throughout their journey. The taxi service is a huge attraction among families that wish to explore the bay side of Tampa city. It stops at several destinations and helps those who wish to avoid taking other transportation to commute to different locations. 

Adventure Island Water Park 

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The water park at Tampa is a perfect escape for families looking for aquatic excitement. It has water-based slides, lazy rivers, and splash zones. The park has a variety of water slides catering to diverse age groups. There are areas specially designed for toddlers so that parents have a safe experience with their kids. One of the perks of this location is that they allow visitors to rent a private room or Cabana for a more luxurious experience. You can choose to stay at this prime location and engage in the thrilling experience that this island offers. The island has several things to do in Tampa with your kids. 

The Adventure Island also offers a great dining experience, there are various food courts and private restaurants to keep your energy fueled. 

Lettuce Lake Regional Park

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Lettuce Lake Regional Park located in Tampa is a vibrant and nature-rich destination and one adventurous things to do in Tampa with kids. It has playgrounds, nature trails, and educational programs that you can do with your kids. You can observe the wildlife and also enjoy the view of the magnificent lake here. Fishing enthusiasts can also rent Canoes and Kayaks and paddle along the waterways that surround the park. 

The park often hosts educational programs, you can get your kids enrolled in these sessions. Children can have a proper insight into the ecology, wildlife, and conservation efforts through these programs. 

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Croc Encounters 

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There are a lot of things to do in Tampa with kids including the Croc Encounters which is a family-run zoo where visitors can get up close and personal with various reptiles. One of the major attractions is their interactive exhibits where they allow visitors to observe and learn about different crocodile species. Kids can have a closer look at those reptiles, observe their behavior, and also learn the importance of their conservation. Some guides give a tour of the facility filled with exotic animals.

The main center of attention of croc encounters is the opportunity to touch baby alligators, visitors can touch and hold these young reptiles under the supervision of the facility volunteers. 

Museum of Science and History 


The Museum of Science and History (MOSI) at Tampa is a blend of technology and history. The museum holds a variety of interactive displays related to space exploration, physics, and historical artifacts. Visitors can also opt to attend planetarium shows offered by the museum. It has captivating shows on astronomy and gives a great cinematic experience in its IMAX theater. Young minds who want to explore 3D printing and robotics can have an engaging experience as the museum hosts workshops frequently for the same. The museum is also a great place for your kids to learn about the history of Tampa, their early settlers, and the development of the city.

Manatee Viewing Center 

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 The Manatee Viewing Centre is a fantastic place for kids to see manatees up close. It is a giant perseverance center that features manatees in their natural habitat. The Center organizes interactive educational programs specially designed for kids. The sessions can provide a great learning experience about the world of manteed to children and also promote awareness among them. 


Tampa, Florida stands as a perfect destination for you and your kids to have the most memorable experience of your life. From wild encounters at the zoo to water splashes at the park, Tampa has all at one location. You can also enjoy the beauty of the bayside by taking a ride of Pirate’s Taxi too which stops at different location and most importantly has the theme of Pirates for your kids. The beauty of Tampa is unlimited and is loaded with activities you can enjoy with your family

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