Top 8 Makeup from the 80s to Include in Today’s Fashion

makeup from the 80s

The makeup trends of the 80s have recently returned to the modern beauty world drastically. Whether it is a blue eyeshadow, bold blush, and pink lips, you will find makeup from the 80s followed by celebs and other influencers. In this blog post, you will know a few of the makeup looks adopted by 80s celebrities to try today.

1. Bold Pink Lips

makeup from the 80s

Everyone knows the 80s icon Christie Brinkley and her bold pink lips. A few fashion lovers and female stars have got inspired by her bold lips to apply them to the latest makeup trend. In simple words, bold pink lips are gateway trends to try for all who embrace the beauty of the 80s. You may try pink lips with your smoky eyes or pair it with blue eyeshadows and other related looks.

2. Blushing Beauty

makeup from the 80s

Another aspect associated with makeup from the 80s is to define the cheeks with an exaggerated blush to match the eyeshadow. Draping or exaggerated blush was present on almost everyone’s faces, whether Iman, Madonna, or Debbie Harry. If you want to try the blushing beauty, apply the blush a little high by starting on your cheekbones and blending it back to the hairline.

3. Bold Eyes with Beautiful Brows

makeup from the 80s

The combination of beautiful brows with bold eyes defines an exclusive makeup from the 80s and the look further has diverse iterations. If you spend many years overplucking the eyebrows, getting the look of beautiful brows will be somewhat challenging. However, you may get back the look easily with a brow gel, an eyebrow pencil, and a brush. However, if you get a sparse feeling with your eyebrows and want to adopt a natural approach to eyebrow penciling, you should try an eyebrow volumizing gel.

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4. Electric Eyeliner of Blue Color

makeup from the 80s

Blue color has always remained a popular makeup trend among the 80s celebs and female stars and the same rule goes with blue electric eyeliners. The beauty of this shade is that it applies to everyone regardless of one’s hair color and complexion. A blue liner gives a stunning look to every eye color and skin tone. It also boosts one’s colored eyes and makes the brown eyes bright. Furthermore, women and girls who like minimal looks may use colors as pops instead of applying them all over.

5. Colorful Eyeshadows

makeup from the 80s

Wearing colorful eyeshadows to extend completely from the lash lines to the eyebrows highlights a trendy makeup from the 80s. The best thing is that you may try the look even at your home. For this, make sure to select only bright eyeshadow colors. Moreover, you may use brighter or lighter shades and blend out for it gradually to avoid any moody color. Other than that, we suggest you avoid anything too smoky or dark, as it will make your eyes look too small or heavy.

6. Neon Color Pops

makeup from the 80s

Neon color pops have always dominated the fashion of the 80s and made major waves in the beauty world. The trend involves the use of many vibrant colors popping up on the eyes and lips. Select your favorite color and rock a neon pink shadow stripe with a bright metallic pink color on your lips. Even though you may use multiple colors, you should stick with a single shade to create your dream eyes of the 80s and get a modern take as well.

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7. Colorful Mascara 

makeup from the 80s

A noticing aspect of the glam or makeup from the 80s is that there is no limit to applying colors. Here comes the role of colorful mascara makeup applied by an iconic figure Cyndi Lauper. Many fashion lovers know Cyndi not only for her outstanding fashion sense but also for her skills to play with makeup. For instance, she wore purple mascara with orange smoky eyes and glossy red lips. Her color pops were captivating to entice others.

8. Metallic Lips

makeup from the 80s

Metallic lips may come in almost every color to become one of the coolest 80s trends. If you want to follow the metallic lip trend, you should line the lips to achieve precision and apply metallic lipstick. Simultaneously, you should apply the minimum possible eye makeup to let the lip stay focused.


Makeup history from the 80s has always remained loud, bright, and creative. Regardless of the chosen trend, you only need to pop with some colors to give a gorgeous accent to your looks.

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