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Undhiyu Recipe: What it is & How to Make?

undhiyu recipe

Are you wondering what the Undhiyu recipe is all about? Well, if you’re looking for that, then indeed you’ve ended up in the right place! Here we will give you an in-depth guide about Undhiyu recipe! Hang in there, and you’ll know it all!


Undhiyu, a classical Gujarati dish made with various delicious leafy greens and dhokli muthiya, is also a must dish at cultural events such as Uttarayan or the kite gliding festival, Diwali, and other celebratory events such as weddings. This lusciously abundant dish is typically relished in the cold weather because it requires vegetables such as fenugreek plants, surti papdi, or tuvar, which are only commonly accessible during the cooler months.

This is cooked differently in various sections of Gujarat; Surti style, Kathiyawadi style, and Matla Undhiyu are the most dominant variability. Surti Undhiyu is a dish in which veggies such as eggplant, starch, harvested banana, and others are squished with a curry powder crafted of coconut, groundnuts, and other ingredients.

Veggies aren’t really squished in Kathiyawadi Undhiyu; however, the curry paste is perhaps a little richer than that of other varieties.  Veggies are heat boiled in classic Matla or earthen pots instead of cooking pots in Matla Undhiyu, which is quite famous in South Gujarat. Irrespective of how you begin preparing it, it is delightful and tasty. This stage process recipe refers to making this accurate Hindustani dish at your own household, including both Surti as well as Kathiavadi styles.

undhiyu recipe
undhiyu recipe



  • One cup of cornstarch or besan
  • One and a half cup of crushed methi leaf
  • Half tablespoon of Red Chilli Extract
  • quarter tablespoon of haldi extract
  • Sprinkle of baking powder
  • One and a half spoons of sugar
  • A quarter spoonful of lime juice
  • Salt and pepper according to personal preference
  • One spoon oil for sautéing deeply


  • A quarter of cup sliced coconut
  • A third of a cup sautéed groundnut granules
  • Half spoon beniseed
  • Quarter cup finely diced cilantro le
  • One tablespoon Green Pepper, Ginger, and Garlic Chutney
  • One teaspoon Sucrose
  • A half spoonful of lime juice
  • Sprinkle with salt to relish


  • Four ounces canola oil
  • Quarter spoonful asafetida
  • Quarter tablespoon cumin
  • One teaspoon White benne seeds
  • One tablespoon Kashmiri red chilli extract
  • A quarter spoonful turmeric
  • One tablespoon cilantro powder
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder
  • One tablespoon granulated sugar
  • Season with salt
  • Prior to actually supplying, add lime juice as necessary.


  • Meal type: Lunch or Dinner
  • Cookery : Indian, Gujarati
  • Preparation duration : 20 minutes
  • Cooking duration: 40 minutes
  • Cooling duration: 15 minutes
  • Whole preparation: 1 Hour 15 minutes


To make Muthiya

  • To continue making muthiyas, combine all of the flavourings listed.
  • Gradually incorporate water to produce a gentle, thick paste.
  • Massage some oil between your fingers and form lime-sized wontons.
  • If preparing food in an appe tray, straighten the wontons slightly.
For preparing food muthias in a healthy way
  • Warm up the appe skillet over medium heat.
  • Lubricate each chamber of the appe skillet gently.
  • Reduce heat to low and sauté the muthias coated, turning them midway through.
  • Grill for about 6-7 minutes per side, until either lightly browned.

Deep frying procedure

  • Saute the muthias on low to moderate temperature only till they are uniformly nicely browned.
  • Once completed, position those on clean cloth till needed.

To prepare Green Curry powder

  • Grate the flavors which need to be roughly chopped in a food processor/mixer/blender.
  • Set down.
  • Getting the veggies ready for Undhiyu
  • Baby potatoes should be split in half, and moderate potatoes should be cut into sections.
  • Baby brinjals should be sliced in half.
  • Plantains and sweet potatoes should be washed, peeled, and slashed into 2″ blocks.
  • When using completely new Surti as well as Val papdi, rinse those, detach the thread from the edges, and hold them fully prepared.
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Preparing Undhiyu in the Instant Pot

  • Pour in the oil.
  • When hot, stir in the hing, jeera, and onion.
  • For two min, stirring occasionally, cook the onions.
  • Stir fry for several seconds after adding the ginger garlic paste.
  • Now gently mix, add sweet potatoes, plantains, kidney beans, edamame, and veggies
  • Combine all of the curry powder listed under “Additional ingredients” and half a glass of water.
  • Coat in parsley, fenugreek leaf, Surti papdi, and Val papdi.
  • Insert the roughly chopped ground seasoning which you prepared previously.
  • Blend it thoroughly.
  • Need Not Mix after adding muthias.
  • Turn off the Medium heat configuration.

The very first alternative is

  • Use Manual low for five min, then switch to the sealing role.
  • When the Pressure Cooker buzzes, undertake a Fast Discharge instantly by twisting to venting mode.
  • When the silver needle falls to the bottom, gently pull the tray and mix well.

Second alternative is

  • Users can also use manual high mode for 3 minutes. Quick pressure relief.
  • Confirm the veggies for desired consistency and consider giving them a taste.
  • Serve warm with paratha or flatbread.


  • Undhiyu cools well, so it would be a delicious recipe to start making ahead of schedule for parties and potlucks.
  • You can make muthias and green seasoning for Undhiyu up to three days in advance that would save hours. Keep this in the refrigerator.
  • To feed a big number, utilize pre-cut refrigerated veggie boxes and defrosted muthiyas.
  • Unless you may not have an Indian retail shop nearby or if the veggies aren’t in summer, replace the Val papdi as well as Surti Papdi with frost green beans.
  • Add tuvar lilva and edamame.
  • In muthiyas, replace the methi seed extract leaf with 2 teaspoons of powdered kasoori methi. As well as omit the methi leaf entirely from the recipe.
  • Undhiyu can be made with a defrosted Undhiyu Veggie mix kept in the “refrigerated veggies segment” of Indian supermarkets, either with a mixture of chilled and processed fruits and veggies.
  • You can double the dish for public events and potlucks while keeping the preparation temperature the very same.
  • Make a soft, thick paste. Muthiyas become hard when they are overly floured. Incorporating baking powder softens and melts muthias on the tongue.
  • Rather than cutting the vegetables and eggplants into blocks, slice open and fill those with the already made green curry powder to make Surti Undhiyu.


  • Cals 414 kcal
    Carbs: 50 g
    Nutrient: 9 g
    Fat: 21g
    Cholesterol 6 g
    Sodium 96mg
    Potassium 944mg
    Lignin 8g
    Monosaccharide 10g

The health and dietary data supplied are a rough estimate based on an online resource. For any diet advice, kindly contact a professional nutritionist.


Here are some serving ideas. Check them out below:

  • This meal is popular, including both lunches as well as dinner. You could indeed eat Undhiyu at any time of year, but it flavors finest in the cold season. It’s often best to start serving Undhiyu relatively warm.
  • Represent the Undhiyu with roasted Poori or crispy Lucchi from scratch.
  • Undhiyu can be paired with Boondi Chutney and any other form of soothing Raita.
  • You could also serve it with pure slow-cooked Jeera rice.
  • The traditional Undhiyu has always been served with a lovely spiral-shaped Jalebi.
  • It would go very well with the Indian dough, including flatbreads or pav.
  • If you want to start making it healthier, use Jowar or Bajra naan bread.

Having served it with “Aamras” during the mango period is a delight for Undhiyu fans. In all other weather conditions, “Shrikhand” can be used as a substitute. However, the finest sugary dish to accompany it is “Jalebi.” And also, the best flavor to accompany it is either sweet or salted Yoghurt.

The mixture of the Undhiyu with both the Jalebi and Poori is simply divine. That’s a perfect marriage. Make Undhiyu at your household to impress your Gujarati visitors.

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Gujarat is famous for its meals, and also, the supreme leader among all surti meals is surti undhiyu.

The above variant is generally made with just green and raw curry powder, such as cilantro, chili flakes, ginger, as well as green fennel, but is also recognized as lilu lasan in Surat and surrounding towns.

The majority of the leafy greens in this dish are squished and baked in a gentle green curry powder.

Mostly in the Kathiyawad area, kathiyawadi undhiyu is prevalent, made with much the same flavorings but with the addition of clump chickpeas and cabbage.

Rather than just being squished, the vegetables in this variant are trimmed into significant portions and deeply sauteed before being roasted in a slightly spicy curry powder.

Cilantro, ginger, as well as all root veggies, are omitted in the Jain variant of undhiyu, but some other additives such as tindora as well as toor dal are introduced.


If you enjoyed learning and attempting to make our alluring undhiyu dish, you might be interested in trying some of our other genuine Gujarati recipe ideas.

  • Gujarati sambal bhakhri – strict vegetarian and crunchy whole-grain naan bread that really is tasty, nutritious, and ready in fifteen minutes.
  • sukhdi – a traditional sweet dish with just main components that is abundant, complete, and alluring.
  • Fajeto is a traditional Gujarati flavored drink made with mangoes.

How about Gujarati cold-weather recipe ideas? Start by looking at a few.

  • Raab is an ancient hot beverage full of healthy ingredients.
  • Valour nu papdi shaak – earthy, healthy, vegetarian sabji.

How about Gujarati cold weather recipe ideas?

Start by looking at a few.

  • Raab is an ancient hot beverage full of healthy ingredients.
  • Valour nu papdi Shaak – earthy, healthy, vegetarian sabzi.

This same Gujarati Undhiyu Meal is a conventional Gujarati meal. This genuine meal is easy but full of flavor. It’s nutritious as well as flavorsome because it’s loaded with vegetables. You need to roast all of these veggies with coconut or ghee dairy. And then, you need to mix the spices and herbs and Indian food ingredients.

This really is one type of Gujarati dish in which you can play around with all the aromas and test your culinary skills. This meal consists of roasted leafy greens and seed extract wontons stewed in a peppery masala blend. Although this is a cold-weather meal, it is not ideal for making this only in the cold season.

When all of the flavorings are obtainable, users can make this delicious item on any day throughout the week.

The main motivation for preferring this in the chilly weather is the heat it offers and the ease with which green leaves vegetables you can obtain within this period. Further, the vegetables you contribute to your Undhiyu, the fresher and full of flavor it will be. However, suppose you really like a few handfuls of leafy greens, whole seasonings, and fundamental Indian toppings that are readily available in your fridge. In that case, this is a meal for all seasons.

Most other side proponents, such as sweet potato, kidney beans, banana, and rosemary, apply equally to enjoy and are healthy. The pre-preparation of this festive Undhiyu formula requires a while and can tire you out, but the assembly of the Undhiyu is faster.


But while slicing the components, making the dough, and making and cooking the wontons may appear time-consuming, the last flavors of the meal are well worth the time and hassle. You can organize the flawless Undhiyu in minutes with some care and perseverance. And the peppery filling complements the slow-cooked veggies dispersed across the banana leaf.
The delectable, abundant dish consists of just as many leafy greens and chipotle pepper supplements as possible.
That there’s no set process for creating Undhiyu in your household; you can indeed be creative with the flavorings, technique, and food preparation tone. You can prepare it in something like a kettle or a slow cooker, with the last one taking fewer moments.

On the other hand, cooking in a kettle preserves the innovative add-on, keeps adding the zest of seasonings, and strengthens the flavor profile. Undhiyu stuffed with Papdi and green vegetables has a colorful and vibrant appealing surface.
So, try the Undhiyu recipe and techniques and add flavors as you want according to your taste buds. Be creative. Serve it with whatever you wish. Experiment with something or the other each time you try the recipe and keep rocking it!

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