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Foods That Boost Testosterone: How To Increase Testosterone Levels

Foods That Boost Testosterone

In this article, we will see what methods can be to raise foods that boost testosterone. First, however, two premises must be made. The first is that methods of raising testosterone naturally can only work at low levels. If you are already in the physiological range, maybe it is already medium-high. Second, no natural remedy can get you out of the physiology. Therefore, trying to increase muscle mass by raising testosterone on healthy subjects is a pure utopia.

But let’s start first of all by highlighting the problems related to hormone hypoproduction.

Foods that boost testosterone: Low testosterone effects, symptoms

  • Weakness, fatigue, lethargy
  • Mood changes – dysthymia, depression, irritability, decreased motivation
  • Decreased libido and erectile function (impotence)
  • Body composition deterioration, lean mass decrease, fat mass increase
  • Osteopenia/osteoporosis
  • Decrease in facial, axillary, and pubic hair
  • Insomnia

These are just some of the effects of low testosterone and the problems low testosterone can bring. This is why we need to make sure we keep it as high as possible (in physiological ranges) throughout our life.

Values ​​of testosterone in men 

  • 14-15 years: 33-585ng / dL
  • 16-17 years: 185-885ng / dL
  • 18-39 years: 300-1080ng / dL
  • 40-59 years: 300-890ng / dL
    • 60 years: 250-720ng / dL

But let’s see what the expectations may be for increasing testosterone. If you plan to improve lean mass, with increases of 30-50% … well, then you are wrong. Why?

For the simple reason that to have a minimum increase in lean mass with testosterone, it is necessary to increase it extremely considerably, which cannot be achieved with simple supplements/foods/workouts. Just think about the fact that we produce around 35 / 50mg of testosterone per week. Therefore, through testosterone enanthate, an increase in lean mass occurs starting from 100mg per week, and we are talking about an increase in lean mass of a few grams. Also, at such dosages, estradiol levels will go crazy, and if not controlled with supplemental medications, there is a risk that after a few weeks, you will get worse rather than better, not to mention the vast breasts you will end up with.

Why increase testosterone levels in those with low levels?

We reiterate that the suggestions we will give to increase testosterone are primarily aimed at the audience of low testosterone people. They, by increasing it, and bringing it into physiological ranges, with targeted integration and adequate nutrition (otherwise, we are point to head), will undoubtedly find improvements on a hormonal and psychological level. However, on the physical level, the changes in these subjects could be null, or in any case, not very visible. But remember, it’s better to have testosterone in range than low testosterone.

Foods that boost testosterone

First of all, a necessary premise, it is useless to stuff yourself with supplements or think about what to eat if you are fat … In fact, it is known that when the BF% increases (15%), the aromatase enzyme will increase in the fat (the conversion of testosterone to estrogen). With the increase of female hormones and decrease of male ones. Therefore, an optimal Bodyfat is the first step towards optimizing testosterone levels; 10-15% for an ordinary person is the starting point. Secondly, a normal-calorie or slightly high-calorie diet (avoid accumulating fat or limiting its accumulation as much as possible) is the most suitable diet for maintaining testosterone levels in the range in humans.

However, I would like to reiterate that even a high-calorie boost (dirty bulk) produces the same result. Importantly, everyone only talks about the endocrine disadvantages of male hormones during a low-calorie diet. In addition to being very important for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, Fats are also essential for the correct production of testosterone, 0.8-1grxkg of fats: they are a range suitable for supplying the average production of testosterone. Furthermore, a high-protein diet without a balanced carbohydrate share appears to decrease testosterone levels, according to an Anderson study from 1987. And not a mixture of multiple macronutrients. Also, we’re talking about a 4% drop in free testosterone.

In conclusion, there are no foods that directly stimulate testosterone, but to optimize it, we must avoid :

  • taking too many phytoestrogens (too many are horse quantities)
  • drinking alcohol
  • do not eat at least 0.8g / kg of fat
  • do not eat carbohydrates for too long. Insulin helps the free fraction of the hormone.
  • Not getting enough zinc.

Foods that boost testosterone: Supplements and testosterone

This is a very controversial topic. Let’s see why right away. 90% of the most advertised and well-known testosterone boosting supplements are a ciofeca (to put it in technical jargon). Surely you have heard of Tribulus Terrestris … Well, if you have it, then know that you have probably wasted some money. The scientific literature on this is quite clear.

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Another issue to address is that a large proportion of testosterone boosting supplements work… but if there is a deficiency. For example, zinc (contained in ZMA ) increases testosterone, and there are studies on rugby players to confirm this, but only in people with a deficiency. However, this deficiency is not uncommon. There are APPs that all of you surely know, which will help you understand if you are already taking enough zinc with your diet. If you are hypogonadal, it will be essential to look at your vitamin D levels in addition to your diet. Also, this vitamin, which has its receptors throughout the HPTA axis, plays a vital role in maintaining good testosterone levels.

Now let’s talk about supplements, which can make sense even if there is no lack of micronutrients, trace elements, etc …

Acid-D-Aspartic: Foods That Boost Testosterone

Supplement capable of increasing testosterone in percentages more significant than 30-50%. However, this increase occurs only in subjects with malfunctioning gonads. However, the scientific literature does not tell us if it can be helpful in elderly subjects (andropause) or in post-cycle steroid therapy, which should not be excluded. Therefore, to certify its functioning or non-functioning on elderly subjects, it is sufficient to carry out pre-employment and employment tests.

– Dosage: 3g per day


Or also, Indian ginseng can increase testosterone levels slightly. Why it happens seems to be because it lowers stress. It is a supplement usually used to reduce anxiety, improve mood, decrease sub-clinical inflammation, reduce depression. Furthermore, effects appear to be marked in responders.

– Dosage: 3-6g

Tongkat Ali

Also called the Malaysian viagra. I know the name attracts a lot, which is why I have 200 packs in the house. Irony aside, Tongkat is a plant grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. Probably the most interesting of all testosterone boosting supplements. The increase derives from several factors:

1) It acts on an enzyme (CYP17) which catalyzes the biosynthesis of numerous hormones. Including testosterone. Tongkat can act on this enzyme by “boosting” it, leading to increased production of DHEA and Pregnenolone. Milestones in testosterone production.

2) It inhibits aromatase and inhibits the phosphodiester. Phosphodiesterase is the main target of viagra, in particular, phosphodiesterase5 (there are 11). I can’t tell you which one it affects … But it is probably that it also acts as an inhibitor of pde5, given the considerable increase in performance under the sheets. By reducing estrogen, negative feedback on the hypothalamus also decreases, increasing LH and FSH.

3) Lower testosterone binding proteins.

– Dosages: 200-300mg of the 100: 1 extract.

Ocarina: Foods That Boost Testosterone

It is a supplement very similar to viagra, as it is a selective inhibitor of pde5, just like the whole class of such drugs (Cialis, viagra, etc.). Used in traditional Chinese medicine, it appears to increase testosterone levels up to 3 times baseline and a violent increase in erectile function.

However, the scientific literature is few and limited compared to the supplements mentioned earlier, so I advise you to take the reported testosterone increase values ​​with a grain of salt. However, it is not excluded that this happens. Indeed it is very likely, as this happens (it is specific) with all the PDE5 inhibitors. ATTENTION: ocarina leads to receptor desensitization (certainly not on humans) of the serotonin receptors. Therefore, its use is recommended only in acute and not in chronic.

– Dosage: 900-1500mg (start with minimum dosage for safety).

Increases in testosterone produced by these supplements will not convert to estrogen, much less negative feedback on the axis. However, before spending money unnecessarily, remember that they could only work in deficiency cases and not usually.

Foods that boost testosterone: Which Foods Lower Testosterone?

Some foods lower Testosterone. And you absolutely must know them … because otherwise, all your efforts to improve the diet to increase male hormones (and thus obtain the benefits on sex, on male energy, and on physical prowess typical of the high foods that boost testosterone) will be practically unnecessary.

Unfortunately, nowadays, our diet is heavily based on this type of food. This is one of the reasons why there is a real low testosterone epidemic in modern humans.

What are these testosterone-lowering foods? These are three main categories of food:

1 – Estrogenic foods

These foods naturally contain phytoestrogens, plant-based substances that simulate the functioning of female hormones (estrogens) within our body, which accumulate inside our body and inhibit the production of Testosterone ( SOURCE ). Want to know what are some examples of these foods? Here they are:

  • Beer (hops are one of the most estrogenic substances on the planet) ( SOURCE, SOURCE )
  • “Non-BIO” meat (despite strict laws and increasingly strict controls, much of our meat is full of hormones)
  • Milk (as above, with the addition that the cows are kept “artificially” pregnant). So be careful, given that in some articles, this food is considered very “masculine.” In reality, the opposite is true ( SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE )
  • Soy-based products (naturally rich in highly estrogenic Phyto-complexes)
  • So if you want to increase Testosterone with your diet, cut down on the foods listed above.
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2 – Foods with a high glycemic index

  • Another class of Testosterone-lowering foods is those that have a high glycemic index.
  • What does it mean? The glycemic index indicates how quickly blood sugars rise as a result of eating that food. Whenever you eat a high-glycemic food, your body spikes insulin, one of the most potent metabolic hormones in our body.
  • But here’s the problem: every insulin spike is associated with a decrease in blood testosterone ( SOURCE ).
  • Furthermore, these foods prevent us from increasing foods that boost testosterone even indirectly: We gain weight! Another good reason to avoid them.

What Are High Glycemic Index Foods?

  • refined sugars (cooking sugar)
  • refined cereal-based products, i.e., from which the bran is removed during processing (bread, pasta, white rice)
  • foods that contain both (sweets, cakes, brioches, etc.)
  • Surprising right? These are trendy foods that we eat several times a day. So be careful and gradually replace them with less refined, more nutrient-rich foods.

3 – Junk food

These foods inhibit Testosterone production by acting in another way:

  • clogging the liver
  • filling the body with toxins
  • Making sure that our body remains engaged in the difficult task of detoxifying us instead of focusing on the production of Testosterone.
  • The problem is that when I say “junk food,” you think of the very famous low-cost Hamburger chains.

But no! Junk food is sensationally widespread in all of our supermarkets. So how do you protect yourself from this type of food? The real problem is that it is difficult to recognize the vast majority of them. There is only one way: learn to examine the labels of ingredients and nutritional values through a careful investigation and guided by some fundamental basic directives.

However, do not panic! You are not the only one eating these foods. Indeed these foods are all trendy. Fortunately, there are also substances to increase natural testosterone in foods, and now I will explain what some of them are. But first, how about sharing this article on your favorite social networks?

You can do this by pressing the button below, and it doesn’t cost you anything. For me, however, it is essential and allows us to continue writing articles like these!

Foods that boost testosterone

EVO oil

The founding pillar of the Mediterranean Diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is mentioned in practically all the studies that describe the diet suitable for the greatest possible health. In addition, several studies include it by right among the foods that promote Testosterone. For example, this study ( SOURCE ) performed on young people in Morocco who, after changing their primary source of fat to those of extra virgin olive oil, had a 17% increase in foods that boost testosterone two weeks.

The fact is that the fatty acids that make up extra virgin olive oil are in perfect proportion for the male endocrine system (73% monounsaturated, 14% saturated, 13% unsaturated dipoles). However, it is essential to make sure that the oil used is of the highest quality. If possible, go to the nearest oil mill and avoid supermarket oils as they are generally of a much lower quality than advertised.

Eggs: Foods That Boost Testosterone

On the other hand, eggs are the perfect protein because they contain an optimal balance of amino acids necessary for humans. So, eggs are also very nutritious, contain almost all known vitamins, and have a good breakdown between fatty acids. And within them, we also find Selenium, Iodine, and Choline. All fundamental elements for Testosterone.

In Italy, the egg is still very demonized. However, more and more studies deny its danger regarding the cardiovascular system ( SOURCE, SOURCE ). Based on these recent innovations, many governments are reintroducing eggs into their food guidelines ( SOURCE ).

Champignon mushrooms

It may seem surprising, but button mushrooms are food that helps produce Testosterone. This is because these readily available mushrooms are full of strongly anti-estrogenic substances ( SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE )

In particular, they block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is lethal for many men, especially if overweight. They are, therefore, foods that increase Testosterone robustly and reliably.


Onions are a concentrate of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Phyto-complexes. Some of which are potentially testosterone boosters. I refer in particular to apigenin and quercetin. These two molecules produced various androgenic effects in rats and increased testosterone ( SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE ).

I love onion, and I often use it as a condiment too. Maybe not when I’m on a date … But not as seldom as most men do


Parsley contains apigenin, a valuable food for Testosterone because it increases Star (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein), a protein that transports cholesterol inside your testicles, where foods that boost testosterone is produced ( SOURCE )

This causes our testicles to have more raw materials available even faster. And they produce more Testosterone as a result. The effect of parsley is synergistic with that of onions, making these two foods increase their effectiveness in each other.

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