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Learn How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram Easily

how to turn off vanish mode on instagram

Instagram’s Vanish is a feature on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram, granting users the ability to send messages that vanish upon exiting the chat. Vanish Mode on Instagram facilitates communication through texts, pictures, videos, and other content that automatically disappears from the chat when it concludes. In its recent update, Instagram introduced the Vanish Mode feature, automatically removing messages upon viewing and exiting the chat when the mode is activated.

Vanish Mode on Instagram adds an extra layer of privacy to your chats and DMs. However, it may get activated unintentionally. Here’s a simple way to understand how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram.

What Is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Vanish Mode on Instagram requires manual activation, not being the default setting. Comparable messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal also provide ‘Disappearing Messages’ features, automatically erasing messages after a set timeframe.

Vanish Mode is an Instagram feature that makes messages disappear after being viewed — gone without a trace. To enable it:

  • Open Instagram and go to your messages.
  • Select the chat where you want Vanish Mode.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Choose ‘Turn on vanish mode’ from the menu.

Now your messages vanish like confidential texts. The word ‘Vanish’ at the top indicates it’s on. When you want your messages to remain, repeat the steps and select ‘Turn off vanish mode’ instead. Your messages will revert to staying put as expected.

Vanish Mode works for photos, videos, and texts. It’s useful if you want casual, fleeting chats without permanent records. However, when you need your messages to persist, disabling Vanish Mode is simple. Try it if you’d like, then return here when you want your messages to remain. Your thoughts will be kept discreetly, then become permanent again at your discretion.

Why Choose Vanish Mode for Instagram Chats?

  • For personal or private talks, Vanish Mode works wonders. It ensures your messages vanish, leaving no lingering trace to haunt you later.
  • With Vanish Mode, messages disappear after reading, keeping your chat threads clean. No more scrolling endlessly through old talks. 
  • The transient nature adds a fun, casual vibe to your chats. 
  • To activate, open the chat, tap the three dots on the top right, and select “Turn on vanish mode.” Your messages will magically disappear after being seen. You can turn it off anytime. 

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Turning off Vanish Mode on Instagram is easy and if you want more control over your chats. To know how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap the Messenger or DM icon at the top right.

Step 2: Choose the chat where you want to disable Vanish Mode. Look for the circle indicating Vanish Mode activation next to the chat.

Step 3: There are two ways to choose when you are looking for how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram:

Option 1: Tap your friend’s name, then go to Privacy & safety, and switch off Vanish Mode.

Option 2: Swipe up in your chat to deactivate Vanish Mode. You can also swipe up again to activate it whenever needed.

Switching off Vanish Mode for Individual Chats

In Vanish Mode, messages usually vanish once seen, but you might want them visible for essential chats. To deactivate Vanish Mode for specific Instagram conversations, follow these simple steps on how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram:

how to turn off vanish mode on instagram
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  • Open the Instagram app and tap the messages icon. Locate the chat you wish to disable Vanish Mode for and open the conversation.
  • At the top, find “Vanish mode” with a switch button. Tap the switch to turn it off. Your messages will now linger instead of disappearing.
  • Should you wish to re-enable Vanish Mode for that chat, open the conversation and flip the switch on. While Vanish Mode suits casual chats, it’s generally preferable to have it off for crucial discussions.
  • Inform the person that you’ve disabled Vanish Mode for your chat to avoid any confusion. Clear communication ensures mutual understanding of message visibility.

Switching Off Vanish Mode Completely on Instagram

To entirely deactivate vanish mode on Instagram and ensure your messages automatically stay in your chat history, modify your settings.

app settings
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  • Access your profile and tap the three-dot menu. Select “Settings” and then “Privacy and Security.” Click on “Message Controls.”
  • Here, disable Vanish Mode entirely for direct messages. Click “Vanish Mode” and toggle the switch off. Now, your messages will persist rather than vanish after being seen.
  • To confirm, ensure “Vanish Mode” displays “Off,” and the switch is in the off position. Your messages are now part of your ongoing conversation history.

Should you wish to reactivate Vanish Mode later, navigate to your message controls in Settings and toggle “Vanish Mode” on. New messages will disappear, but your prior discussions will remain stored.

Adjusting these settings empowers you to decide how temporary or permanent your messages are. Deactivating Vanish Mode promotes transparency and accountability while keeping it active fosters relaxed, pressure-free conversations. The choice is yours!

Remember these key points when using Instagram’s Vanish Mode:

Vanish Mode operates mutually; once activated, it affects both parties in an Instagram chat, and the recipient is promptly informed.

  • This feature is exclusive to users you follow or have connected with previously on Instagram.
  • Vanish Mode functions solely in one-on-one chats; it doesn’t apply to group conversations with more than two individuals.
  • If you capture a screenshot or record the screen while in Vanish Mode, both parties receive a notification.
  • Even after messages vanish, there’s a 14-day window to report them, retaining the possibility of action, which you can learn more about here.

Can the Other Person Disable the Vanish Mode?

Yes, the other person can disable Vanish Mode. Vanish mode, a text messaging security function facilitates quick, discreet information sharing. While it offers heightened privacy, users tend not to rely solely on vanish mode. Activation requires only one person in the chat, notifying the other participant. The individual may accept or decline this setting for the conversation.

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However, this feature doesn’t prevent users from reporting a message that induces discomfort. Both you and the other person can disable vanish mode. Messages persist until you exit the conversation, not instantly deleted.

How does turning off the vanish mode on Instagram work?

Vanish Mode operates by forming a momentary, secluded zone for your Instagram talks. Upon activation between you and another person, messages sent within this mode vanish after being viewed, and the complete chat history disappears when you leave the conversation. It resembles a fleeting dialogue with no enduring traces.

Practically, when Vanish Mode is active, your messages remain visible solely during the live chat. Upon closure of the chat, these messages disappear, ensuring privacy and fostering spontaneous conversations.

What to do if you are unable to turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram?

If having trouble turning off Vanish Mode on Instagram, try these steps

  1. Update the Instagram App:

Make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Older versions might have glitches affecting certain features.

  1. Restart Your Device:

A quick device restart can solve software-related issues, by refreshing the system.

  1. Clear App Cache (Android):

Clearing the app cache can boost performance by removing temporary data causing problems.

Why do People choose Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Vanish Mode serves various purposes:

  • Privacy: Users prefer it for message privacy, vanishing after viewing.
  • Fleeting Sharing: Ideal for quick photo/video sharing that disappears after viewing.
  • Reduced Digital Trail: Users minimize digital records using Vanish Mode.
  • Informal Chats: For casual, light-hearted conversations sans lasting traces.
  • Enhanced Security: Messages aren’t stored after viewing, enhancing security.

Impact on Messages Sent in Vanish Mode When Turning It Off

When Vanish Mode gets turned off, messages previously sent in that mode stay in chat history unless either you or the recipient manually deletes them.

  • Though Vanish Mode on Instagram boosts privacy by vanishing messages, remember it doesn’t stop users from taking screenshots or other captures. Be cautious with sensitive info.
  • Instagram lets you manage message requests and who can message you in Vanish Mode. Customize these settings to regulate feature usage.
  • For inappropriate or abusive messages in Vanish Mode, block or report the user like with regular messages.

How Instagram tackles data privacy and security in Vanish Mode?

Secure Messaging with End-to-End Encryption

Instagram adopts end-to-end encryption for its messaging, including Vanish Mode, ensuring only you and the recipient can access messages. Instagram itself lacks access, fortifying the privacy of your exchanges.

Temporary Messages

Vanish Mode’s key feature is the ephemeral nature of messages; they vanish after viewing. Users gain enhanced control over shared data and content.

User Empowerment in Engagement

Instagram grants users the authority to enter or exit Vanish Mode at will. This flexibility allows users to tailor their experience, choosing between temporary or traditional messaging.

Content Sharing Caution

Despite message temporality, users should exercise caution sharing sensitive info, considering potential screenshots or captures. Instagram advises thoughtful content sharing, akin to other communication modes.

Reporting and Blocking Mechanisms

In cases of inappropriate messages, Instagram provides reporting and blocking options, reinforcing a safe online environment commitment.

Adherence to Data Privacy Principles

Instagram follows data privacy principles, emphasizing transparency, control, and accountability across features, including Vanish Mode.

Continuous Enhancement

Instagram consistently improves, refining privacy measures, enhancing security, and addressing user concerns, ensuring ongoing protection of user data.

Vanish Mode with Businesses and Brands

Primarily for private conversations, Vanish Mode may not apply to business interactions. Regular Direct Messages on Instagram are suitable for engaging with businesses and brands.

Retrieving Messages After Vanish Mode Deactivation

Once Vanish Mode is off, messages sent in this mode become unrecoverable. Preserve important information by saving it before deactivating Vanish Mode.


Learning how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram ensures control over your conversations. Messages disappear upon viewing, yet exiting Vanish Mode is an option at times. Effectively managing features like Vanish Mode aids in regulating privacy and interactions on Instagram. Users shape their experience by toggling settings, aligning with evolving technology for secure online interactions.

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