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Top 10 Fun Halloween Activities For Toddlers

Halloween Activities For Toddlers

The creepy season of Halloween is nearing and it is again time for scary-looking pumpkins and trick-or-treat pranks. But if you have a little munchkin with you, there is no better way to make their Halloween memories long-lasting than by involving them in the fun activities of the festivities.

No matter how old your toddlers are, making them a part of the festivities will surely help them to enjoy Halloween even more. Here, we have presented the top 10 Halloween activities for toddlers which they are surely going to love.

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Easy And Fun Halloween Activities For Toddlers

Are you looking for activities that your toddlers will enjoy on Halloween? If yes, then you are at the right place as we have listed great ideas for Halloween activities for toddlers that are going to be a part of their sweet memory.

1] Create A Creepy Craft

Halloween activities for toddlers 

It is difficult to keep toddlers interested in an activity for long as they get distracted very easily. Create a creepy craft in bright colors to win their attention and also encourage them to be a part of it. You can create something out of newspapers, markers, and strings to make spiders hanging out of windows, or can make a paper mache art on a balloon. You can even decorate your home with your own DIY Halloween crafts and transform it into a cute little spooky haunted house.

2] Organize A Shadow Puppets Party

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Shadow puppet is a fun way to teach your kids about how shadows and light effects work. You can introduce shadow puppet art in storytelling and grasp their interest in no time. To make the shadow puppet art more enjoyable, you can organize a party for your toddlers and their friends. It will not only help them to socialize better with toddlers of their age but also learn a new skill that is interesting and enjoyable.

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3] Carve The Pumpkin The Classic Way

Halloween activities for toddlers 

The carved pumpkins on Halloween have a long story that is considered a must on the eve of Halloween. It is one of the most fun Halloween activities for toddlers in which they carve out a pumpkin in the shape of a face and go door to door asking for a trick or treat. You can even let them paint a pumpkin if you want to be safe and not let them use the carving tools on their own.

4] Dress Them Up As Cotton Candy Monster

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Toddlers look too cute when dressed up in monster clothing which is an age-old tradition in Halloween. Dress them as witches, monsters, Elsa, Frankenstein, Dracula, Skeletons, Knight, and a lot of options to choose from. The best thing about designing Halloween dresses is that you use old clothes and design them as the favorite characters of Halloween. You can also design Dracula teeth using easily available products and make them look like real Halloween characters.

5] Create Spooky Leaf Art

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Leaf ghosts are a cute way to decorate your home and make for a great Halloween idea for young and adults alike. Paint the leaves in white acrylic paint and add eyes to them to create a spooky effect. You can hang it on the windows or doors to give your home a Halloween vibe.

6] Go For Face Painting

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Face painting is another great way to indulge your toddler in Halloween festivities. Paint their faces with skin-friendly colors that cause no allergy and are easily removable. Paint their faces with bright colors and exciting patterns. You can even draw their favorite characters’ miniatures on their faces which will make them more excited and

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7] Organize A Halloween Dance Party

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Toddlers love dancing and there is no denying that, so why not organize a Halloween dance party for them? Decorate your house with a Halloween theme and invite over your friends and their toddlers for a Halloween party. Play their favorite music, prepare their favorite snacks, and watch them enjoy to their fullest. This is surely going to be one of the great Halloween activities for toddlers.

8] Red Them A Picture Storybook

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Yes, you heard that right! Reading a picture book to your toddler about Halloween stories will keep them engaged for a longer time, especially if they are just learning to speak. It is a great activity to stimulate their imagination and also helps them to develop their skills and increase their observance skills. Read the Halloween stories to let them know more about the eve.

9] Indulge Them In Halloween Window Painting

Halloween activities for toddlers 

If you do not have the time to indulge in craft making, you can go for window paint to create that Halloween vibe at your home. You can paint a pumpkin, miniature devils, or ghosts on the windows with the help of your toddlers. You can also get the pictures printed on paper to use as a stencil or base for your inspiration.

10] Go For Wrap The Mummy Challenge

Halloween activities for toddlers 

Indulge with your toddlers in a fun challenge of wrapping yourself like that of a mummy. Take a roll of paper or tissue and put a timer on so that you can keep track of who wraps like a mummy faster. This is surely going to put the competition on in your toddlers and they will surely enjoy this game. You can also invite over their friends for the challenge to level up and enjoy their fun time.


Halloween is a fun eve for kids of any age. Indulge them in these Halloween activities for toddlers and see them having fun along with creating memories. We hope you like our listed ideas on Halloween activities for toddlers. Happy Halloween!


1] When is Halloween observed?

Halloween is observed on 31st October every year.

2] Why is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween is celebrated as it is believed that the dead souls return on that eve to their homes. People dress up in spooky costumes and lit up bonfires to ward off the dead spirits.

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