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How to Ask for a Promotion Amid a Pandemic


During the pandemic, a lot of companies tightened their financial belts. In the most unfortunate settings, they may have had to let go of some of their employees. If you’ve seen this happen to all of your friends, you may already feel blessed that you have kept your job. However, this doesn’t mean your career should be put on pause indefinitely. 



Whether it’s asking for a promotion with a raise now or simply just a promotion with a raise to follow when the company has a better financial footing, here’s how you can start that conversation: 


Talk about your list of responsibilities 



In a big company, there are plenty of moving parts. You are just one of many, and this might mean that your employer does not know exactly the list of responsibilities that you are tackling. They might think your workload is just enough, but in reality, you may be handling more than someone in your position should be. This is the basis for either promoting you to a higher position or hiring another person at the same level as you who will help you with your workload. 

The ideal scenario is that you will be promoted and someone else will be hired to take your place so that you get both the higher salary and the more manageable workload. Be open to all the options when you talk to your manager. 


Mention the responsibilities of the team you’re handling 


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Unless you work in a startup company, you may be a part of a team with a much bigger scope of responsibilities. This team is essential to the company’s survival and growth, but sometimes, that needs to be repeated to your employer for them to realize how essential your team is to the company. Show the challenges the company has faced recently and discuss your team’s part in solving it. Talk about the other teams who ask for your help. 


This may feel like a big ask, and you may want to back out at the last minute. Of course, you don’t want to be seen as ungrateful or asking for too much. Gather your thoughts, prepare a presentation if you are more comfortable that way, and treat yourself to a Korean face mask before scheduling that meeting. You need to be in the best mindset to negotiate a term that is favorable to you. 


Share the average income of others in your position 




If you feel like you have been earning less than your peers for the same position, you may want to check if your current salary falls within the bracket expected for your level. If you notice that it is below the average, you may want to raise this concern to the HR department. This would technically not be a promotion, but rather a correction, but it will still get you the salary increase you want. While you’re at it, you can ask for the promotion too if you already did the first two items mentioned previously. 

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There are plenty of ways to ask for a promotion, whether directly or indirectly. Get that first step going so that you can get what you rightfully deserve. 

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