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Dragon Fruit How to Eat to Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated

dragon fruit how to eat

Adding fruits to your food regime calls for a healthy habit. Seasonal fruits, in that regard, hold crucial significance. Having fresh foods enriches the level of folic acid, potassium, vitamin c content in your body. For people with bowel, the problem can find relief with fruits because it consists of the fiber’s dietary form. Fruits do take care of other types of health problems like maintaining blood pressure. Therefore this article will give you an insight on one such fruit called dragon fruit, whose taste and look glues your yes. Besides that, we will also give you facts related to the dragon fruits, its benefits, and explain dragon fruit how to eat.

What are Dragon fruits?

Inhabitants of Central America and Mexico are quite much familiar with this tropical fruit. Tastewise it presents a combo taste of a pear and a kiwi. Talking about the types, the two most commonly seen are the white-colored pulp with black seeds embossed in between the white area. The other one comes in vibrant red color with green scales appearing on the body. The other type is the one with yellow-colored skin, and the interior white colored also falls in the dragon fruits category.

Highlighting on the dragon fruit benefits

In this section, we will particularly bring the dragon fruit benefits into the limelight. Therefore go through the below pointers to have an in-depth idea of the same.

Enriched antioxidants

Free type of radicals caused due to molecules which are not stable is responsible for causing wrinkles and aging. But having dragon fruits can prevent free radicals from causing aging because it is has a good content of antioxidants in them. Take a tour of the three key antioxidants present in the dragon fruit:


Flavonoids play a vital role in boosting the brain’s health and minimizing the heart problem as well.


Those who love to take the red colored dragon fruits should know that this amazing fruit with deep red hues can protect the body from the bad type LDL cholesterol. Thus it provides a shield to the body from getting affected by oxidization.


This type of antioxidant is capable of protecting the body from cancerous cells.

Vitamin C

The presence of Vitamin C is again responsible for checking the body from falling prey to the neck or head cancer.


You have already seen that dragon fruits come in rich types of colors, and that color is due to the presence of the lycopene and beta – carotene. Note that these two vital elements can help the body combat any chronic type of diseases.

Rich nutritional presence

While digging through the nutritional information in regards to dragon fruits. We came to know that it has a whole lot of nutrients present. Precisely you can say that it is a hub of magnesium, iron, and fiber. Other than that, you will get 60 gms of calories, 0-gram fat, 1.2 grams of the proteins, 13 gm of carbs, and 3 grams of fiber from the dragon fruit. About 4%, 10%, and 3% of the iron, magnesium, and vitamin are present in the dragon fruits.

Overall, the dragon fruits are nutritionally enriched, but the calorie content is not high. Therefore you can easily add this to your slimming routine.

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Fiber enriched dragon fruits

While preparing the list of the dragon fruit benefits, one such that instantly pulled the attention is that dragon fruits are a great source of fibers.

Often, people suffer from indigestion, and that chronic indigestion disturbs the bowel movement in the body. In that case, resorting to the dragon fruit can be a great thing because the high fiber content in the dragon fruit can protect the body from colon cancer. Indeed the presence of 7 grams of fiber in the dragon fruit makes it worthier to add that to your daily dietary routine. Once you start having that automatically, the discomfort in comfort will be reduced, and the bowel movement will also get normal.

Introduces good gut bacteria

Note that there are two dominant bacteria in every human being: the good gut bacteria and the other is the bad gut bacteria. Dragon fruits’ inclusion ensures to produce two vital bacteria called the bifidobacteria and the lactic acid. These two bacteria together will fight uncomfortable bowel diseases or inflammation. With these good gut bacteria, the body will get exposed to the prebiotics responsible for curing diarrhea, especially among common travelers. Therefore as a word of caution, travelers can intake prebiotics just before leaving their homes to protect from gastrointestinal issues. So this is the best example when it comes to dragon fruit benefits.

Increases the overall immunity

Dietary intake determines the ability of the body to fight the odds. White blood cells present in the body can fight the infection and put the acrid elements away from the body. Additionally, it is also responsible for fighting free radicals as well. To make the white blood cells function properly, you have to ensure that you can take a dragon fruit at least twice or thrice in a week. Because of the carotenoids and vitamin C, the duo together boost the white blood cells and let it guard the body.

Enhance the iron content in the body

When you think about the fruits enriched with iron, you obviously need to mention Dragon fruit’s name. The importance of iron are multifarious, but the basic one is that it helps to disintegrate the food particles. At the same time, eases the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. Therefore those with iron deficiency or anemia should add the dragon fruits to the diet, reducing the effect of iron deficiency. Note that the presence of iron in dragon fruit helps the body absorb other essential nutrients.

Source of magnesium

Magnesium enriched fruits always play a key character in strengthening the bones in the body. The role of magnesium is indispensable as it takes an active part in various chemical reactions in the body. Therefore the contribution of magnesium is always acknowledged in the creation of new bones, DNA. Note that people with proper magnesium content in the body can also fight against deadly health problems like cancer. An adequate level of magnesium can shield the body against stroke as well.

The great hub of potassium

The proper quantity of potassium always indicates that the kidney and heart are functioning perfectly—potassium balances, the water, acidic, and the pH content in the body. People diagnosed with heart and kidney diseases should start having potassium without any doubt in mind. This will boost the functioning of the nervous, electrical, and cellular functions of the body.

Reduces cholesterol

As a conscious health seeker, you always need to keep your heart healthy, and for that, it is better to keep the cholesterol level under check. To do so at once, you can consume the dragon fruits. The dragon fruits have a lower level of fats and trans fats; therefore, it is the best one when it is about cutting off the weight. Consuming the dragon fruits regularly will keep you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The Omega 3 fatty acids in the dragon fruits are also accountable for the body’s overall fitness. Indeed you can always mention this as the superb dragon fruit benefits.

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Kicks off waste cells

Do you know that dragon fruits can be the ultimate one to treat the blood sugar level? If not yet, then it is time to know that it has the power to kick off the unused cells from the pancreas

Thus, these give a concise hint on the multiple dragon fruits benefits.

Dragon fruit how to eat

The fruit that adheres to the family of the cactus is known for its delicious taste. Now let’s discover some of the ways that you can try to have it.

Dragon fruit: how to eat after using a grilling stick

This is an interesting recipe, and you can try this for children who throw tantrums when you intend to serve them with dragon fruits. Prepare the grilling stick, just cut the dragon fruits into small cubes and similarly take one fruit. The second fruit can be any fruit of your own choice. Just arrange the dragon fruits and the other one in an alternative design. Then place it above the griller for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you are going to serve the food hot.

Dragon fruit: how to eat serve like sorbet

Scorching summers are the days when you mentally and physically want to chill out often. You can enjoy the refreshing feeling of a dragon fruit chilled sorbet. Just prepare a sorbet with any desired fruit like kiwi, then add the dragon fruit on top of the sorbet. Once done, freeze it. After a couple of minutes, serve it in an iced form.

Dragon fruit: how to make a tasty smoothie

Irrespective of any age, smoothies can be a wonderful morning breakfast treat. Clubbing up the dragon fruits with banana, kiwi, apple, or pineapple. Just peel all of them, then place it in the grinder and blend it into a smoothie. To add more to the sweet, tangy taste of the dragon fruit, you can have yogurt to it.

Dragon fruit: how to eat for breakfast

Mornings are the busiest yet the cozy time of the day. So when you want to enjoy breakfast alone in a peaceful mood, have a power-packed dragon fruit cereal recipe. You can try that in two ways either have the packaged cereal with the dragon fruits or made the cereals recipe at home. For doing it yourself, add oats, corns, slices of apples, bananas, nuts, seeds, pears, etc. Together it will create a distinctive taste.

Dragon fruit: how to eat with salads

The easiest and the best idea of having the dragon fruits is by adding the fruit with other salads. Take a plate, cut all other fruits such as pears, apples, bananas into pieces, then add the dragon fruits. Toss the plate once and add black salt for an enhanced taste.

Dragon fruit: how to eat directly?

Besides trying all the above methods of having the dragon fruits, you can do one thing that has the dragon fruits directly. That means take a spoon and scoop the juicy part of the fruit. But if you want to make it tastier, then add honey on top of it.

Thus these are some of the proven ways that you can try to have the dragon fruit.

How should you select the dragon fruit?

There are various ways that you can employ to identify the best dragon fruit. In that regard, follow the mentioned ways at length.

Way 1:

The first phase is to look for the right skinned one. The dragon fruits with deep pink colors with no spots or patches are the real ones. Though variations would still exist, those with equal color and smooth texture are the good ones to have.

Way 2:

Next, you would look for the stem. Dragon fruits with a stem that breaks off easily denote that it’s too much ripen to have. The ideal one is that which comes with a flexible stem.

Way 3:

Then you should take your nose near to the dragon fruit and smell the aroma. If the fruit smells sweet and aromatic, then obviously it is not over riped. Note that the smell would be light, not too strong.

Way 4:

If you purchase unripened dragon fruit, make sure to ripen the same at room temperature. Once the outer shell turns yellow or pink, you can transfer it to the fridge. At most, you can store it for 5 days.

Final thoughts

Dragon fruit benefits are multiple, as you have seen in the article above. So you can have it safely in any form you like to have.

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