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Traditional Hairstyles for Saree For Your Top-Notch Style!

traditional hairstyles for saree

In this world of modern clothes, power suits, jeans, and blazers, rocking a saree holds a different kind of power. Everyone wants to do the traditional look correctly, and for Indian women, nothing is more traditional than rocking a saree correctly. India is also such a diverse country that sarees are worn differently by every woman in every corner of India. And what gives this look top-notch is the traditional hairstyles for saree!

Rocking a saree in the traditional way, you also need to find the perfect hairstyle which goes with it. And no matter who says anything else, hairstyles are very important. They elevate an outfit’s presence and make you look ten times more put together. It also compliments the outfit if done in the right way.

In this blog, we are going to talk about traditional hairstyles for saree. Let’s get into it, shall we?


traditional hairstyles for saree
traditional hairstyles for saree

Simple Hairstyle for Saree

We all know that wearing a saree can be time-consuming. Saree draping is an art, and many of us cannot do it very well without the help of an elder. Even if we do, it takes a lot of time, and suddenly you see that you have very little time left to do your hair. You feel lost and hopeless and think that you are not going to look good. Well, fear not because we will list a few simple hairstyles that will take no time at all and make you look gorgeous in any saree you wear!

Low bun (twisted)

A low bun is that type of hairstyle which goes with literally any outfit. To create this hairstyle, you need hairspray (optional), a few bobby pins or hair clips, and a comb. First, brush out your hair to remove any tangles. Then start wrapping the hair in circular motions. It will look like a small ball after you finish twisting it. Secure it with bobby pins or hair clips. It does not have to be perfect, as messy buns are very trendy right now. You can use hairspray if you want a cleaner look that lasts all night.

Sleeked ponytail

A ponytail is a tried and trusted hairstyle that never fails to serve. It goes very well with traditional outfits as well. Rock it with a saree or kurta easily. For this hairstyle, you will need a scrunchie/hair tie, comb, and hairspray (optional). First, comb your hair properly and get rid of all the knots. Then pull it up into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can even use bobby pins for extra support. Control the small flyaway hairs in the front with some hairspray, and you’re good to go.

Side braid (messy)

If you are in a hurry and you see yourself getting late for the occasion, just put your hair in a messy braid! It will look classy and effortless. Just lightly brush your hair and start braiding your hair normally. It doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re going for a messy look. Lastly, secure it with a hair tie, and your messy braid is done.

traditional hairstyles for saree

Hairstyle on Saree for Wedding

The wedding season can be really stressful, irrespective of the fact whether it’s your wedding or you are just invited. Planning your outfit can take a lot of time, and when it comes to doing your hair, there is suddenly no time left. So we are listing some pretty easy and beautiful hairstyles that you can do for the wedding season.

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A sleek side part

If you have multiple weddings to attend this season, fear not because we have the perfect and easily achievable hairstyle for you. A side part is the most elegant hairstyle that goes with a saree. It can be adorned with flowers or accessories like bejeweled clips or a stylish headband. It is the most versatile hairstyle ever and goes with any type of saree you wear.

Low bun with flowers

Nothing screams a special occasion than flowers in a hairstyle. This low bun is the best way to incorporate fresh flowers into your hair. Do your bun as you would normally do. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie or a clip. You can do a messy bun or a sleek bun. Then take the flowers and wrap them around the bun. Use flowers that complement your saree.

Middle part bun

A middle part bun goes the best with a saree during the wedding. Part your hair right in the middle like normal. Make it clean and make sure there are no flyaway hairs. Then take the rest of your hair and wrap it into a bun. It can be low or high, according to your liking. You can also decorate it with flowers like roses or carnations.

Saree Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you think that you need to have a thick, voluminous head full of hair to carry a saree hairstyle, you are mistaken. There are many people with thin hair, and there are also a variety of hairstyles for them that they can rock with a saree. Just because you have thin hair does not mean that you can’t have a pretty hairstyle. So let’s take a look at a few hairstyles for thin hair:

Half up half down

If you have thin hair, this hairstyle is the best for you. It will give your hair some dimension and volume and make it look fuller. Take half of your hair and brush it out. Pin it with some bobby pins. You can make it look voluminous by using some hairspray. Then brush the rest of your hair down. To make your hairstyle look more festive, add flowers and ornaments.

Side braid

A side braid is the easiest elegant hairstyle you can do if you have thin hair. It will accentuate your face well and will go with any type and color of saree. Part your hair on one side. Take the side which has the most hair and starts braiding a few pieces of hair from the front. After you braid it, secure it on the side with a hairpin. It should look something like a braided hairband. You can use hairspray to make it last longer.

Layered bangs

Thin hair can look extremely flat sometimes. So, to give it some volume, you can ask your hairdresser to give you some layered bangs. Your hair, how much thin it might be, will look much fuller if you get bangs. You can style those easily with a fabulous side part, or you can opt for curtain bangs which are very much in trend right now.

Saree hairstyles for medium hair

If you have medium-length hair, you must be struggling with what hairstyle to do. Keeping it like it is can get boring and can dull your outfit. To spice it up, you might want to do a different hairstyle. So, we are going to list a few hairstyles for medium length hair which is easy to do and absolutely beautiful:

Beach waves

Beach waves are the best hairstyle for medium hair. It livens up your hair, and goes with literally any outfit. To get the perfect beach waves, part your hair down the middle or the side. Take a curler, set it to the lowest heat, and start curling the ends of your hair slowly. After you have curled your hair lightly scrunch it and set it with some hairspray. And there you have it; the perfect beach waves.

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Side twist

This hairstyle is the easiest to create and goes with any traditional saree. Start by parting your hair down the side or the middle. Now take a few pieces of hair from the front and start twisting the hair. Secure the piece of hair with a hairpin at the side of your hair. This twisted hairstyle will give you a beautiful look while keeping your hair away from your face.

Straight middle part

It is the most suitable hairstyle for medium-length hair and does not require any type of bobby pins or hair ties. Just part your hair down the middle and comb it out. Take your hair straightener, and straighten your hair fully. The end result will be a clean and put-together look which will go great with an evening saree or a traditional saree. To keep the straight middle part in place, you can also use hairspray.

Hairstyles for sarees round face

If you have a round face, this section is just for you. People with round faces encounter a lot of problems while choosing the perfect hairstyle for them. Some make their face too round; others get rid of their face shape entirely. So, let’s take a look at some hairstyles which are perfect for round shape faces to wear with sarees:

A simple braid

For people with a round face, a braid is a very easy and beautiful hairstyle that looks great with sarees and other traditional wear. You can make a normal braid, french braid, or a dutch braid, depending on whatever complements your saree. If you do not want a boring braid, you can put hair accessories in it, or even flowers.

Puffed hair

To give your round face a bit of height/length, you can go with the puffed hairstyle. Take a section of hair from the front and elevate it a little bit. Take clips and secure the hair from the back. Your “puff” is ready. You can do whatever you want with the rest of your hair. You can put it into a ponytail/low bun/braid. Puffed hair is a very trendy and iconic hairstyle. It is guaranteed that anyone with a round face will look good in this hairstyle.

Loose curls

Loose curls look very beautiful with sarees. It makes you look like you have put in the effort, but in reality, you have given the minimum effort to achieve this hairstyle. Curl your hair with a curler. And then lightly brush it out to provide the curls with a softer effect. Pin some of the curls back and let the rest hang loose for a face-framing effect.

Traditional Hairstyles for Saree with Flowers

A flower is the most beautiful accessory that you can put in your hair. It makes your hair look like it has been dressed up, and the vibrant colors give it an unearthly effect. Let’s look at a few traditional hairstyles for saree with flowers. Check out what the traditional hairstyles for saree are:

Rose bun

As the name suggests, it is a bun that is decorated with roses. Any type of bun works with this hairstyle. You can do a low/mid/high bun. For the roses, you can go minimal with one rose of a single color or multiple roses of a variety of colors.

Braid with hydrangeas

If you like nude, soft pastel tones, then hydrangeas are the perfect option for you. To place the flowers in your hair, you can make a loose, messy side braid. Pin the flowers alongside the braid, and your braid is done!

Jasmine twist

Jasmine’s don’t only smell good. They also look great as a hair accessory. Twist your hair into a low ponytail. It can be messy. Then pin the jasmines along with the twisted ponytail. It will look great and smell amazing too.

Saree Hairstyles for Short Hair

For short hair, keeping it minimal is the best option. If you have close-cropped hair, then you can accessorize your hair with a hairband or pin a single flower at the corner of your head. If you have neck-length hair, brush it down and secure the fronts with hair clips. These will make your hair look put together.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope all of these hairstyles have been fun and easy to create. Make any saree more beautiful with these hairstyles and stand out from the crowd! So, don’t forget to try out these styles and let us know in the comment section below how many compliments traditional hairstyles for saree fetched you!

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